Flash Player Alternative: Top 8 Picks

Flash Player Alternative

Adobe Flash Player has retired. Yes, you heard that right. The flash player that was synonymous with the internet for more than two decades won’t be seen anymore. While the internet community is mourning the loss of the most prominent names in the internet world, users also need to find a Flash Player alternative.

If you are looking for a Flash Player alternative, stay tuned. Let’s discuss the top eight best alternatives to the Flash Player you can use to get the same or even better experience.

What Is Flash Player?

Adobe Flash Player, or simply Flash Player, is a computer software program developed by Adobe. It adds multimedia viewing capabilities to a browser, helping the user view multimedia contents, use media-rich web applications, and stream audio and video content seamlessly. Initially released in 1996, Adobe Flash Player has been out there for over 25 years. Visit Here

It has some amazing features, like:

  • Support for various data formats, like XML, AMF, JSON, SWF, PNG, MP3, GIF, and more.
  • HTTP HDS protection
  • Support for webcam, accelerated graphics rendering, and video decoding
  • Free to use

Why Do You Need a Flash Player Alternative?

Well, Adobe officially discontinued Flash Player on January 1, 2021. A few years earlier, several big companies like Facebook, Netflix, and YouTube stopped using Flash, stating security and performance issues.

In response, Flash announced in 2017 that it would discontinue Flash on January 1, 2021. Since Flash is no longer around, internet users need to find the best Flash Player alternative.

Best Flash Player Alternative: Top 8 Picks

Even though the most used flash plugin in the history of the internet has officially died, several alternatives have emerged. You can test these solutions and use the one that best fits your requirements.

Let’s look at the seven best alternatives, along with their key features and benefits.


Lightspark is a free and open-source flash player available as a browser plugin. It works on Windows and Linux platforms and supports various popular browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, etc. The software is seamless and easy to use, making it one of the preferred alternatives to Flash. You can use Lightspark to run a variety of APIs. It also supports H.264 YouTube videos.

Flash Player Alternative
Flash Player Alternative

You can try Lightspark if you need a free and open-source code editor that allows code editing. However, some users have reported slow browsing speeds with Lightspark.

Ruffle: Flash Player Alternative

Ruffle is a unique solution because it isn’t essentially a flash player. Instead, it’s a flash player emulator. It is compatible with Microsoft, Linux, and Mac and works on all the popular browsers, like Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Ruffle is secure and gets regular updates. The only drawback to using this software is that it doesn’t support SWF files. Hence, some websites may not support Ruffle.


If you are a computer guy or girl, you might have already heard of Gnash. It is a GNU movie flash player that enables you to run video, audio, ActionScript, and numerous multimedia apps. You can use Gnash in two ways: one as a standalone desktop app and the other as a browser plugin.

Gnash is free and open-source, making it ideal for new users. However, please note that Gnash is quite old. It received an update in 2012, and there has been no update since then. Also, it doesn’t support some ActionScript.

CheerpX: Flash Player Alternative

CheerpX for Flash, or CheerpX, is a flash player emulator developed to run Flash applications on modern browsers after the discontinuation of Adobe Flash Player. Powered by WebAssembly, CheerpX works seamlessly with ActionScript 2 and 3, Spark, Flex, and other Flash-based APIs.

Moreover, the API compatibility of this program allows you to run external applications as well.

Supernova Player

Another great alternative to the Adobe Flash Player is the Supernova Player. This program allows you to run SWF files on your browser of choice. Whether you want to play heavy games or watch 1440p or 4k videos, Supernova Player has got you covered.

Please note that Supernova Player is a standalone flash player. Since the platform is in its initial stages, you may face compatibility issues with some browsers.

BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint: Flash Player Alternative

Flashpoint by BlueMaxima is a newly-launched flash player that works well for a wide range of animations, platforms, standards, and frameworks. You can use Flashpoint with all web-based media.

Flash Player Alternative
Flash Player Alternative

This software comprises three components:

  • Apache
  • Built-in launcher
  • Flashpoint Secure Player

There are several reasons to use Flashpoint by BlueMaxima. It has comprehensive API compatibility, and it works with almost all browsers. On the downside, this program may not support everything, and you may face some compatibility issues.

Photon Flash Player and Browser

Photon is a flash player and browser that can be used to view any kind of flash content on browsers. You can also use this program on an Android device to enhance your browsing experience even further.

Wide compatibility is the biggest reason to use the Photon Flash Player and Browser. It works on almost all browsers and websites, and it even supports games and flash apps. However, you could see some errors when using it on Android.

Shubus Viewer

Shubus Viewer is an easy-to-use flash player that enables you to view multimedia elements, animations, games, and HTML5 pages. Furthermore, this program lets you view and edit text and run Unity3D and Adobe Shockwave games.

Shubus Viewer comes with an integrated flash player and allows you to play online games, making it a great pick for gamers. However, the solution is lightweight and lacks some functions. If you are looking for a robust program, Shubus Viewer may not be the best pick.

Wrap Up: Flash Player Alternative

Adobe Flash Player has been one of the most used programs in the history of the internet, but it has finally said goodbye. This means internet users need to find alternatives to Flash Player. The above list talks about eight alternative solutions you can use in place of Flash Player.

So, which software will you use and why?

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