Benefits of Yoga for Surfers


Surfing is exciting, with waves all-around. It is exciting to see surfers sporting those skin-hugging suits. On the opposite, yoga requires all peace, and a yoga mat is all it needs. Anyway, why talk about yoga and surfing together.

There is an influential association between surfing and yoga. Surfing requires a fit and flexible body with a combination of focus.

Surfing puts a strain on the body and the mind. For better longevity in the surfing game, the body needs to be in shape, and the brain requires control.

From paddling to popping or more, you can lay a foundation to master it with yoga asanas on your mat.

Offers relief from pain

Upper backaches or shoulder pain are no new story for any surfer. Injuries as well accompany surfers. Yoga poses involving mobility exercises for the shoulder reduce the risks. Yoga asanas balance out weakened body parts that are prone to neglect for surfers. A half-twisted lizard pose comes as a remedy for the mid-back area pains. Additionally, the flexible joints recovery is quicker, and the performance suffers less and the game.

Promotes flexibility

We need the flexibility to perform tasks throughout the day. However, surfers need a different level of flexibility in their body, especially the hips. The tight hips allow a lesser range of motion hence more chances of injury. Yoga poses work to free the thighs of any stiffness. The proper and regular practice aids in getting rid of the misaligned shape of the pelvis and thighs. It directly influences the smooth popping-up abilities.

Improving breath

Surfing requires body strength and control over breath to succeed and play with the waves. Pranayama focuses on the awareness of breath. The connection of the breath control is visible on the board when surfing. The increased lung capacity while in the water provides an edge. Meanwhile, the potential to focus and regulate excitement helps surfers make the most when on a surfing board.

Advances balancing

Surfers do require agility and strength. An important aspect of surfing is balancing. Both stamina and flexibility make a platform for balancing developments. Rehearsing yoga in flat surf keeps the mind and body in perfect balance. There are a garuda pose and the king pigeon pose that assists the surfer to enhance more balance. Read more on this blog post on the meaning of Yoga Symbols.

There is no rule to practice yoga for surfers. The idea involves regular yoga practice on days when it is not feasible to go surfing. Yoga does not let you go out of shape. While on days when you get to surf, yoga is a way to warm up. Also, it is convenient to stretch with yoga poses after surfing sessions get over.

To Depart

Surfing is more than what happens at the surface of the water!

Surfers require agility, strength, and determination to succeed and make it worthwhile. Yoga poses increase the capabilities of surfers. And, not only does that amp up the game but allows scope for reduced injuries.

Consistent practice and a systematic plan can help achieve results. While you grab your surfing board, it will become easier to picture how a yoga mat can help you get better. Happy surfing!

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