KenGen MD Rebecca Miano Joins World Bank Group’s Advisory Council

Rebecca Miano Appointed to the World Bank

On July 2, 2020, Rebecca Miano, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Kenya Electricity Generating Company PLC (KenGen), was appointed to the World Bank Group’s Advisory Council on Gender Development. A significant professional accomplishment, and indeed, an accomplishment for female executives worldwide.

First Female CEO of KenGen

Rebecca Miano was appointed CEO of KenGen in 2017, from a pool of over 90 other applicants. The appointment was the culmination of her many years of dedication and commitment to the company, the largest power producing company in the East African region. She is the first female executive in the history of KenGen.

As CEO, she pioneered a gender inclusion program, the Pink Energy Initiative. Initiated in 2018, the forum is designed to help women participate fully in major energy projects, and secure their place in innovation and management teams.

MD and CEO Rebecca Miano Hopes to Make A Positive Impact through the Council

When accepting the appointment to the Advisory Council, Mrs. Miano referenced Pink Energy, citing it as a vehicle through which gender equality could catalyze growth in the industry. “Gender development and mainstreaming is a major catalyst in organizations as it contributes towards growth,” she said.”I am greatly honoured to join World Bank Group’s Advisory Council on Gender and Development. As a participating member, I look forward to impacting positively in the advancement of the gender agenda towards shared prosperity.” Visit Here

About Rebecca Miano

Mrs. Miano is a native Kenyan. Born in 1966, she earned a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Nairobi and a Master of Laws in Comparative Law from the University of Australia. She also completed the Advanced Management Program of Strathmore University in 2010.

After working as a lawyer in Nairobi and Australia, she took her first job at KenGen as a senior legal officer in 1998. She rose up through the ranks to Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer in 2017. Throughout her career at KenGen, Rebecca has driven the corporate governance agenda and provided guidance and support to the board.

About the World Bank Group’s Advisory Council

The World Bank Group’s Advisory Council on Gender and Development is an external consultative body that helps the World Bank Group (WBG) promote gender equality. Gender equality, according to WBG, is a prerequisite of ending abject poverty and promoting shared prosperity. The council provides feedback and advice to WBG regarding global gender equality, and at the same time contributes to efforts to raise awareness about gender-related issues.

Founded in 2011, the council has worked tirelessly toward improving opportunities for women, thus improving the economy and society as a whole. In 2016, WBG launched a new gender strategy geared toward several key results: closing first-generation gaps in education and health; helping women get better jobs; closing gender gaps in ownership and control over key assets such as land and finances; and preventing gender-based violence.

With appointment to the council, Rebecca Miano joins a global group of high-level representatives from the government and private sector. Members serve a two-year term, renewable at the discretion of the council chair. 

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