Is It Useful to Pass the CCNA Certification Exam?


Is it useful to pass the CCNA certification exam? Whether college students or network engineers who have entered the workplace, if they want to further improve themselves, they will choose to strive to obtain various certificates. If you want to further your career as a network engineer, applying for Cisco certification is a good way. In the Cisco certification system, CCNA certification is the most basic. In 2021, many people wonder whether it is useful and necessary to pass the CCNA certification exam.

Whether the CCNA certificate get more here is useful or not is mainly related to the current situation of people taking the exam. If you are a college student, or just graduated, or you have no foundation at all, passing CCNA certification exam is still useful because it is a relatively simple exam in Cisco certification system. The exam has no requirements for education background, majors, etc. and the exam time is relatively flexible, so college students can also take the exam. Having a certificate will also help you find a job more easily. However, because the value of CCNA certificate is not as high as that of CCNP or CCIE certificate, although it can help to find a job, it cannot be the decisive factor, but just icing on the cake.

If you have had some experience in the Internet industry, the effect of CCNA certificate is relatively small. In this case, you are not recommended to take the CCNA certification exam. However, you should still learn the knowledge points of CCNA well because CCNA is the foundation of CCNP and CCIE. If the foundation is not well laid, it will increase great difficulty for later learning. Therefore, the content of CCNA still needs to learn well. You shouldn’t ignore it because it is the basic certification of Cisco certification.

Why is it useful to take the CCNA certification exam? One is mainly because CCNA certification is launched by Cisco, and Cisco is still well recognized in the IT industry. Another reason is that CCNA covers a wide range of knowledge. Passing CCNA certification can lay a good foundation for the next CCNP and CCIE certification. Because after the last Cisco reform, the nine directions of CCNA are integrated into one, no matter which direction you choose later, the knowledge of CCNA is useful. This is also the reason why SPOTO suggests that you should learn the knowledge of CCNA well no matter you plan to take the CCNA certification exam or not.

CCNA exam question types

After introducing whether it is useful to pass CCNA certification exam, SPOTO will talk about the exam question types of CCNA. The CCNA exam code is 200-301, the exam takes 140 minutes, the total score is 1,000 points, the passing score is 825 points, and the version of the new question bank is V1.0. Exam question types include: multiple choice questions and dragging map questions. At present, there are about 102 questions and about 10 dragging map questions in the exam. The rest are multiple-choice questions, and there are no experimental questions in the new version. In fact, as long as you fully understand and master the CCNA exam question dumps, it is not difficult to pass CCNA certification, because multiple-choice questions are almost the original questions and the descriptions of questions and options are the same as those in the question dumps though the order of answers will change; The dragging map questions are also the original questions though the answers’ order may also change. In the calculation of score, there is no specific score for each question in CCNA exam. The bottom score is 300 points, and there are 300 points for not answering a question. Each multiple choice question or dragging map question is about 10 points, and the questions contain exam questions that do not count.

In general, it is useful to pass the CCNA certification exam, but CCNA certificate is not as useful as CCNP and CCIE certificate. It is more recommended that you apply for the CCNP or CCIE certification after learning the content of CCNA certification well.


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