Get Highest Paying By Using These 3 Apps In COVID-19 Crisis

Apps In COVID Crisis

3 Apps In COVID Crisis That Can Keep Your Business Afloat

Top Apps In COVID Crisis That Can Help You Mellow Out The Negative Effects Of COVID-19 On Your Business

Reduce The Adverse Effects Of The COVID-19 On Your Business With These 3 Apps In COVID Crisis

Summary: If you own a business company, then you must have a bet              bter understanding of the plight that all business owners all over the world have been experiencing since the COVID-19 pandemic started. You, along with many others like you witnessed a sharp decline in sales and revenue. You also lost connection with many of your existing customers. Then again, a few companies managed to stay in touch with their clients. Do you want to know how they did it? They did it through smartphone applications. Here you’ll learn about a few apps that can help you remain in business.

The world-renowned biologist Charles Darwin said that your survival doesn’t depend on your strength or intelligence. You can overcome the worst of situations if you can adapt to the changes. Charles Darwin was a man who lived centuries ago. However, his words are more relevant now than ever, especially in the field of commerce. No one anticipated the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. It led to the disruption of business companies all over the world. Even some of the largest and most powerful business enterprises couldn’t cope with the adverse effects of the virus on the world economy. If a non-living, microscopic organism manages to kill these leviathans, then how can small businesses and freelancers survive?

Undoubtedly, the biggest challenge that you have to deal with right now is continuity. Wise business owners are using this phase to reevaluate their business models critically. Many companies even considered drafting business continuity plans. They jotted down all critical activities that they can complete on-site. For all the other activities, they created processes and provided technical support to allow people to work from home without affecting their productivity. The financial crisis of 2007 forced boardrooms to look up to their CFOs. In 2020, COVID-19 gave birth to another significant corporate function called “the people’s team.”

Currently, corporate organizations are attempting to pick up end-to-end business processes. They are reviewing every activity associated with various business processes critically. They’re also coming back with ideas on specific activities that they can eliminate without affecting anything. Also, they’re seeking cost-optimization tactics by improving specific processes or using technology, such as an online invoicing application or something else. In short, business owners are trying to pinpoint tasks that are manageable remotely.

Do you think that your business can succeed in operating at regular capacity and tackle all the challenges at the same time? Indeed, you can if you use an invoice app and other technological advancements. Without them, you can’t expect to survive. If you just embrace technology and its interventions, then you can wage war against issues, such as slumping sales, decreased supply chains, and handling a remote workforce.

Now is the best time for you to invest in tools, such as an online invoicing application and others to bring your business bigger returns in the future. If you look back in time, then you’ll find that some of the world’s most famous companies came into existence during times of economic hardship. Here you’ll learn about three tried-and-testing tools that you can use. You won’t have to waste time, energy, or money in search of the best apps and experimenting with them.

  • Zoom: Zoom is perfect for both multinational corporations and small businesses that have employees working remotely. For such business owners and managers, arranging meetings can be quite a struggle. However, Zoom can fix all your problems. It’s a tool that offers solutions across industries, including healthcare, education, finance, and even government. The app is a combination of video conferencing, meeting, enterprise cloud phone system, chatting, collaboration, and webinar hosting. As you can see, it’s a powerhouse. This app can make you and your employees feel that everyone is working together at the office.
  • Slack: Owners of business companies didn’t realize the fact that the corporate world sorely needs a professional messaging and collaboration app before the outbreak of the coronavirus. You can make do without an invoice app for the time being, but not without an app like Slack. It gives you the power and alignment needed to deliver complex projects. It even allows cross-functional participation. The app supports global collaboration with unlimited channels to elucidate the way your company works. If you use it, then you can utilize its chatting as well as audio and video calling facilities. It supports more than two thousand app integrations to streamline your work.
  • Moon Invoice: A business can’t run optimally if its clients don’t send payments for the goods they purchase or services they receive from it. Of course, you can simply ask for money once you complete a transaction, but if you wish to maintain professionalism, then you need an invoicing platform like Moon Invoice. Just because you run a small business doesn’t mean that you can maintain the etiquette of running a company. Moon Invoice is a billing application that lets you create and send professional invoices. It even comes with time tracking systems and preloaded invoice templates. With this app, you can accept several forms of digital payment, such as debit/credit cards, PayPal, Stripe, etc. It can even take care of a few of your accounting-related tasks.

Honorary mention: Hootsuite

Social media has become an incredibly powerful platform over the last few years for business companies. If you’re looking for something to help organize your social media channels and pages, then you should include Hootsuite in your list of apps. This app can ease the chaos of maintaining cohesiveness among team members of a business company.

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