Jeanie Buss Net Worth, Early Life, and Career

Jeanie Buss Net Worth

We only see how a team performs well in the game. But there are more investors behind them who invest in a team to make it a more robust and decorated team. Jeanie Buss is that kind of personality. She establishes a better financial state of a team. Today, we will discover Jeanie Buss net worth and how she earns it.

Who is Jeanie Buss?

Jeanie Buss is an American sports executive. She holds a majority share of the Los Angeles Lakers team, making her a controlling owner. Jeanie is also the president of that team. Besides this, she is a co-founder of  Women of Wrestling, women’s professional wrestling show in the U.S. She is also a former manager of a professional tennis team.

Short Bio of Jeanie Buss

Full Name Jeanie Marie Buss
Birthdate September 26, 1961 (age 62)
Birthplace Santa Monica, California, U.S..
Nationality American
Height 5’ 7” (1.70 m)
Profession Co-owner of the Women of Wrestling promotion, President of the Los Angeles Lakers.
Social Media Instagram, Twitter,
Net Worth $500 million

Jeanie Buss Net Worth

Jeanie Buss’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $500 million. Entering into the profession at a very early age helped her to accumulate much wealth. Her wise business decisions are the main reason behind this massive net worth. Also, her expertise and experiences in the business field open the door to success for her, which drives Jeanie to a significant financial state.

Early Life

Jeanie Buss was born in Santa Monica, California. She has three siblings. Her parents divorced in 1972.  Jeanie used to stay with his father. Her father, Jerry Buss, owned the Lakers and other sports businesses. Jeanie attended World Team Tennis with his father at age 14. After this, she often moves with her father to his business meetings. As a result, she became familiar with those business activities.

Jeanie Buss Net Worth

Jeanie started university at the University of Southern California. There, she majored in business and graduated with honors. She entered her father’s business at 19 as a general manager of a professional tennis team named Los Angeles Strings.

Sources Behind Jeanie Buss Net Worth

Early Career

Jeanie Buss started her career as a managing director of a professional tennis team, Los Angeles Strings. She managed the team cleverly. She managed this team for  World TeamTennis (WTT) and ensured a better performance.

Later, she brought a professional roller hockey team, Los Angeles Blades. This team performed better under Jeanie’s ownership. In 1994, this team won the Pacific Semifinal in San Diego. She also served as president of the Great Western Forum, a multi-purpose indoor arena with a capacity of 17,500. She served there for four years.

Undoubtedly, Jeanie generates a vast amount of money while serving in her particular position for those teams and organizations. This allows her to accumulate much wealth at the beginning. This earning also builds a foundation for her future net worth.

Executive Career

Jeanie Buss’s father was the vice president of the Los Angeles Lakers, a team of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was holding 66% of the team’s share. After his death in 2013, his 66% share was divided equally among his six children.

Jeanie discussed this with her siblings, and they agreed to transfer their share to Jeanie because of her previous experience in sports team management. As a result, she held the whole share to her name. After that, Jeanie got the controlling ownership with a 66% share.

As Jeanie has many voting rights, she became the president of the Lakers team in 2013-14. She continues handling various business operations, observing the team’s performances, and many other essential decisions.

Jeanie Buss Net Worth

Los Angeles Lakers became champion In the 2019-20 NBA championship with a score of 4–2 (Heat). As a result, Jeanie became the first woman who guided her team to the NBA championship and archived overall six NBA titles.

Later, from 2020 to 2023, the Lakers team participated in three NBA championships and ranked top in all tournaments. Jeanie is behind this success. Her wise decision led the team to this incredible success. Jeanie got 50 million + per year for her team management and other services from the team’s stockholder board. This earning made a significant impact on her net worth.

Business Career

In 2027, Jeanie became the owner of American women’s professional wrestling “Women Of Wrestling (WOW).” This wrestling show has been a popular show worldwide since its beginning in 2000. This show telecasted a total of 554 episodes  (as of September 30, 2023) on television.

The show has tremendous fame and a giant fan base. With this fame, it gains much TRP, which brings sponsors and allows investors to invest. By applying all business strategies, this show easily earns hundreds of millions. As an owner of WOW, Jeanie generates a lot of profit from it. This adds to her net worth, which expands it widely.


  • 2023 Sports Emmy Award for Six-time NBA champion (as an executive and later owner).
  • 2023 Outstanding Documentary Series (as executive producer of Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers)

Personal Life

Jeanie married Steve Timmons, who is a volleyball player, in 1990. They divorced after three years of marriage. Later, she engaged with former New York Knicks President and former Lakers coach Phil Jackson for four years. In 2021, Jeanie announced her relationship with Jay Mohr, who is a comedian. Later,  In 2022, she engaged with Jay Mohr. Jeanie and Jay got married In September 2023.


What is the net worth of Jeanie Buss?

Jeanie Buss’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $500 million.

Who owns the Lakers now?

Jeanie Buss is the owner of the Lakers team.

Is Jeanie Buss a billionaire?

No, she is not a billionaire yes. Presently, she owns $500 million.

Who is Lakers CEO?

Besides managing several essential matters, Jeanie Buss also served as the CEO of the Lakers team.

Final Thoughts

Jeanie Buss net worth is a result of her wise decisions. She took responsibilities and availed herself to fulfill them smoothly. Jeanie gained a remarkable financial state by completing her commitments.

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