Move On From The Pain Of The Trauma

Healing from Trauma

Sometimes some incidents in life crash down our feelings, and our identity and force us to question our own presence and our value. It gets hard for us to identify who we are. It takes a lifetime to get over such incidents. It ties us with some never-going phobias and fears. We fight this fear all our lives. The people who are trying to forget it say that “Trying to forget it reminds me even more.” It is not easy to grope up the role and move on but staying in the trauma all your life prevents you from encountering some exciting highs in your life

So how can we attempt to leave our trauma behind must be crawling in your head. Here is the solution for you for Healing from Trauma. Get on board to learn it.


There are several causes of trauma that can happen anytime and anywhere. Trauma doesn’t need to mean heartbreaks but yes it affects your feelings. 

Domestic Violence 

Domestic Violence is the major cause of trauma. Not only for the woman who is facing it but also for the kids who are dragged into their fights. This is a particular type of trauma that does not bring fears but let the victim and the witness more fragile emotionally. Visit Here

Healing from Trauma

Natural Calamity 

Any natural calamity like a flood or earthquake can create crises for you. This creates fear of height or water or losing your loved ones. In some cases, people do lose their loved ones and are left behind with almost nothing in their hands. This creates a permanent void in their lives.

Witnessing The Worst 

This is specifically for the kids who face or witness fights with their parents. There are situations in which they can even feel running away or suicidal. For example, a child whose parents are getting divorced is rolled on to nothing emotionally when they grow up. They lose interest in relationships and get hard on themselves. 

Childhood Disasters

Childhood disasters like sexual abuse, witnessing the trauma of some loved ones, loss of anyone parent destroys the child from within. The parents need to look after their kids so that they do not witness loneliness in their life. 

Healing from Trauma

Healing from trauma is not at all an easy task but we can at least try and respect the gift of God- Our Life. The Almighty didn’t give us this life to weep on instead he wants us to extract the happy plum of every moment we live. Scroll down to learn how you can start to move on for Healing from Trauma. 

Let Go

Release those bad emotions. Let go of what happened. Do not squeeze it down in your mind and heart and do not hold it for life. How can you do that? Try writing down your pain on paper and burn it down. Blow off the ashes with those painful feelings. 


The support of your loved ones will get you through this hard time. You can easily release the bubble of pain when your friends and family are around. Try staying with them as much as you can. Talk your heart out to the person who understands you the best. And their support will do the rest for you. 

Healing from Trauma


Sometimes it is difficult to explain the pain of the vein to someone closer. This is the time when you try talking to a stranger because your fear of getting judged leaves you and you are free to express yourself. Speaking to someone else who does not cater for your life is the best thing. They give you some unbiased solutions that you can use to let out the deep residing trauma. It proves to be a very good remedy for healing from trauma.


Medication is another way of relieving the fear and anxiety that trauma caused you. The first-line treatment is antidepressants. Medicines like mirtazapine, phenelzine and others can be given to the patient so that they can avoid getting depressed about what happened earlier and move on.

Follow The Hobbies 

Follow your hobbies. If you wanted to paint at some point of time in your life, get yourself some free time to do that. Put down your stress and lift your brushes. Paint the world in your favourite colours and then you will see how beautiful the world is for you. 

Keep Yourself Busy 

Do not be free. Being free will lead you to do some thinking and you surely don’t want to do that. Thinking will take you to overthink and will cause anxiety taking you towards depression. So indulge yourself in work. This will make you tired and you will get good sleep too. 

Do What Makes You Happy 

Do what makes you feel happy. Once you allow yourself to be happy with what you generally desire in life, it will give you the energy to move on in life. Get some relief from what happened. Stop crying over it and do what you like doing so that you feel happy enough. 

Focus On Good 

Try to see the positive side of every situation. Don’t say that the glass is half empty, say that the glass is full, half of water and half with air. When you start to notice the positive aspects of life, negative vibes leave you. Stay with people who give you good advice, who give you advice which you would like but do not want to do. 


Practice yoga every morning. Yoga sets your thoughts in a series and excludes what you don’t require. It calms your body and soul and depletes the negative thoughts on your part. This leads you towards a calm and happy life. 

Healing from Trauma

Avoid Overthinking

Do not overthink any situation because it returns nothing to you except depression. So, please just go with the flow and accept your flaws, and your mistakes, forgive people and move on. This will help you heal from trauma. 


Healing from trauma is not easy but when you try, it’s not impossible to do. Embark on the new beginning and leave the past in the past. 

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