The Art of Marketing – The Kenyan Approach

art of marketing

The way we live has always, constantly been changing. From ancient times to the medieval era and the modern world, our civilization has gone through a number of major changes. However, the past few decades keep proving to be absolutely game-changing in all regards. The global economy is growing at a rapid rate, primarily thanks to emerging markets in Africa and Asia. On the other hand, this growth all across the world is driven by digital technologies and exciting innovations.

Smartphones, smartwatches, and a whole diverse pallet of other smart devices have become almost inseparable parts of our daily lives. We pay utilities, watch TV shows, communicate, and even entertain ourselves on the internet. Digital adaption of almost all industries around the world has made a truly game-changing shift towards a more convenient and accessible future for many individuals and businesses.

Sectors from finance to entertainment are rapidly adapting

Amid the growing influence of the youngest part of our society, businesses and industries are eager to bring as much of digital innovation as possible. As a result, a growing number of sectors are going almost completely online. Sectors that were traditionally directly linked to technological advancements are simply thriving. However, areas that always were rather distant from digital means of communication are also quickly changing.

For instance, the financial industry has recently become one of the most highly-digitalized in our economies. Commercial banks and other financial institutions that always kept themselves away from technologies started intently utilizing its possibilities. For example, more and more commercial banks as well as Forex trading brokers in Kenya have their very own mobile or web platforms, offering their customers more efficient and convenient services. Transactions that usually required getting to the bank’s office, signing a bunch of papers, and waiting for hours now only need a simple click on the phone’s screen.

Fintech undoubtedly plays a crucial role in the making of modern history. However, other industries such as gambling, entertainment, and even publishing are also keeping up. Streaming services are now almost exclusively online, making big profits out of viewers from all around the world. Companies like Netflix have become internationally recognized brands with millions of monthly subscribers. Their products are now released in Los Angeles, New York, and London, often overshadowing more prominent cinema houses.

Marketing is also changing and Kenya is taking a special approach

The marketing industry is something completely different from what it used to be. Today, we have bigger and more efficient platforms for communication and promotion than ever before. The internet has become a gigantic hub for marketers from all over the world. Instead of sticking with one company or a brand, thanks to digital technologies, many marketing experts now work for a range of businesses from different parts of the globe.

The new era of marketing is completely digital, creating an increasingly competitive environment for players within the industry. More people are employed by marketing companies while big businesses hire enormous teams to effectively compete with others. Being on one of such teams means having enormous courage while being knowledgeable and extremely creative. Without innovation and novelty, selling products and services in this tense environment can be very difficult.

Kenya is one of the emerging markets in the world. With a rapidly growing economy, it is leading the way on the continent. The marketing sector is one of the fastest-growing ones across the country and it is not without a reason. Naturally, when we talk about the modern marketing industry, it stands for digital ones. A growing number of marketing agencies have been popping up across Kenya. What advantage does this still an extremely poor country have over others in Africa?

Kenya has long been a digital hub for the continent

The nation of over 53 million people remains quite poor and rural. The vast majority of people still live in villages and rural areas. While the government puts its best efforts in trying to flourish the country, the lack of communication and access to financial resources occurred to be a stumbling block. Therefore, over the past few years, the nation has been trying to overcome this pressing issue. Today, Kenya is one of the most digitalized countries in Africa. Most people in the country use mobile apps to pay utilities or bills. This at a glance unrelated process created a great environment for digital marketing to emerge.

Marketing is blooming but there still are some problems

Regardless of the country’s success in bringing digital technology closer to people, the vast majority of the marketing workforce still lacks knowledge about basic rules and theories. This particularly concerns those working for companies as freelancers. They work for cheaper rates but also offer worse quality work. On the other hand, marketing agencies have highly-skilled workers and better expertise in the field. These circumstances create a rather unequal market for freelancers. They often struggle to find a decent job while being unable to deepen their knowledge of marketing and advertising.

Moreover, the big problem is caused by hiring companies as well. Due to the absence of well-sophisticated marketing culture, many businesses have trouble realizing what the role of this position is. Therefore, marketers and their teams are often asked to perform tasks that should not be their responsibility.

Companies that are well-aware of marketing teams’ duties and responsibilities sometimes refuse to hire separate professionals for content writing or graphic design in an attempt to save money. In such cases, marketing teams are often put in unfavorable positions since many of them can not afford to lose clients.

The industry in need of guidance

Despite many difficulties this industry is encountering in Kenya, it still remains one of the most dynamic and thriving in the country. This sector has a great base to build on amid the high internet penetration across the nation while the economy is quickly growing. Therefore, the future of the marketing industry in Kenya is only bright. Yet, it clearly needs guidance either from the government or from a large and more experienced private company. Small, new players within the industry require examples to look at as the sector is

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