Top 10 cognac brands that are valued for your money!

cognac brands

Brandy is a drink that diamonds attention for a lot of things. It is elegant & fragment, rich & smooth, and also brooding & dark at the same time. So if you think that brandy is just a sweet drink for your drawing room, then you should think about it again. The modern craft cocktail industry has reached a level where the cognac brands are not just simple drinks; they are the mixes of different flavors and tastes all together to become a completely new and delicious feeling of the drinks. Previously these brands were famous for just a spirit based on their traditional roots.

Nowadays, brandy has made a comeback, with lots of new things, taste, and deliciousness. People of the United States love to sip brandy from the best cognac brands after dinner. They also love some fruity cocktails. Based on different parameters, here are the top 10 best cognac brands valued for your money.

Rémy Martin XO- One of the best Cognac brands

Rémy Martin has the combination of everything that a good brandy should have. And the XO is a perfect blend of 400 various Eaux de vie. 85% of the bottle contains Grande Champagne region products, and the rest 15% is from the Petite Champagne region. The drink’s aroma has a combination of port wine cask, dark chocolate, figs, and exotic spices. When you take a sip, you will reveal the deliciousness of red & white grapes, nutmeg, honey, cinnamon, caramel, and dried apricot. The excellent combination of this brandy will give you the feeling beyond everything.

cognac brands

Hine Antique

Hine Antique is also one of the great cognac brands on the list. Its jasmine, vanilla, caramel, and nutmeg flavors will take to another level of satisfaction. Hine Antique XO was released in the year 1920 for the first time. Initially, the drink was just a Fine Champagne with a blend of cognacs from the Petite and Grande Champagne regions. Nowadays, the upgrades of the drink have come in form of Grande Champagne with combinations of all Eaux-de-vie from the cognac’s best areas. That is why Hine Antique has become one of the top cognac brands in the world.


Asbach is a German brandy and a famous producer of spirit offerings with small French Limousin oak casks. This special drink has already won some awards due to its warming tastes and smoothness. It is also a rich and spicy brandy. But an essential part of this drink is that it is one of the less expensive brands in the chart. All its deliciousness and flavors cost less than 50 dollars for one bottle. It has also been well recommended as a delicious drink to share with your friends and family after dinner.

Louis XIII- One of the best cognac brands

Louis XIII is a product of Rémy Martin and honestly a kind of highly expensive cognac. The price for one bottle of Louis XIII is more than $4000. The premium bottle cost comes based on the ingredients inside, much higher than the normal one. Every bottle of Louis XIII comprises up to 1200 separate Eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne vineyard regions with an age range of 50 to 100 years. Louis XIII is mostly considered the most extraordinary and unique spirit in the whole world. It has an equally mind-refreshing aroma and unique taste. Hence, Louis XIII is a truly impressive and stunning complex that everyone wishes to try at least once in their lifetime.


Torres is also one of the oldest Spanish wines in the world since 1870. This Torres 10 Grande Reserva Brandy was first released in the year 1946. The process of making has not changed much during that time. The same old aging process and distillation method have been releasing a perfect, budget-friendly, and excellent brandy. The companies do the aging process of this drink through the Solera method in the American oak barrels. The component that is blended into Torres is ten years old. As a whole, it is intense, rich, incredibly smooth, and highly recommended brandy that everyone should try.

cognac brands

Hennessy XO

If you ask people to name a famous premium brandy, then in most cases, they will mention the name of Hennessy XO. This drink is one of the oldest brands that the companies distill and store at Hennessy distillery. It has the notes of powdered cocoa, oaky leather, black pepper, and orange with its long and excellent cinnamon-dusted finish. It is also a perfect blend of 100 various Eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne regions.

Delamain XO

Delamain XO is another perfect cognac using only Eaux-de-vie from the Grange Champagne region. The manufacturers never use sugar or caramel in Delamain XO in order to modify the color or taste of the drink offerings. It is dry instead of sweet brandy. Therefore, Delamain XO has become one of the most authentic and purest brandy bottles in the market.

cognac brands


Bertoux is completely vibrant, and it is a highly aromatic brandy. The drink has a manufacturer in California with combinations of some finest grapes that produce incredible deliciousness. The spirit of the glass is perfect for making cocktails.

Germain Robin XO- One of the best Cognac brands

Germain Robin makes around 10 barrels of XO alambic brandy every year. However, the brandy contains 80% of pinot noir wine. Also, Pinot noir is a premium grape that modulates the taste of the brandy. The companies are ageingGermain Robin XO for nearly 17 years, and the aging process takes place in the barrels of Limousin oak.

Courvoisier XO

Courvoisier XO is also known as one of the finest and popular XO cognac brands in the world. The bottle of this Courvoisier XO has so many layers. All of them have ages between 11 and 25 years. Long-aged Eaux-de-vie is present in every bottle of Courvoisier XO from the Petite and Grande Champagne regions. These ingredients give the flavor and grace to add some extra depth.

These are the top 10 cognac brands that are so popular among people of the world for both taste and depth.

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