Rug Trends for 2023: From Bold Patterns to Natural Fibers

Homes have undergone a period of transition in response to the unusual circumstances of the past few years, and the upcoming year will see a focus on cosy, maximalist design.

More vibrant hues, richer textures, and cosier furnishings are in order. Interiors that combine daring style with cosy features will be all the rage in 2023. What, therefore, goes best with a home that is both cosy and daring? You’ll need a rug, of course.

Colourful carpets of all shapes and sizes, layered rugs, eco-friendly furnishings, and rugs with a nostalgic vibe will be popular in homes around the world in 2023. If you want to know what’s going to be popular in 2023, keep reading because we’ve laid out every trend that’s sure to be a hit.

1. Colour blocking

Certain 2023 rug trends are proof that timelessness is the most fashionable. The colour block design of rugs has been popular before and will likely be popular again soon.

A hallmark of this trend is the use of three or more colours in a single design. Rugs for sale in 2023 will include bold colour blocks, a style that is more commonly seen in interior design elements like walls and furniture.

The floor may now be the focal point of any room thanks to the growing popularity of colour block carpets.

If you want to be on trend with rugs in 2023, consider investing in a geometric design that will increase the ‘wow’ factor that colour block rugs already provide.

2. Natural fibres

Rugs for sale designed with the environment and humanity’s history in mind will be all the rage in 2023. Rugs made from sustainable materials are now on-trend in interior design, proving that eco-friendly products need not sacrifice style for functionality.

Ethically created carpets that don’t hurt the environment can be broken down into two groups: those made from natural fibres and those made from synthetic materials. 

Cotton, botanical silk, and wool are only some examples of biodegradable natural fibres. Eco-friendly carpets’ synthetic yarns are spun from recycled plastic bottles and other marine debris.

3. Earth tones

Comfort is another theme that emerges from the 2023 rug trends. While it’s hard to argue with the soothing effect of bare feet on the plush pile of a fine rug, the current rug fashion suggests that ease can also be achieved via the strategic use of form and colour.

Hues from the earth bring a sense of cosiness and welcome to any space. Natural hues run the gamut from pastel blue rugs, which evoke peace and go well with mellow interiors, to vibrant orange throw pillows, which infuse energy and cheer into the space.

Interior design that incorporates earthy tones is here to stay. The upcoming rug tendencies for 2023 are evidence of this.

4. Handcrafted rugs

In 2023, authenticity will be a buzzword, and interiors that are both bold and maximalist will be popular over the world. As more people start to value authenticity, handmade rugs will become increasingly popular.

Rugs in 2023 will be more accepting of a room’s multifarious artistic, material, colour, and cultural influences.

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