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What is needed for excellent language skills? Vocabulary plays an essential role when it comes to developing good writing and speaking skills in a particular language. Then, what is a thesaurus? It is a set of words of the style known for us, provided, their meanings, and usage in each sentence or conversation is clear to us. If brightness in a particular language is analogous to getting a job at our dream company, then vocabulary is comparable to the skill required for that job. Read on to find smarter ways for improving your vocabulary.

Thus, the need to have a good dictionary is essential to become an expert in a language. In a time of intense competition for all job opportunities, it is clear that employers are looking for highly skilled job seekers, so language skills play a crucial role. Here, we present some tips and methods for improving your vocabulary

Read More Shine More:

When it comes to language or knowledge development, reading is necessary. It does not mean we need to be a person who reads thousand-page books like a robot, but reading any articles, magazines, newspapers, poems engages ourselves with words and its usage. 

Publications are not only a source of information about different topics and events but also a collection of meaningful and powerful lyrics. Popular newspapers in India like The Hindu and The Times of India are filled with rare words which can be added to our list.

One Word Each Day: 

Learning a new word every day improves our vocabulary. Byhearting and parroting out words does not sound practical and lucrative. Learn the name with its meaning and usage in each sentence and conversation. 

Use ‘Notes’ application in phone or physical diary to note down the word, meaning, and usage. Learning the pronunciation of these words is also essential to develop speaking skills.

Don’t Ignore Unknown Words:

We often come across words in books, newspapers, hoardings, speeches, etc. which are unfamiliar and unknown. Apart from just gazing at them and ignoring, find its meaning, how it was used, and then write them down in your note.

Whenever you write an article, use the words you have learned so far wherever possible. This increases our vocabulary, and we can become a master in the language. 

Personal Dictionary And Thesaurus:

Each time when you come across new words, use the dictionary to find out its meaning and that’s how to improve your vocabulary easily. So, make sure you have one. Dictionary can be a translator to find words using your local language. To improve writing skills, the usage of synonyms will bring wonders. Synonyms are words that have the same meanings, which are useful when we know a common and straightforward name but need to use other powerful words in that place. 

At the same time, you may need words having opposite meanings of one we already knew. These words are called antonyms. For these, the thesaurus is a lifesaver. Thesaurus is a collection of synonyms and antonyms of words. Even if you do not have them, Google is the best alternative. Just search for the meanings, synonyms, and antonyms of a word.

Learn Through Games:

Games such as word puzzles, scrabbles, scribbles, crosswords are not only engaging and entertaining but also provide a platform to learn more words. Dealing with words in those games for improving your vocabulary and fills the learning process with ease and fun. 

This makes it easy to remember and learn how to spell each word together with the meanings. Games refresh our minds and bring new ideas for improving your vocabulary. 

Avoid Wrong Words In The Wrong Places:

Words used in wrong places turn everything down. It may lead to miscommunication or may even leave us humiliated. People often use names that have meaning different from the one which is required. Many words are tricky and misleading that often. 

For example, the word ignorance implies a lack of knowledge, but it is commonly used in different places as an act of ignoring. So just knowing a word will not bring beneficial effects, but knowing how to use and where to use has equal importance. 

Try Proofreading And Correction:

Once you can write for yourself, you need to correct not only your writing but also the grammar and style of others. Self-assessment helps you understand your position and guide yourself to perform better. 

It gives you more confidence in the language. After a day of reading your article and reading it, mistakes are easily caught. You can find better words to replace the simple words already written. 

Self-assessment Through The Mirror:

If knowledge of words is essential, then it is even more important to use and practice them. Once you have learned more words and their meanings, the next step is to use them where appropriate. To develop your ability to speak, start testing it yourself. It does not matter whether you are speaking or preaching; it is essential to have confidence. 

It helps to correct ourselves and make modifications wherever possible. As soon as we are ready with our advanced vocabulary, swing into action before a mirror. By doing this, we can increase our self-confidence and can vocalize the ideas using the words with facial expression and body language more clearly and effectively.

No one can teach you everything in your life, but you can learn to make yourself bright in every area. As you study yourself, you will gain other essential skills such as patience, observation, thinking ability, and memory power, etc. 

To learn valuable things, it requires our hard work, dedication, and passion. It is not easy to excel in a language unless we spend some time with it. To that end, instead of viewing it as a burden or a big job, see it as a profitable and important one. When we enjoy doing difficult things, we can do wonder.


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