Google Station Cancel Operates Free WiFi Services in South Africa

Google Station canceled its involvement in providing free WiFi services in South Africa. It has only been three months since it was announced.

This service was initially projected to cover 125 locations in the Cape Town area and beyond. This is part of Google’s global initiative to offer internet for free and fast.

But now, Google is shifting Google Station operations to a local company called Think WiFi. WiFi company based in South Africa is considered more suitable to handle this free WiFi project.

“We are shifting our station operations in South Africa to Think WiFi which will carry out the project independently,” said a Google spokesman, quoted from the IT News Africa page, Tuesday (2/18/2020).

Stay Committed

Apart from this issue, Google said it would remain committed to finding ways to make the internet more accessible to users around the world. Think WiFi says it will continue service functions in the same way as users do.

Until now Google’s reason for leaving the initiative in South Africa is still unclear. However, they said the plan was re-evaluated due to complex technical requirements in various countries and partners.

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