Best Business Skills for South Africans to Develop in 2022

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As the COVID-19 pandemic hit early in 2020, South Africa’s troubled economy was already experiencing a recession. Additionally, the damage inflicted throughout 2020 made matters worse in a country where about 18% of the population is already below the poverty line, leading to food insecurity and significant job losses.

To make matters worse, lockdown regulations still in place in early 2021 had a devastating effect on workers and their families’ incomes. However, a slowly rebounding economy and government subsidies have led to significant shifts in job acquisition. As skilled candidates re-enter the workforce, South Africa is in need of positions. The country has a population of nearly 60 million people.

Finding out what jobs are most in-demand in South Africa right now is the best way to stand out from the crowd when you are looking for work. Prior to starting your job search, consider these points: what are the most sought-after skills in South Africa? You will be much better prepared for an interview if you know what skills are on the rise in your industry.

Below, we have conducted a list that shows nine of the best business skills that you can develop as a South African in 2022. Visit Here

1. Software Development 

South Africa has been playing a significant role in the global tech markets for decades, and despite its relative newness to the digital world it is already one of the highest paying jobs. Developers are essential to those businesses. Software development skills will continue to be in high demand until and beyond 2022 since they are frequently used by those who are adept with computer programs. 

2. Sales

During the pandemic, supply and demand increased in Africa, unlike other industries. A vital skill is the ability to communicate effectively from business to business. When working across African and foreign markets, sales abilities are often compared to language skills. In South Africa, these types of jobs are extremely popular and are expected to remain in high demand for many years to come.

3. Business Management 

The ability to communicate, organise, and adapt. Any suitable position in business management requires these sub-skills. Certain companies in Cape Town and Johannesburg are experiencing live growth despite the 2020 pandemic, and they are looking for talented individuals who have an eye for details. Demand for these positions is likely to remain high for the foreseeable future.

4. Information Technology 

In this world where people spend more and more time online, they create a great deal of data–interpreting that data, predicting people’s next move (whether the move is to shop, watch a video, or read news) is an entire industry–and the key players at the forefront of keeping it working are those in information technology.

5. Banking and High Finance 

Several of the continent’s largest financial firms are located in South Africa’s central business hubs – like Johannesburg and Cape Town. In spite of the damage done to key global business markets in Africa and around the world in 2020, the recovery is gradually beginning to shift. Thus, candidates with financial skills will be in high demand in 2022 and in the future. 

6. Languages 

Many companies in South Africa have realised the importance of employing language experts, such as translators and linguists, to expand their communication platforms beyond the African market. As foreign investors are interested in South Africa’s continental resources and in acquiring new business, language skills are always in demand.

7. Engineering 

Due to the country’s abundance of natural resources, engineers with solid engineering skills are highly sought after across a wide range of industries. Problem-solving skills and superior resolve when facing inevitable daily obstacles are among the most important skills engineers can possess. 

8. Medical Skills Such As Nursing

We were reminded about the value of nurses and medical professionals during the global pandemic of 2020 (and the effect it had on our economies) — but particularly throughout Africa. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, South African healthcare has taken a hard hit, one that will require the appropriate nursing professionals to recover from. The post-COVID treatment for patients with the disease will surely consume thousands of man-hours well into the coming decade, there are lots of opportunities out there.

9. Marketing 

The ability to analyse demographics and promote products, services, and ideas to audiences is a valuable skill set that is always in demand within businesses in South Africa. In light of the loosening of pandemic restrictions throughout the continent by the end of 2021 and worldwide progress expected by that time, there will likely be more growth for well-paying marketing jobs. This is especially true in the big cities such as Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria. 

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