How Does CBD Help in Treating Jet Lag?

Jet lag is one of the biggest challenges that people face when traveling between multiple time zones within a short time. The condition is due to the scrambling of the body’s internal clock, thus making it react negatively. Despite being a normal phenomenon among travelers, jet lag can easily eat into your valuable time if not treated quickly. The good news is that CBD can help manage jet lag without exposing you to the numerous side effects. First, you need to know the basics of jet lag for you to understand the connection between the condition and CBD.

Jet Lag 

Different countries have different time zones which influence their environmental conditions. These time zones also affect the living patterns of individuals in those areas. That is why you find that at one time zone, people are sleeping while at another time zone people are wide awake. So, what does this have to do with your body?

The human body contains pacemaker cells whose work is to notify you when to sleep and when to wake up. These pacemakers make use of natural light to function properly. But then, when you travel to different time zones, the pacemakers find the day and night patterns to be different. That makes them adjust their routine and synchronize with new patterns.

That is when jet lag kicks in, and your body starts acting out in different ways. You should also know that according to jet lag research, the condition is worse when traveling from West to East. 

If you don’t handle your jet lag appropriately, it can cost you on recovery time, depending on the number of time zones you are crossing. These are days wasted on foreign land, and that is something no one wants to experience.

Effects of Jet Lag and How CBD Can Help

Many people who have ever experienced jet lag will concur that the symptoms are usually the same from one person to another. They include insomnia, lack of concentration, ingestion problems, muscle pains, anxiety, and irritability, among others. What’s fascinating is that cannabidiol can treat a significant percentage of jet lag symptoms. It is why most people opt for CBD than other jet lag medications. For a better understanding, here are the benefits of CBD for people experiencing jet lag.

CBD Can Alleviate Pain and Inflammation

Traveling for longer distances in a plane often causes muscle fatigue. That is because you tend to maintain your muscles in a similar position for an extended period. CBD, on the other hand, is a great pain reliever. It works with the endocannabinoid system to inhibit the absorption of anandamide hormone. Using the best CBD pills you can find can help you get the required dose. By doing so, it keeps the brain from registering pain. You will thus end up feeling great once you arrive at your destination.

CBD Can Treat Anxiety

Jet lag causes stress and anxiety. Once you reach your destination, your mind will start running as your master clock tries to adjust to the new environmental conditions. That alone is enough to send you into a frenzy. Using CBD can treat anxiety and prevent such a scenario. The cannabinoid works with different brain receptors like CB1 and CB2 to balance the serotonin hormone. Doing so increases your moods, and that is how it can treat your jet lag anxiety.

CBD Can Help Treat Insomnia

Crossing multiple time zones leads to a sleeping disorder since the brain becomes too scrambled to notify your body when to sleep. That is why most people use melatonin before, during, or after a long flight. But CBD can work better thanks to its ability to relax your brain and ease your mind. That is because the cannabis strain can regulate the levels of cortisol hormones in the body. The hormone will then impact the REM sleep cycle and help you regain your sleep in no time. That is how it ends up treating jet lag.

CBD Can Enhance Cognitive Functions

As mentioned above, jet lag has a way of keeping your brain and body occupied. It becomes hard for you to focus and remain alert. With such a problem, it is difficult to keep up with your duties in a foreign location. CBD, however, is an incredible compound that can quickly restore your alertness and ensure optimum concentration. That is because it clears the mind and relaxes your body, thus enhancing your cognitive functions. Using the 707 headband strains can help you enhance cognitive function.

CBD Can Help with Digestion

Jet lag also affects the digestive system leading to gastrointestinal issues. To keep that from happening, consume CBD. The cannabinoid works perfectly by mobilizing digestion bacteria in the gut. That leads to increased digestion, and so you won’t have to worry about digestion problems due to jet lag.

Help with Digestion

How to Use CBD When Treating Jetlag

With the new findings connecting CBD to jet lag, many people order weed online before their journey so that they counter the effects.. There are many ways that you can consume CBD to enjoy its functionalities and suppress jet lag. That includes vaping, eating edibles such as gummies, taking droplets of CBD oil, and topical application. Apart from topical application, the other CBD consumption methods work fast. Within a short time, you will feel relief, and so you will not end up wasting days.

You should, however, start by taking a small dose and wait for 30 minutes to 1 hour. If there are no changes, add dosage periodically until you feel its impact. To be on the safe side, you should consider taking the cannabinoid before and after your flight. That is going to prepare your body for jet lag and minimize any symptoms.

Treating Jetlag

CBD can clearly help in treating jet lag. It can treat its various symptoms, such as nausea, insomnia, indigestion, anxiety, and muscle pains, among others. You should, however, know when to take the product and the most effective dosage. By doing so, you’re going to have an easy time handling jet lag at your destination.

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