Ralph Tresvant Net Worth

Ralph Tresvant Net Worth

Ralph Tresvant is a multi-talented American artist who rose to fame as the main vocalist of the R&B group New Edition. He has also released solo albums and appeared in films. He’s also done well in his own right, starring in movies and making guest appearances on TV. Ralph Tresvant has earned a sizable net worth throughout his three-decade-long career. In this post, we’ll investigate Ralph Tresvant’s fortune and learn how he became wealthy.

Ralph Tresvant Net Worth

A conservative estimate puts Ralph Tresvant net worth at $8 million in the year 2023. The primary sources of his income are New Edition, live performances, and several radio program initiatives, from which he has already amassed a sizeable fortune. Starring in movies was another way Iresvant racked up a fortune for himself.

Ralph Tresvant Net Worth

Besides New Edition, he had a successful solo career, delivering a run of Top 40 songs that helped define his musical style. Over a million dollars a year goes into Ralph Tresvant’s bank account.

Earlier Years

On May 6, 1968, Ralph Edward Tresvant was born in Boston, Massachusetts. In honor of his father, Tresvant bears his name. His childhood nicknames—”Rizz” and “Rizzo”—stayed with him as he became an accomplished musician.

Patricia Tresvant raised Ralph in Boston, where he spent his childhood. Both his brother Andre and his sister La Tonya existed.

While Ralph was the only one who showed an early interest in music, his two sisters shared his enthusiasm for it as kids.

Ralph Tresvant was the only Tresvant kid who considered making a living as a musician.

Tresvant started appearing in local talent events while still in middle school. Tresvant met the rest of the members of New Edition during one of these talent events.


When Ricky, Bobby, and Michael auditioned for Brooke Payne, he called them New Edition to imply they were the next Jackson 5.

Maurice Starr immediately saw them and signed them to his company, Streetwise Records. Maurice wanted to use them to create a “newer version” of the musical group The Jackson 5. At a later time, Payne’s nephew, Ronnie DeVoe, was elected to become the group’s fifth member.

Ralph Tresvant Net Worth

It wasn’t until 1983 that New Edition released its first album, Candy Girl. Popcorn Love, “Is This the End,” “Jealous Girl,” and “the title song” are just a few of the songs that became hits from the project.

When a financial disagreement led New Edition to leave Starr’s management and label, the group quickly signed a lucrative contract with MCA Records. The group’s second album, Ralph Tresvant, went double platinum and sold over 2 million copies worldwide, thanks to the agreement.

Sensitivity, the album’s debut track, spent almost 20 weeks in the US’s Top 10 R&B chart. In addition to the game, the song is also featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. There are also the top five most popular songs on this album.

Ralph Tresvant’s Career continues

Movies like “Mo’ Money” and “The Preacher’s Wife” both offered Tresvant contracts to have him sing the soundtracks. After that, he appeared in the hit urban comedy House Party 2, where he also recorded two tracks for the film’s soundtrack.

Since his self-titled first album was successful in 1990, Ralph Tresvant released two other studio collections. Both it’s Goin’ Down (1994) and Rizz-Wa-Faire (2006), his second and third studio albums, are widely regarded as classics of their respective genres. Tresvant has also appeared in many films as a leading man on his own, including Barbershop Blues (2004), Triple Cross (2006), Behind RizzWaFaire (2008), Get on Up (2014), and Ladies Trip (2018).


Iresvant, Bobby Brown, and Johnny Gill formed the band Heads of State in the fall of 2008 and went on tour together that same year. With his other careers, he does a radio program on Boston’s WZBR 1410 AM, The BASS. The first episode of “Inside the Ride with Ralph Tresvant” aired at the end of 2016.

Assets Owned by Ralph Tresvant

Ralph Tresvant is an American born and has lived most of his life in his home country. He is well-known there for his roles as both a musician and an actor. Furthermore, he has a sizable portfolio of real estate around the country. Tresvant has a house and often occupies it in Boston, where he resides. He also has a house in the greater Los Angeles region.

Since he is a significant car buff, Ralph Tresvant has always wanted to start a car collection. Tresvant has many cars, including a Chevrolet Camaro, a Ford Pickup truck, a Toyota, a Mercedes, and more.

Personal Life

In 1993, Ralph Tresvant wed Shelly, a boyhood sweetheart. A daughter named Mariah and another named Na’Quelle were born to the couple. Iresvant was allegedly a playboy, and Shelly was a drug user.

The couple’s marriage did not last long, and they separated in 1996. Ralph Tresvant Jr. was born to the couple before they parted ways.

Iresvant married his long-term girlfriend, the virtual artist and visual artist Amber Serrano, on September 18, 2004. Amber is a member of New Edition and appeared in the documentary The New Edition Story. She also ran the Divine Inner Vision agency and starred in House Party.

A boy, Dakari, was born to happy parents. LDakari is Tresvant and Serrano’s only child, and they’ve built a comfortable life for themselves in the picturesque town of Woodland Hills, California.


What happened to New Edition’s Ralph?

The number of Ralph Tresvant’s solo hits is impressive. Tresvant released three solo albums in the void between recording and touring with New Edition. These albums successfully established Tresvant as a solo performer and earned him some recognition.


Moreover, Ralph Tresvant’s wealth directly results from his long and fruitful involvement in the music business. He will have raked in an estimated $8 million by 2021 because of the popularity of his albums, tours, and guest roles in movies and TV series. Despite his modesty, Tresvant, who has gained a global fan base, is a genuine and approachable musician.

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