Bets that you should avoid when playing on a casino

It’s important to know what bets you should avoid when playing at a Cricket ID. You will be taking a gamble with any bet you make. No bet is guaranteed a win and there is always a chance of losing money (one of the main reasons why casinos are so addictive).

Live Keno

The chances are you have heard of this game before. It is very similar to the lottery; you simply pick a number and wait to see if you have chosen the winning number. The simplicity and easiness associated with the game makes it very popular. Live keno comes without any rules to learn meaning it is accessible from Online Cricket Betting ID novices to pro casino players at The problem with Live Keno is that the house edge is one of the highest in the gambling industry. The edge ranges from 25% up to a staggering 40%, meaning the chances of winning are low. Not many gamers are away of these statistics and are drawn in by the cheap pricing.

An insurance bet in blackjack

Another bet that any casino player should stay clear of is the insurance bet in blackjack. If you have gone to a casino the likelihood is that you are a risk-taker and do not want to play too safely. The idea of the insurance bet in blackjack is quite simply a form of insurance. It eliminates the risk for one hand. The gamer has the option to insure their hand in case the dealer wins. This bet can only be made when the dealers up card are revealed as an ace. The bet isn’t as clean-cut as not losing any money, the gamer does not have to gamble away 50% of their original bet. The reason why this bet is one of the greatest mistakes a gamer can make is due to the ratio. If the dealer was to win the hand then with the insurance bet the gamer would win 2:1 yet you would lose the main bet. This ultimately results in you winning no more than your original bet. The insurance bet adds no additional benefit and can even result in you losing money. Anyone who has ever taken this bet will tell you that it causes more harm than good, so avoid it!

Roulette bets

Although there is nothing specifically wrong with playing roulette, there are safer games to play. The risk with roulette bets is that they are primarily based on luck. The spins are not influenced by skill, strategy, previous games or knowledge. Your chances of winning are small and any bet you make will be a risk. What’s the point in going to a casino though without taking a risk?


Similarly, to Live Keno craps is a simple game yet the chances of beating the house are small. Some bets in craps can pay off but placing a bet of any 7 is not a bright idea. With a house edge of 16.67% and the betting odds being 4 to 1 the probability of a pay-out of any kind is extremely improbable visit: visit: Online Cricket Betting Id .

Watch out for these bets and remember to gamble responsibly!

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