How to Boost Productivity While Remotely Building Your Startup


Remotely working from home has its set of advantages and disadvantages when compared to working physically in a mortar and brick office. But the most crucial factor is to keep your team tied together while maintaining a supportive working environment. And especially if you have a startup to build and promote, productivity becomes a vital requirement that needs your extra work and special attention. In such cases, you need to watch out for yourself and your coworkers’ performance for your company’s usefulness. 

We have several examples that show remote working and promoting your business is a beneficial method during this era of digitization where everything is slowly becoming online. Virtual retail shop sites, virtual escape room, distance learning courses, you name it. Using the neo technologies like AR and VR, many startups have gained tremendously in work from home culture by using its edges to gain the upper hand in the market. 

You can also learn online business marketing and how to help your startup come out as a brand in this cutthroat commercial competition. With the help of the right tools and a proper strategy, you can ensure work efficiency and your business staying afloat in the industry. Here are 12-simple tips and suggestions that will help you boost productivity while remotely working on your startup: 

1. Discover your sense of purpose. 

Being conscious of your work’s purpose is the first thing you should do when working remotely. Ask yourself why you took the onus of beginning this startup and what your purpose is behind working so hard to make it successful. Your task becomes ten times easier once you recognize and validate your inner self’s reasoning. And by correctly understanding your aim, you can skillfully increase your efficiency and productivity.  

2. Prepare a timetable that suits you. 

A timetable is a good way to keep yourself tied to a proper routine and maximize your inputs and efforts. Before you begin your tasks or any assignment, create a timetable for yourself that fits your needs and environment. It will allow you to give necessary timeslots to each of your projects and complete them before the deadline.  

3. Experiment to find your comfort zone for working at home. 

Home is where we find comfort and time to relax. So it would be natural for you to adjust strategically and with ease to work in your place of relaxation. Try to experiment with the different rooms, corners, and locations to find the perfect spot that makes you feel inspired and motivated to get your tasks done. The faster you find your comfort zone, the quicker you adjust to your remote working principles and yield desirable output for your startup.  

4. Maintain communication between your teammates. 

Communication is a crucial factor for maintaining trust, understanding, and a sense of respect among your team members. And it becomes a more necessary concept when working remotely in your startup because no one is meeting and interacting physically, and the bond starts to wither. And this lack of miscommunication and comprehension affects the output of your group and your business’s overall productivity.  

5. Pay attention to your employees’ needs. 

A good work environment where your employees get an opportunity to improve and share their problems is an ideal recipe for keeping your team together and achieving success. Apart from that, your coworkers’ mood and satisfaction also add tremendously to your startup’s productivity. Catering to their needs affects their happiness levels, and it inspires everyone to work harder and do their best.  

6. Don’t drop the ball of creativity. 

Don’t rush with your work because you want to finish it. It slowly reduces creativity and hampers your result and final expectations. Remote working is not an easy job, and many times people lose interest and feel as if they are dragging their startup in the process. To avoid falling into this black hole of dread, focus on being creative in your work to maintain your interest and passion. It fuels your ambition to reach your goal and thus, boosts productivity.  

7. Take breaks at proper intervals. 

Even machines need time to cool down to work at their best level. And we are humans. No matter the nature of your company or business, don’t forget to take breaks in between your work. It will give your mind and body time to recharge and tackle your tasks with a more revitalized attitude when you sit down to work again.  

8. Work on your health and wellness. 

You cannot win the war of making your startup reach a new height of success with an unhealthy body. Invest some quality time in your wellness and get away from your work. It will give you some time to relax and get refreshed. There are some things that you can do, like playing games, doing exercises, reading books, listening to music, sleeping, etc. that help you stay in shape and be mentally happy and productive.  

9. Expand your reach by utilizing more resources. 

These days, many companies are providing plenty of beneficial tools and apps that make your work easier and hassle-free. They help you save time and get the most done in less effort. So you can implement such resources to work in your startup. It will increase your productivity and allow you to keep track of your time by making you more efficient in your tasks.  

10. Avoid chasing for the tag of perfection. 

Perfection is good to aim for but harmful if you start to obsess over it. It damages your self-worth and reduces your confidence. And you also begin to lose motivation and the true ambition behind your work. So, avoid chasing after being perfect in every aspect of your work and focus on being unique and hard working instead. These qualities will take you farther in your business career.  

11. Try to reduce your procrastination. 

The biggest killer of productivity; procrastination takes no time to ruin your routine and flow of work apart. We are imperfect and flawed human beings, and it is inevitable for us to do everything accurately. And that is why our procrastination starts to dominate our life. So you should do your best to work on your procrastination and lazy habits. Once they are out of the way, working becomes a breeze.   

12. Keep your work fun and not something that occupies your entire day. 

Even if you stay occupied in your work for the whole day, you won’t get anything extra done. Instead, your mind and body will feel tired, and you might become a victim of early burnout. And we know how devastating mental and physical burnout is for your productivity. Therefore, treat your work as a passion and a fun interest and not something to keep yourself busy the whole day. Pick up other hobbies and spend time with your family and friends to balance your work and real life.  

Final Thoughts 

When working on a startup, it is necessary to include all the best elements to make the most of your work and efforts. And so, it becomes significant that you focus on boosting productivity so that everyone in your team can deliver their best performance. 


Since different businesses require different working conditions as they vary vastly, the onus finally comes to you to understand your needs and how you can maximize your final result. And now that you know about the various strategic steps to increase productivity, you can experiment and come up with your list to see which ones suit you and help your startup reach its goal. 





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