Remote proctoring – allowing invigilators to conduct online examinations securely and efficiently

Remote proctoring - allowing invigilators to conduct online examinations securely and efficiently

Exams are an important medium for analysing students learning ability. Every education institution with a school or college utilizes one or other forms of examination to assess an individual. This, in turn, becomes the basis of grading an individual’s performance and thereby moving him into the next standard for higher education. Examinations and tests are common for any educational institution. Leading colleges all around the world conduct competitive exams in which various ways participate. Therefore, it becomes very difficult for invigilators and education institutions to keep a close look at every student spread all over the world while taking an examination. Online or remote proctoring therefore has become for conducting online exams. 

Online or remote proctoring refers to the process of keeping a close on an individual taking an exam without any requirement for actual physical presence by the invigilators. With the increase in the number of students taking a particular exam and reduction in abilities of invigilators to keep a close look at each student while conducting the same, the requirement for online and remote proctoring has increased manifold. Online or remote proctoring allows invigilators to keep a close look at students while conducting the exams. However, the need for a computer, high-speed internet connection, and a camera for the same becomes very essential. There are various benefits involved in the adoption of online proctoring for conducting exams. Some of these are listed below:

  • Ability to take or conduct examinations across geographical boundaries:

Remote proctoring allows education institutions to conduct examinations all around the world. Students taking and examination in remote locations can be managed with great ease and efficiency. Online or remote proctoring enables the breaking of geographical boundaries for conducting and invigilating examinations. Students from all around the world can take examinations while the invigilators can keep a close look at each student using the AI-based technologies reading student movement. Dedicated companies help provide solutions for analysing an individual’s behavior like hand and eye movement while taking an exam. This, in turn, helps educational institutes to conduct examinations all around the world with ease.

  • Reduction in cases of cheating:

Students generally indulge in cheating for getting higher grades in their exams. Online proctoring enables the reduction of such cases. Dedicated software and use of high definition audio and video conference for analysing an individual’s behavior are used enabling invigilators to identify cases of cheating with ease. Moreover, the use of modern AI-based technologies helps improve the process of conducting online exams. Every student is analysed at the same time making the process of conducting examinations efficient and effective. The chances of cheating can be easily identified and therefore online proctoring becomes very essential for invigilators and institutions. 

  • Reduction in the burden of invigilators:

Invigilators have to give undivided attention while conducting exams. Moreover, the requirement for physical presence makes the task of conducting examination more tedious. With the increasing number of students taking a particular exam, the requirement for remote proctoring become very essential. The requirement for the physical presence of an invigilator is eradicated. Invigilators can keep a close look at exam takers from remote locations. Moreover, the AI-based technology used in software to analyse and individuals and eye coordination gives invigilators an upper hand to reduce the chances of cheating. Automatic detection of an individual’s behavior helps in reducing the burden of invigilators. The need for keeping a close look at every student reduces which in turn makes online or remote proctoring great for invigilators.  

  • Making conducting of exams easy:

Remote proctoring Helps in making the process of conducting examinations easier efficient. Invigilators can conduct examinations from a remote location. Time-bound Examinations can be conducted across the globe with ease and using a hassle-free manner. 

  • Special impetus for e-learning:

Online learning or e-learning enables an individual to access course materials and obtain necessary information regarding a particular subject online without requiring to be physically present in a classroom. Universities all over the world have Adopted e-learning has a great medium for enrolling to hold more students and providing them with necessary information from remote locations. The use of remote or online proctoring enables universities to conduct examinations thereby reducing the need for students to be physically present in a classroom for the same. Online proctoring therefore Proves to be a special impetus in the e-learning process allowing universities to conduct examinations and grading students spread all across the world. 

  • Time and cost-effective:

Remote proctoring are time and cost-effective for both universities as well as students. The requirement of physical presence by both invigilators and students reduces the need for logistics like the classroom, benches, and physical papers. Universities can save a great number of resources usually spent on preparing for physical examinations. Moreover, on the other hand, it was beneficial for students as they can take an online exam from their homes without flying all across the world to the universities. This, in turn, reduces the cost and time associated with moving from one place to another for conducting an exam. Online proctoring therefore becomes essential and effective for both universities as well as students. 

These benefits make online or remote proctoring an agreed medium for conducting examinations with complete efficiency and safety. Both universities, as well as students, are however required to arrange for special devices like the computer, web camera, and high-speed internet connection for making remote proctoring a success. 

Special companies like Mettl are engaged in the provision of necessary services and software solutions which allows universities to conduct examinations with ease. They help in providing necessary solutions that universities can adopt for carrying out online proctoring. The company is known for providing a cost-effective and robust AI-based proctoring platform that universities can adopt for conducting examinations. Virtual exams can be conducted with complete safety making online proctoring the most effective medium for conducting examinations and keeping close vigilance over students. Proctoring services provided by Mettl are known to be the best and efficient for conducting online time-based exams. Any university or educational institute and even companies can adopt the services provided Mettl for conducting examinations.

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