How To Take Control Of Your Finances Digitally

Banking online may seem daunting with news of systems being hacked every now and then, and generally, people love talking about finances with people they trust. That usually entails visiting financial institutions and engaging with trusted advisors. However, with the new normal meeting the digital era, the ways we bank and deal with our finances have changed. This has inspired us to join in the digital realm and consider taking our businesses, personal and professional, online. In this article, we will look at how you can safely manage your finances digitally with tips on how to download cellphone banking apps, access online investment platforms and learn how to handle your financial profile. 

Ways Of The Money World 

Finances are a huge part of our lives. They determine what we are and aren’t able to do and help us manage our lives better. From the days we used to count cold hard cash and sort it based on our needs, to compiling budgets on computers, our money and finance handling skills always change and improve. Now, people access their bank accounts easily online, make purchases, set up debit orders, apply for loans, and so much more. While internet banking is also a convenient way to manage finance, applications (apps) seem to be leading due to their convenience and the fact that a lot of people access them through smartphones which are popular. 

Through apps, there are automatic settings such as rewards programme points automatically loaded with certain transactions, paying with your phone, and updating and changing limits and more. Apps afford consumers convenience, and they are usually free to download. 

Safety Measures 

One of the best ways to ensure you get value from your financial or banking app is knowing that you are safe. And with the increase in the number of users comes the increase in crime and criminal attempts. While banking online or via your app, there are a few things to note, especially if your finance and banking moves happen on your cell phone: 

  • Always ensure your password/PIN is protected. If you have fingerprint/face recognition or password-protected features on your device, you can protect them with one and opt to have it required with every transaction. That way, only you are able to access your app. 
  • Have a backup/recovery contact (email or cell phone) in case you cannot access your account
  • Do not give out your personal information (PINs and passwords included) to anyone calling claiming they are from your bank or financial services provider. 
  • Regularly check your bank statement and familiarise yourself with the features your banking or financial services app can do for you. 

Get Yourself Some Rewards 

The nice thing about banking and accessing your finances online is that most banks and financial institutions reward you for it. With the state of finance and the economy shifting due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, being able to earn rewards for everyday living essentials and their benefits help. Things such as earning money back for buying online with your savings account debit card or a credit card, earning points for using your financial service provider’s app (such as petrol discounts, vouchers, and more), and other bonuses. It is both beneficial and convenient to budget and manage your money via an app. 

What Are Your Options? Let’s See 

Depending on your financial goals, you might have to download more than one app. Each with user-friendly features and easy instructions, you are guaranteed to breeze through your finances. If you want everyday banking apps that will give you an outline of your everyday finances and general upkeep of your existing or new bank account, then you should get a banking app. If you are looking for financial assistance such as a loan to purchase a motor vehicle, then you may be looking for a financial services provider app. For example, the WesBank app is easy to use and lets you access your entire profile, check how much you qualify for, get pre-approvals and much more. It’s like having their consultants in the palm of your hands. 

Live and Let Bank 

Accessing your finances, learning about budgeting and bank charges, understanding South Africa’s financial services providers laws and regulations, and managing your financial life should not feel like a daunting experience. Especially if you are considering buying a new vehicle, a new home, or have to upgrade or start your business. Not only will banking apps make it easy for you, but they will also provide you with the necessary help – financial and more. 

In Conclusion 

Do not think of your finances as scary – instead, invest in familiarising yourself with the many options you have and take advantage of this evolving and rewarding digital world. It will be worth it.

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