South African: Trends Women Delay Marriage

The average marriage age of women in South Africa has increased. Now the average age of women who get married for the first time is 32, up from the age of 30 five years ago.

This is part of the global trends in developed countries.

Around the world, women delay marriages, including in South Africa. The average age of brides in the country is 32 and above.

Samina Anwary, a 33-year-old online content creator, plans to get married in December. But he was surprised to hear the reaction of people who heard the news.

“I graduated from college and have a job, I already have all that. But when I tell people that I want to get married, it makes them very happy,” Samina Anwary said, reported the Associated Press.

For young South African female professionals, such as 32-year-old Lweendo Hamukoma, marriage is not the top priority. But his parents have been married for more than 30 years. Visit Here

“They married, finished school, had children. It was a successful life. On the other hand, I lived a very different life. Going to school, looking for my identity, looking for a job that could support my life. Then I began to look for ways to improve myself. Marriage not the most important, “said Lweendo Hamukoma.

The site that compares prices, Pricenomics, studies global marriage data. The site found a real correlation, namely the higher the income of a country, the higher the average age of marriage.

Hamukoma’s sister, Chipo, an economist who is also not married, said he saw similar data in South Africa.

“As an economist, statistics for married women are: when health decreases, wages decrease, stress rises, unhappiness also rises. While single women are statistically happier and more prosperous, so there are not many cases,” Chipo Hamukoma said.

Anwary, who plans to keep his long name after marriage, said that was what many of his age friends experienced, namely marriage is no longer the main goal, but happiness.

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