Creating a better web page ranking with traffic-generating blogs

Web Page Ranking

How to write a blog that would increase the web page ranking? Blog, short for weblog, is not just about keywords. Your website can be informative, attractive, and beneficial. These qualities are required to find and retain a loyal audience. Writing and posting the blog is only one-half of the story. You have to find vast readership too. Unless you increase the website traffic, there is no real satisfaction. Choose the right blogging platform and deliver optimal service. Ensure that the content, site speed, and google search engine optimization strategy are right on the mark. Below are the great tips on creating a better web page ranking.

Increase web page ranking with informative content?

Content strategy includes careful planning and implementation. You should even look for feedback and be ready to make alterations. It is essential as good quality content creation does not suffice anymore. You have to be creative, pragmatic, and market the content with dedication and effort.

Utility: The best content is that which is beneficial to both the writer and reader. Yes, the blog has to satisfy your creative urges and writing style. But it also has to be useful to the reader in one form or another. It should offer authentic information, correct data, valuable tips, guidelines, etc. Do not just be formal and informative. The write-up must also be entertaining, refreshing, and impactful.

Ideation: How to write a blog post on technical topics? Do a thorough topic search to create valuable content for the user. Do some searching, and visit the Q and A forums for ideas. Search for contemporary and happening topics to appeal to the readers. Read similar blog posts and utilize topic generator tools to come up with brilliant ideas.
Enduring Content: Great content has reliable statistics and beautiful infographics. It also captivates the reader with story-telling skills and relatable videos. Come up with evergreen and enduring content that can stand the test of time. Focus less on events or occasions, and more on themes and subjects.

Headlines: Come up with memorable headlines to stay ahead of the competitors. Recognize the value of appearance and present the content in great style. Experiment with different headlines and find out what suits you the most.

Web page ranking with SEO tactics?

Rely on a positive keyword strategy to drive up the traffic. Implement a viable google search engine optimization plan with contextual keywords. Write content with keywords that help in conceptualization and influence generation. Do not stuff the keywords and phrases, but be moderate about their usage.
How to write a blog that will attract more ads? Rely on long-tail keywords or more than 3-word phrases. It will increase the search engine ranking and attract ads too. Use tools like Google suggestions, Keyword Planner, and google search engine optimization WordPress plug-ins. Craft efficient meta-descriptions, URLs, sitemaps, navigational links, and relevant internal links.

How to write a blog for your niche?

It is not about how to write a blog post. You should also market the content in a planned and targeted fashion. Spend time on social media platforms to make your presence felt. Find your niche and promote the blog amongst like-minded readers. Nerds are usually on forums like Reddit, whereas visual content appeals to professional minded LinkedIn users.

Rely on Google analytics to find sites with the highest referral traffic. Find the right audience on blogs, sites, and forums to engage in healthy discussions to post comments and promotional links. Read blogs with niches similar to you. It is not about copying the blogging style. You can get a better idea of the current blogging trends, customer preferences, and learn from others’ mistakes too.


Have a responsive and smartphone friendly blog to find new readers. Tap into the millennial generation, and you will surely increase the blog site’s traffic. However, you ought to learn how to write a blog post to attract millennial. They do not have the patience to read long posts. Make sure to keep your posts as precise as possible and add more infographics, screenshots, or other media content. Rely on mobile themes and WordPress plug-ins to stay up-to-date. Create a blog version that loads and displays efficiently on the phone or tablet.

Web page ranking with influencer support

You cannot build healthy blog traffic without the support of others. And if these others are influencers, then your chances become brighter. Maintain good relations with other online bloggers. Connect efficiently with those who share your ideas, opinions, likes, and dislikes.

You can build an online friendship or comment regularly on their posts. Do not insulate yourself, but reach out even to those with opposing viewpoints. Use these tips to become more impactful online:
Community activity: The online community is a supportive realm, and you have to stay alert and active. Extend a helping hand or establish a rapport on various forums, review sites, Q and A networks, etc.
Interviews: Find interesting and influential bloggers and interview them. You can communicate with them for new ideas or simply to present their views on your blog.

Additional tips

“List” and “Best” posts: Posts that highlight the top 10 items or articles appeal to the readers. But you have to prepare well, collect authentic facts and data. Do not randomly rank things just for the sake of content. If the viewers assume your blog is just fillers, there is no chance for improving traffic.

Citations: Get popular bloggers and influencers to cite you. Establish a mutual understanding and share their posts. Win over their hearts and minds to increase the number of shares and likes.

Link-building: Internal links are good and necessary for an efficient SEO strategy. But getting links from outside sources is much more authentic. You not only avoid Google spammer label but also increase the web site traffic. Rely on tactics like guest posts to increase the number of outside links.

To sum up, blogging is not just a creative, passionate outlet. You have to communicate and share knowledge to create some impact. Follow the techniques mentioned above to attract more traffic. Develop a beautiful and memorable blog with captivating content and useful information.

Finally, promote the web site actively to attract users. Collect emails and build a healthy mailing list. Promote the post or send newsletters to casual readers to connect with your audience and increase the traffic. Reach out to fellow bloggers and implement the technical strategies well. Make sure you connect with a larger number of readers. Become mobile-friendly, and win over the audience through efficiency and transparency. Finally, do not shy away from using all the latest software tools. It is not wise to use every single tool found in the market. Choose reputed tools or the ones offered by Google.

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