Styling Guide for Men – How to Layer This Season

Styling Guide for Men

As soon as winter arrives, you know you have to rearrange your wardrobe since all the summer clothes in your closet can’t protect you from the cold anymore. 

When we talk about winter fashion, the scope is enormous and broad, and it is very easy to feel perplexed about choosing a dressing style for you that will keep you warm and get you through the chilling season. 

While there are many options, fashionistas believe that a person willing to set their fashion appeal right should consider layers. Layering is that one style that is necessary to make your winter wardrobe cool. 

For starters, layers look very cool. They have all the elements, including depth, texture, variety, and any visual interest needed while planning outfits.

However, there are some ideas that you can try out to reinvent your fashion look. 

But, before we mention those outfits, we need to outline what layering is. Once you know what layering is, it might get easier to figure out the best outfit for you. 

So, What is Layering?

Layering is one of the best ways to style your outfit. In layering, you usually pile up clothes on clothes, each of them acting as a new level to achieve an overall perfect look. 

However, to not make yourself look weird, you must know how to layer it right. And according to the experts, the biggest thing to remember about layering is that layers are thin to thick and light to heavy. Visit Here

Remembering this detail will help you choose garments in the correct order. For example, you will want to begin with the most lightweight and breathable clothes closest to your skin. And as you increase the levels, so will the thickness and weight of the layers protecting you, so you get the best protection from cold weather. 

How to Layer?

The biggest issue a man can have with layering is its aesthetics. Of course, we consider this essential, and we have some crucial details in helping you get layering right. 

Keep in mind that your prime focus should not be on buying as much clothing that you can buy. In fact, for layering, you don’t need to necessarily buy anything out of the blue. Anything present in your current wardrobe will make do. 

For example, if you have an old flannel shirt lying around in your wardrobe, that would work too! Take a denim jacket, your men’s zipper boots, and wear that flannel shirt to complete your look! 

Ideal Layering Fabrics

Before you choose a piece of clothing for layering, you must consider the materials that they are made from. Viewing the materials directly collides with the rule of light to heavy clothing, as we mentioned above. 

Generally, you will find that most of the clothing items you see will be made from either wool, cotton, or even a mixture of both. Moving forward, you should consider other elements, such as the difference in the weave. The difference in weave is vital to consider as it affects the thickness and weight of the clothing. 

As for the last detail, you should use at least one clothing layer, for example, moisture-wicking shirts or waterproof jackets. 

Outfit Ideas

  • Using Textures

A great idea to put together an outfit with layering would be to throw in and contrast between various fabric finishes. 

Doing so will help you attain depth or light and also give shade to an outfit. Using textures is the most beneficial when you wear the same fabrics all over. For instance, if you decide to go for cotton wear, you should consider other cotton finishes, including waxed, brushed, or garment-dyed to tell every layer apart. 

If you are planning to texture for a formal setting, it becomes even more important for you to consider textures as you will probably be wearing a monochrome or a neutral look. 

  • Choosing the best layering colors:

Layering allows you to try out as many color schemes and different tones of color and pull that as a unified look. 

If you are someone that likes to play around with colors, layering can be your best alternative. You can use different colors to see what works out the best for you. 

However, it is important to follow the rules of color matching while deciding to go for layering. Start by putting neutrals between colors. And don’t only limit yourself to choosing darker shades or colors. Using lighter neutrals is also an acceptable way to go about in the winter season. 

However, if you feel that different colors aren’t going well, trust your gut and try out something different.

  •  Necessary accessories

While you might think that accessories are not that important, they hold a special place in tying your outfit together. It’s best to read some styling guides, so you know how to accessorize yourself properly. 

After all, accessories can go a long way in bringing everything together. Whether it be a thick or a chunky scarf, leather gloves, or wool hats, all the accessories have the power to add a functional personality to layering that you may have going on. 

However, you should never go the extra mile with accessories. If you use too many accessories, your outfit will look stuffed, and your style will be at a disadvantage.

  • Using Shirts, knits, or Jackets

If you have decided on layering, using the cable knit or a graphic print sweater is an important element. 

For layering, you can take a basic tee or a button-down, and then further, you can top it with other layers, including the heavyweight bomber, chunky socks, and some fashionable boots for a unique, vintage look. 

You could also go for a technical parka which is made usually from parachute silk if it feels warmer than the jackets. The parkas also go well with sneakers and cuffed jogger pants. You could also try something along the lines of this outfit to make the most from learning. 

  • Using Knitwear 

If you want to avoid the chilly wind creeping through your dress in this cold season, using layering knits is one way to keep that from happening. Begin layering using a chunky ribbed cardigan over a white crew-neck tee and further throw in a thin gauge roll neck. 

After that, you could always take on slim-cut jeans, sneakers or add a wool cap to gain an additional touch of texture in your outfit. 

Trying out knitwear will give you a sharp and masculine look which is what most of the time we are aiming for. 

  • Shirt, suit & Coats

Suits are the perfect option for the people who are into layering but have to go to their offices as well! 

Using a two-piece garment will allow you to take off the bulk from layering. Furthermore, this layering style is considerably warm and naturally textured. In case it’s not, go for pure wool or flannel or stripe. 

Suits are versatile and business-ready as well. You can also do layering using suit accessories such as ties. You can use a color tie made from knitted silk. Furthermore, a waistcoat or a cardigan will also serve as a good idea for layering your outfit to protect you from cold weather and also look fashionable.

Closing Thoughts

We hope that this article proves enough in giving you an idea about how layering works. Following all the information in this article will help you plan out the perfect layering styles and outfits for the upcoming winter season. 

Furthermore, we have also added some ideas which will help you put together the apt wardrobe for layering in winter. 

If you think there is room for more information in this guide, let us know by mentioning it in the comments section. 


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