How to stop eye twitching? 5 ways to resist eye twitching!

how to stop eye twitching

When you find that your eyelids are twitching, most of the time it becomes very annoying. Lots of people experience this eye twitching from time to time. But how to stop eye twitching? The actual medical term for eyelid twitching is called eyelid myokymia. It is pretty similar to any other muscle twitch in the body. Due to some reasons the nerves that control the eyelid muscles somehow become excited and that causes the fluttering or twitching of the eyelids which can be really bothersome. For most people, this eyelid twitching is limited. They only last for maybe a day or two. But for some people, it can last for weeks, months and sometimes it can stay for years. Still, the eye twitches are generally very normal to experience.

They usually happen just a little fluttering at the outside edge of your lower eyelid. Sometimes you can experience the eyelid twitching for the upper eyelids but both of them are normal. But there is some eyelid twitching that actually is not normal like blepharospasm, where both of your eyes are completely shut tight and you cannot open your eyes no matter how hard you try. In this scenario, it is best to go and consult with the healthcare assistant. That could be associated with other neurologic conditions. But in most cases, eye twitching is normal and temporary. Themes regarding how to stop eye twitching. Based on the medical research and studies it is found that there are 5 main things that cause eye twitching.

Reduce your stress level

Stress can be one of the main factors for eye twitching. It is easier to say that you should reduce your stress level but the truth is people usually carry too much stress in their lives. So, to get rid of the stress you need to do something that is relaxing. You can do breathing exercises, or try yoga, or you can pick up some new hobby that is creative. Doing breathing exercises regularly can decrease the stress level by relaxing your body as well as your mind. The same goes for yoga as well. If you pick up a new hobby like cooking, painting, or something that is creative that will make you busy with your own stuff and you can reduce the stress level in your mind.

Get some rest to reduce fatigue

It is also easier to say that to get rid of fatigue you need to take proper rest. But in actuality, people are going through a busy schedule every day from morning to night. They have lots of work pressure and other stuff to do. So most of the time they do not get proper rest and that is why fatigue can cause eye twitching for a temporary or long-term basis. So it is advisable that before you go to sleep you make yourself completely warned out and go to sleep immediately after you hit the bed. Furthermore, the intake of proper vitamins and minerals that our body needs can prove to be helpful.

How to stop eye twitching

You can also stretch your arms and legs as long as you can when you go to bed. Kids usually do this kind of stuff before going to sleep. This will help you to go to sleep faster and get proper rest to reduce fatigue. Always make yourself understand when you are going to sleep, that is the bedtime. So try not to do anything else when you are in bed but to relax your body and go to sleep.

Caffeine intake can be an answer to get rid of eye twitching

This one could be the most difficult of them all. If you drink a lot of coffee or some sort of caffeinated drinks, energy drinks, then reducing your caffeine intake can do the trick for you. Now you might say that you drink just one cup of espresso every day. But that actually means 3 cups of regular coffee. You can also switch things up by taking tea instead of coffee. Tea has a lesser amount of caffeine that can last throughout the day. But that doesn’t mean you take 3 to 4 cups of tea every day to replace one cup of espresso. If you do that, then you will be taking the same amount of caffeine that you were taking earlier. Therefore reducing your caffeine intake can be very effective to get rid of eye twitching.

How to stop eye twitching

Soothe dry and irritated eye to stop eye twitching

If you have dry eyes or maybe you have any occasion like eyelashes that go the wrong way and that’s irritating your eyes, In those scenarios, you may end up with eye twitching. If you are wearing contact lenses for a long time, then you can be having problems with eye twitching. So try to use normal specs instead of contact lenses for some days. If you have dry eyes you can use artificial tears a couple of times a day. Another simple way you can do some eyelid massage with your index finger at the age of your eyelashes. That will relax the muscles of your eyelids. However, don’t go ahead and crank really hard on the eyes. Because that actually causes more irritation to the eyelids.

Reduce eye fatigue and eye strain

This can be a little difficult to do especially depending on what you are doing throughout the day. Maybe your job or your occupation keeps you sitting in front of the computer all day. Then perhaps you need to give your eyes a little break after a certain interval. you can follow the 20 – 20 – 20 rule. It means after 20 minutes of continuous work you need to take a break for 20 seconds by looking at something that is at least 20 feet away from you. This will help you relax your eye muscles.

How to stop eye twitching

You can also take special lenses that help your eyes to relax from the computer screen. In today’s world, most of the people in the corporate sector are working 10 to 12 hours every day sitting in front of the computer continuously. Most of them are suffering from eyelid twitching as their eyes are being stressed continuously. Following this above-mentioned 20-20-20 rule can be very effective in order to relax your eyes and get rid of eye twitching.

So these are 5 ways about how to stop eye twitching.

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