Danny Mcbride Net Worth: Money, Laughter, and Success

Danny Mcbride Net Worth

When it comes to comedic talent, Danny McBride is a name that often springs to mind. Known for his irreverent humor and unique characters, McBride has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. Apart from his undeniable talent, his financial success has also been a topic of interest among fans and media outlets. In this article, let’s have a glimpse of Danny McBride net worth.

Who is Danny Mcbride?

Born in 1976, Daniel Richard McBride aka Danny McBride grew up in Georgia. He is an actor, comedian, and writer. McBride’s passion for comedy emerged at an early age, and he pursued his dreams by attending the North Carolina School of the Arts, where he honed his skills in acting and screenwriting.

Danny Mcbride Net Worth

After graduating, McBride embarked on his journey to stardom, making his mark with his unique blend of irreverent humor and unconventional characters. He gained recognition for his role as Kenny Powers, an egotistical former professional baseball player, in the hit HBO series “Eastbound & Down.” This breakthrough role showcased McBride’s comedic talents and set the stage for a successful career in the entertainment industry.

How much is Danny Mcbride Net Worth?

Given his extensive body of work and the success of his projects, it’s no surprise that Danny McBride has amassed a substantial net worth. As of 2023, he owns a net worth of around $25 million.

Key Points to Know About Danny Mcbride

Net Worth $25 million
Birth Name Daniel Richard McBride
Born December 29, 1976
Birthplace Statesboro, Georgia, United States
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 10 inches tall (178 cm)
Profession Actor, Comedian, Writer, Producer
Social Media Instagram, Twitter

Acting Career: Danny McBride Movies and TV shows

Danny McBride’s acting career spans a wide range of movies and television shows. Wherein he has showcased his comedic talent and ability to bring memorable characters to life. Additionally, it has a big contribution to Danny McBride net worth. Let’s take a closer look at some of his notable works in both mediums.

Danny Mcbride Net Worth

Works in Movies

McBride has appeared in various movies, leaving an indelible mark with his unique style of humor and memorable performances. In 2006, he starred in “The Foot Fist Way,” a cult comedy film in which he portrayed the role of Fred Simmons. This breakthrough role introduced McBride to a wider audience and established him as a comedic force in the industry.

In subsequent years, McBride continued to make waves in the movie industry. In 2008, McBride starred in “Pineapple Express” as Red, a lovable and hilarious drug dealer. Another significant film in McBride’s career is “Tropic Thunder” (2008), where he played the role of Cody Underwood, a pyrotechnics expert. These roles demonstrated his versatility as an actor and his ability to excel in both comedic and dramatic roles.

Among his notable movies is “Due Date” (2010), a comedy directed by Todd Phillips. In the film, McBride shares the screen with Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis. Other notable movies in which McBride has left his mark include “Your Highness” (2011), “This Is the End” (2013), and  “The Disaster Artist” (2017). His contributions to these films have solidified his reputation as a talented actor with a unique comedic flair.

Then again in 2013, McBride’s involvement in “This Is the End”, an apocalyptic comedy, further showcased his abilities. And he portrayed a fictionalized version of himself. The film’s success added to his reputation as a comedic talent and expanded his fan base.

Works in Television

In addition to his success in movies, McBride has made significant contributions to the world of television. One of his most prominent roles came in the form of the HBO series “Eastbound & Down” (2009-2013). McBride not only starred as the irreverent and brash Kenny Powers but also served as a writer and executive producer for the show. It’s worth noting that McBride’s salary for each episode of “Eastbound & Down” was an impressive $100,000, highlighting both his talent and the popularity of the series.


McBride’s television ventures also include the critically acclaimed series “Vice Principals” (2016-2017) and “The Righteous Gemstones” (2019-present), where he not only acted but also took on writing, directing, and producing roles. These shows have further solidified his position as a multifaceted talent in the industry.

Voice Acting

In addition to his on-screen performances, Danny McBride has made notable contributions to the world of voice acting. His distinctive voice and comedic talents have brought life to various animated characters, further expanding his range as an entertainer.

One of McBride’s prominent voice roles is Bomb in “The Angry Birds Movie” franchise. As the explosive and impulsive character, McBride’s comedic timing and delivery added depth and humor to the animated film series.

Furthermore, McBride lent his voice to the character Wolf Boss in “Kung Fu Panda 2,” showcasing his ability to portray diverse characters with wit and charm. His involvement in animated projects demonstrates his versatility as an actor and his ability to connect with audiences through voice alone.

McBride’s voice acting talents extend beyond films to television as well. In the animated series “Animals,” he provided the voice for Gregory. His most recent voice acting works was in the film The Mitchells vs. the Machines. He provided the voice for Rick Mitchell.

Ventures in Writing and Producing

Beyond his acting career, McBride has ventured into the realms of writing and producing, showcasing his creative abilities behind the scenes. His collaboration with Jody Hill and Ben Best on “The Foot Fist Way” (2006) marked his entry into the world of writing and producing, earning critical acclaim and setting the stage for future endeavors.

McBride’s writing and producing ventures extend to television as well. Alongside his acting roles in shows like “Eastbound & Down,” “Vice Principals,” and “The Righteous Gemstones,” he has played an integral part in shaping the creative direction of these series. This involvement highlights his skills as a storyteller and his commitment to bringing unique and compelling narratives to the screen.

Real Estate

Alongside his thriving career in the entertainment industry, Danny McBride has ventured into the realm of real estate, making noteworthy investments and transactions.

In 2010, McBride made a significant real estate purchase when he bought a Hollywood condo for $1.4 million. After enjoying the property for many years, McBride listed the condo for sale in September 2020, putting it on the market for $1.85 million.

Again, in 2013, McBride purchased a gated compound in the prestigious Hollywood Hills area for $2.3 million. The impressive 4,000-square-foot property featured a host of desirable amenities, including 18-foot ceilings, exposed beams, and a charming step-down library/den with built-in shelves. The outdoor area featured decking surrounding a swimming pool, providing a perfect spot for relaxation and entertainment. According to Los Angeles Times, McBride put the property to sell in 2017. And he fetched an impressive $3.5 million for the Hollywood Hills gem.

In 2017, McBride demonstrated his interest in serene and idyllic settings when he invested $4 million in a creek-front home near Charleston, South Carolina. This picturesque property offered McBride a tranquil retreat, surrounded by the natural beauty and charm of the area.


What is Danny McBride famous for?

Mostly as an actor and comedian. The most popular TV series that he is famous for are “Eastbound & Down,” “The Righteous Gemstones,” and “Vice Principals.”

What movies did Danny McBride write?

McBride has co-written several movies, including “The Foot Fist Way” (2006), “Your Highness” (2011), and “The Disaster Artist” (2017). His writing often combines humor with unexpected twists and turns, adding to the comedic elements of the films.

Is Danny McBride still married?

Yes, Danny McBride is still married. He tied the knot with Gia Ruiz in 2010, and as of 2023, they are still married.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Danny McBride is a highly acclaimed comedic talent in the entertainment industry. McBride’s success has not only earned him a devoted fan base but also contributed to his impressive net worth. And he continues to make audiences laugh with his unique brand of comedy. Overall, Danny McBride net worth reflects his immense success.

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