Influence of smartphones on behaviour and performance

Digital technology is directly responsible for causing major psychological, smartphone behaviours and performance issues as many people simply overindulge in the practice

Technology has advanced at a rapid rate and many people today own smartphones and other smart technologies. These technologies have had a positive effect on improving communication but at the same time, smart technologies have also caused some major complications related to efficiency and performance. Some major concerns related to the technology have been identified to be the user’s ability to install games, access the internet and social media applications. Read on to find the influence of smartphone behaviours and performance.

In addition to this, the gadgets have been miniaturized meaning they are not pocket-size handheld gadgets which makes them highly convenient for users, allowing the user to access the gadgets at any time they want. This is highly convenient for the user but over the past few years, the negative effects of the technology have been observed among populations who are growing increasingly addicted to the gadgets. The main problem associated to the technology is the misuse of smartphone technologies for entertainment purpose which results in many people diverting their attention from real-world problems and issues to involving themselves in imaginary situation and scenario simulated inside the games. With the gadgets easily fitting in the pockets and available to access by the individual at any time, people find themselves overindulging in the games resulting in them losing focus on other works.

What is causing behavior and performance problems?

Digital technology is directly responsible for causing major psychological, smartphone behaviours and performance issues as many people simply overindulge in the practice which results in diversion of attention. Impacts of smartphones on healthcare as the individuals are unable to maintain focus on their word which results in them losing focus in their academic and professional duties and focus more towards playing games and indulging in entertainment. The main reason linked to overindulgence is the availability of the gadgets that allow access to the entertainment thus allowing users to access the games and other entertainment at any time or at any place thus hampering day to day operations and living. Games are causing major complications linked to personal and professional lives as people get distracted by the games resulting in them wasting considerable time on entertainment as opposed to focusing on their work.

Features driving behavior issues

The smartphone has been pinpointed as a major contributor towards reduced performance but there are certain features within the smartphone that cause more distractions as opposed to others. Below are some smartphone behaviours features which are directly linked to reduced productivity and performance.


Most smartphones today come with inbuilt games for entertainment but there are hundreds of other applications available on the Google play store and other app stores online where games can be downloaded. This abundance of free games has resulted in them being installed on the smartphones thus delivering users with unlimited entertainment which leads many young people to focus more towards the games as opposed to practical and day to day life needs. The gaming feature on smartphones has gone one step further by interconnecting players via the internet which has further increased competitiveness which has resulted in further addiction towards playing the games.

The Internet

Internet access is another feature that is contributing towards drastic behaviour changes as many people are viewing content published on the internet which exposes them to other cultures which results in them picking behaviours from the cultures and practice them in their own. While international exposure is important, it’s important to remember there is both positive and negative content on the internet, thus internet users can easily be misled to pick bad behaviours. The internet can, therefore, be linked directly to behavioural issues being experienced by certain communities. Sadly the internet has become a basic communication medium today thus users must train themselves to avoid negative influence and content to avoid negatively affecting their behaviour.

The social media

The social media has been identified to be another major behaviour influencer due to the users accessing information related to other people daily progress which influences others to adopt or want those ways of life.  This problem arises due to the social media allowing people to post vast amounts of information relating to their private life on the internet which results in their friends and followers viewing them and attempting to also replicate the same. The social media has been linked to increased conflict among family members as one individual expect to receive the same treatment as those they view on the social media sites which are not always possible. This results in creating conflicts of interest which results in tension and behavioural issues which can be avoided by managing and avoiding overuse and overindulgence in social media. 

How to overcome smartphone behaviours:

We all face some difficulties in our lives and certain difficulties result in an increased mental strain which needs to be resolved. It’s important to recognize the problem to work towards locating a solution.  Problems can only be solved when you recognize a problem thus it’s important for each individual to invest time towards exploring the base of their inner desire on which they can determine their weaknesses which can then be used to help behaviour issues. The smartphone is an important communication gadget but you must focus your attention towards also determine features you are unable to control use off since these are likely to cause complications in future.  the secrete behind overcoming a negative aspect in your life requires you to first assess yourself based on which you would be prepared to handle complications you identify.

Smartphone behaviours are a result of our own doing and weaknesses thus it’s important to focus on exploring yourself which will have a direct effect on your performance and future development. Self-awareness will also lead to better management which is the key towards self-development and adopting socially acceptable behaviours.

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