Highest Payout Casino Games to Play Online for Android

Signed up on a casino site but unable to hit a big win? It can be a wrong choice of game or incorrect strategies. Android casinos feature an extensive gaming portfolio. However, not all games will guarantee you the best payouts. Several metrics influence a game’s payout value. 

Let’s unravel the best-paying casino games that can boost your bankroll and mood!


Blackjack is synonymous with casino gaming for several reasons. One of them is the card game has the best payout percentage. 

That said, the blackjack usually has an RTP of over 99%. However, online casinos feature a range of blackjack variants. So, the payout value can fluctuate based on the blackjack version and number of decks. 

For example, single-deck blackjack is a high payout game with an RTP of 99.69% on some casino sites. Another great option is the Blackjack Surrender game, which has a payout percentage of 99.82%. 

Hands down, you can’t overlook this highest-paying online casino game. Ace the correct blackjack version strategies and enjoy the big wins on your betting sessions.


Baccarat is another popular in the market for providing higher payouts. It’s also a famous high-roller game commonly played in VIP casino rooms. Surprisingly, this easy-to-play game genre has relatively better Return To Player than other online casino games.

The table game has a moderately low house edge, i.e., an average of 1.09%. The gamblers can win about 49.32% of the total outcomes while placing their chips on the online casino table. Usually, you can win one out of every three games you play.

The luck-based game doesn’t require specific strategy and skills to hit the winning bet. Your gambling moves depend on three types of baccarat wagers – Player, Banker, or Tie. Only three betting options improve your odds in this casino game. 

Suppose you place a stake in a banker. With only a 1.06% house edge, the odds of earning a bigger payout are higher. However, you’ll play a commission of 5% on winning wagers.

Besides, the player bet has the house edge of around 1.36%. The winning probability on a tie wager is the least since it’s a relatively rare outcome. It has the highest house edge of an average of 14.4%. 

Again, the player advantage will differ as per the game’s rules and the number of decks. For instance, the odds of winning the player’s bet may decrease, while the banker’s bet may improve during a single-deck baccarat game.

Video Poker

If you’re looking for the best payout casino game, video poker can be your lucky charm. Like slots, you’ll play the video poker game on a machine. Since video poker requires simple strategies, many gamblers consider it a fun gambling option. 

The skill-based game has a lower house edge, which gives you an advantage to win the bet. Moreover, the casino will refund your unused money if you quit the gaming session in the middle. Hence, video poker is amongst the top choices for amateur and seasoned players looking to earn big payouts.

However, the odds of winning a bet vary based on some parameters during the gameplay. It includes the player’s gaming strategy, type of video poker game, and the paytable. 

Generally, the odds of winning a video poker game are:

Flush – 85:1

Full House – 90:1

Straight – 80:1

Straight Flush – 9,150:1

Four Deuces – 4,909:1

Four Aces – 5,761:1

Four Aces with a kicker – 16,236:1

Four of a kind 423:1

2’s – 4’s – 2,601:1

2’s – 4’s with a kicker – 6,984:1

Royal Flush ending hand – 40,000:1

Royal Flush dealt – 650,000:1


Since the roulette game is available in three versions, the RTP will also vary accordingly. 

Usually, French roulette is the best-paying game, with around 98.65% RTP. A single zero on the wheel boosts your odds of winning better payouts. Further, the variant’s la partage rule refunds 50% of your stake if the ball lands on zero. 

Similarly, the European roulette wheel has a single zero, which makes it another great betting option. The game’s 97.3% RTP ensures good profits on your wager.


You’ll find online slot machines with RTP ranging from 95% to 98.5%. This RTP rate varies based on the slots you choose to spin. 

The payout value fluctuates due to different game features, volatility, and mechanics for each slot title. There can be a slot with a house edge of 2%, while it can be as high as 12% for other titles. Some best-paying slot titles are Bloodsuckers, Guns n’ Roses, Medusa Megaways, and White Rabbit.

So, choose the high RTP and volatility slot machine to earn the bigger payouts.

