10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Digital Marketing Strategy

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So your company is growing, but not quite as quickly as you’d like. Perhaps you’re wondering, “What exactly am I missing here?” Could your business perhaps benefit from an up-to-date digital strategy? We certainly think so, keep reading to find out why.

What is a digital strategy & why is it important?

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts via digital technologies, such as desktop computers, mobile phones, including all other digital media and platforms.

An omnichannel digital marketing strategy, which is ideal for many brands, integrates various technologies and media used to engage with consumers, for the purpose of creating a cohesive brand experience. Learn all you can about digital marketing, so you can effectively take your business forward!

Why do you need a digital marketing strategy?

If your business doesn’t have a detailed digital marketing strategy, you could be losing out on a world of opportunities. Here are 10 of the top issues that you may face if you don’t have a digital marketing strategy.

  1. Your company has little to no direction

This is a common issue for many companies, they don’t have a digital strategy, so they don’t have strategic online goals they’d like to achieve. Without S.M.A.R.T digital marketing objectives, you may not be putting in enough effort to truly benefit, and you’ll also be missing out on seeing those results through analytics.

  1. You don’t know who your online audience is

If you don’t know your online audience, you’ll probably run the risk of miscalculating customer demand. Get to know your online audience and you may just find that you’re able to capitalize on a market share you didn’t even know existed! Remember that the audience you encounter online will be different from the audience you encounter through traditional marketing channels.

  1. Your competitors are obtaining more market share

When your digital marketing efforts leave a lot to be desired, and you don’t have those clear digital marketing strategies working for you, you’re ultimately losing out to your competitors. They’ll have free access to the market share, which means they’ll be growing, moving forward, and leaving you to eat their dust!

  1. You lack a significant online value proposition

The online value proposition is basically a positioning statement that describes what you offer, who you potentially offer it to, the pain point you solve, as well as why and how you do it better than anyone else. Having a thorough online value proposition helps you to alter different areas of your online services to suit the needs of various customers, which encourages them to interact with your business and remain loyal.

  1. You have no idea what makes your online customers tick

Google Analytics, amongst other tools, may be able to relay to you the amount of traffic to your website, but what they can’t tell you is the opinion of your visitors. In order to gauge these opinions, you’ll need to make use of other website feedback tools so you can use this feedback to strengthen your strategy.

  1. Your digital marketing activities aren’t integrated

Many companies silo their digital marketing efforts because it’s easier. This means that digital marketing gets isolated, it becomes the sole responsibility of a specialist digital marketer, or it gets outsourced to an agency. However, the best thing that can happen for digital media is for it to form part of the traditional marketing efforts and the various response channels.

  1. Digital isn’t getting enough love!

If digital doesn’t get enough love, not enough resources will be allocated to the planning and carrying out of online marketing efforts, therefore skills in this area will also likely be underdeveloped, leaving you unable to be as competitive as you probably should be.

  1. You may be wasting time & money

Efficient use of resources in larger companies can often be lacking. A large company with various departments may have, for example, different sections of the marketing organization using different tools or different agencies to get very similar tasks done ﹘ this shows a lack of proper planning. If a company takes the time to step back and reflect on what they really want on a larger scale, they can streamline processes and use resources more efficiently.

  1. You need to become more agile 

In order to stay ahead of the game, and not just keep up, you’ll need to become a lot more agile. Top companies are where they are because they’re thinking ahead. Check out what your competitors are doing, but also consider what they may be missing out on. If you see an opportunity that you think might really work, run it past the team, gauge their response, and you may just have a new, fresh approach that’ll help you maintain your audience, and even gain a wider one.

  1. Optimization is being neglected

Your company has a website, which means it also has analytics. Not paying attention to the analytics means that you’re not acting to strengthen weaknesses in various areas, such as site user experience, for example. This can be detrimental to your online presence, so teams have to make time to properly analyze all the relevant data.


Perhaps you feel like you just don’t know enough to keep up, or your team needs a little extra help, it may be a good idea to consider brushing up on your digital marketing skills with an online digital marketing short course that covers exactly what you need to know most. Figure out what your business needs are, and take advantage of the world of information at your fingertips!

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