Why Online Business Directories are Important for Your Business

Why Online Business Directories are Important for Your Business

Business directories are the collection of businesses and services within a specific area. Online Business Directories are the most important platforms to get your local business found by your customers online. These business directories form a strong network of related business within a location. Moreover, the directories help all your customers to know the details about your local business including your business name, address, phone, working time etc. You can get a massive appearance online if you get your business listed in these directories.

Why Online Business Directories are Important?

Today it’s very important to market your business online through digital marketing platforms. The concept of doing traditional offline marketing is not effective for many businesses. Marketing your business by use of Google, Facebook, YouTube and other platforms can get you more reach and profit. In order to make online marketing easier and accessible, many platforms are bringing the concept of business directories. These online platforms make a list of businesses of specific categories in a specific location to help the visitors find services around. You can submit your business in the list of directories and help your customers to find you in just a few clicks. There are many advantages of using business directories for your business.


Today there are millions and billions of internet users around the globe. It is time for your business to get the attention of all the internet and mobile users around you. These online directories can give you a massive reach within no time. Let the people around you know what you are offering near to them. They can be your possible customers if you use and update your business directories regularly.  Offline marketing may take forever to reach a huge number of customers even within a small city of a few thousands of people.

Less Amount

Most of the business directories including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc are offering you free services. What you need to create a free page and craft a business profile by updating all the details. These platforms are a great place to make your business exposed to a large number of customers even without spending a penny. You can get a large number of customers without spending any money on marketing campaigns. On the other hand, you may spend thousands of dollars if you try to do offline marketing.

Online Maps

One of the features of business directors is that these platforms guide customers through proper maps and directions. Anyone in your city can reach your business with the help of Google maps within a short period of time. It can save time, effort and money for your customer by making it easy to find you.

Increase in profits

Listing your products in online directories increases your profits. Your business will grow by at least 20%. They also help you attract new customers.

Customers usually search various online directories before buying any product. It increases your accountability. If your company appears in multiple directories, customers will trust you more.

More Profit

It’s obvious that if you are getting a high exposure and customers without spending money on the marketing campaigns, you are earning more profit. These business directories help many small businesses to get customers in the surrounding to earn a good amount of profit. Submitting your business details in the list of business directories is very important.

How to Get Massive Exposure Through Business Directories

To help your customers find you in a specific location you need to learn the effective ways of using these online business directories. Getting your business on the top of the list among many local businesses can give you more visibility and backlinks for the long term. Here are some of the tips you must take care of while using business directories for marketing.

Consistent NAP: If you are giving your business details on more then one business directory listing sites make sure that you are giving the same details across all the platforms. Different details on multiple platforms can confuse your customers. All the important details of your business including business name, address, phone number and working hours must match.

Link to your Website: Giving a reference back to your website in the business directories is always a good marketing strategy. This link can guide your customer to know more about your business and explore additional services. Apart from that Google always loves the websites having backlinks from business directories. You can be a high domain authority to get ranked on the Google search results.

Platforms Offering Business Directories

There are a large number of platforms offering you business directories. Especially search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and others love to help your business by making a list for your local customer. What you need to do is create and update the business directory with all the details. These platforms even guide your customers through maps and direction. Here are some of the platforms:

Google My Business

Apple Maps

Facebook Business Directories

Linked Company Directory


Yahoo Local



You need to make sure that your business presence should be everywhere so that your potential customer might find it as per their feasible directory.

Where should I List My Business?

Growing your business having online visibility via local business directories is an integral part of your local marketing strategy. Business directories will help your business to increase search rankings, build trust and authority with search engines. This also gives the potential customer to your business

4 Key Benefits of Online Business Directories

There are unique benefits of online business directories. The following are four key benefits of online business directories.

  1. Increase your Discoverability

Prospective buyers consult online business directories for suggested suppliers, partners and providers. Give them a chance to discover your business by maximizing your visibility in the online directories

  1. Improve Your SEO

Business directory lists generally provide backlinks to your website, webpage or web application. However, their SEO benefit is generating new Google listings. The listing appears on search engine results (SERP)

  1. Strengthen Your Reputation

The Internet has solved the problem of customers and today’s buyers are exceedingly cautious about which vendors they trust online. This is where online directories can be extremely helpful. Many online business directories have customer review features which can help strengthen your reputation.

  1. Improve Your Local Visibility

Local directories allow you to leverage local SEO. These increases reach to a specific geographic area, which may be important for your business.  Submitting your business directories to local business directories with consistent information and links helps you build citations.


Having your business appear in the online business directories is crucial to sustaining any business in the competitive digital era. There are dozens of online business directories in specific niches, industries, and regions. Simply put your business the more places your business is listed, the more opportunities you have to be noticed and contacted.

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