Tips for Selecting the Best Payout Casino Games

Playing to win big is a risky path. So, stay extra cautious to make the gambling sessions profitable affair. Keep your A-game ready with these crucial tips.

Check Return to Player Rates

Return to Player (RTP) indicates the money the casino will repay on your bet. Also known as a payout percentage, the estimated RTP is an average value calculated over time on a specific game.

Ensure to pick a casino game with a high payout value to receive more returns on your wager. Usually, choosing games with RTP between 95% and 99.6% ensures higher winning odds. Thus, the more the RTP, the better the payouts.

Understand House Edge

Understanding house edge is also crucial to evaluating the overall win-loss value. It’s a profit percentage for online casino operators from each wagered game.

If the RTP is 97%, the house edge is 3%. It may sound like a lucrative earning opportunity. 

However, the actual bet outcomes are far from reality. 

Let’s say a roulette game has a 3% house edge on an Android casino. So, you’ll lose $3 for every $100 bet you place.

The house edge also differs for all casino game genres. For instance, house edge on slots can be higher than blackjack. So, select a game carefully to earn better bet value.

Calculate Payouts

For some casino games, payout value depends on the bet size and the game’s odds. For instance, the payout on a single number is 35:1 in a roulette game. It indicates every $1 wager will pay you a $35 cash prize.

Aim for Skill-based Games

The casino gaming genres that depend on players’ skills have higher winning odds and payouts. Mastering the game rules and strategies can take your gambling experience one level ahead. 

You’ll know which hands to deal with and where to stop to improve your winning probabilities on high-paying games.

Thus, gambling on skill-based games, like blackjack and video poker, will give you an edge over the house. 

Look for Bonus Features

If slot games excite you, pay attention to this tip. Nowadays, online casinos release advanced slots with bonuses. These exclusive bonus features can give a player an advantage to hit the winning combinations. 

Triggering specific symbols on the reel can activate the bonus rounds during slot gambling. It can include multipliers, wild symbols, expanding wilds, scatters, free spins, cascading reels, and others.

Thus, slot fanatics should choose the slots with bonus features to hit the jackpot prizes more often. 

Bankroll Management

Learn the art of bankroll management to hit your benchmark of earning big through real-money casino gaming. From high rollers and professionals to frequent gamblers, everyone vouches for maintaining a gambling budget. 

Bankroll management allows you to make profits on your stake while playing responsibly. You should know your betting limit. Capping your wager amount will protect you from significant and frequent losses.

So, take a break instantly if you lost or won a higher payout bet. Your bankroll will disappear in a snap if you chase the losses. Similarly, you can’t be lucky enough to win the game again after a substantial profit. After all, the house edge is for real!

Besides, assess the number of bets you can place based on your weekly or monthly gambling budget to avoid overspending.

How to Find Highest Paying Online Casinos?

Registering on a reliable casino site is also essential to redeem your high payouts seamlessly. Here’s what you need to review.

Casino’s Credibility

Playing on a regulated Android casino site is a foundation for a safe and rewarding gambling experience. So check for the operator’s license, security systems, and RNG testing certificate. 

Further, check if the individual agency frequently tests the game’s RNG system. It ensures that gambling outcomes are fair and random.

You can also read expert reviews or players’ testimonials on online gambling forums. 


Take advantage of lucrative casino bonuses to improve your winning odds. It can include Welcome Bonus, Match Deposit, Free Spins, Crypto Signup Offers, and Mobile-specific Promo. 

With bonus cash, you can enjoy high-paying games without spending your bankroll.

Withdrawal Process

After a big win, you’ll love to transfer the payout to your bank account at the earliest. Delayed and limited withdrawal with high processing fees will eliminate half the fun. 

Ideally, a mobile casino must process your cash-out requests within 1 to 4 days. Further, choose payment options with low fees, such as cryptocurrencies and e-wallets.

In a Nutshell

Your hunt for the best-paying casino games ends with the suggestions above. The trick to enhance your winning odds lies in picking the high RTP gaming genre with a low house edge. Besides, bet on a game you know in and out to apply winning gambling strategies carefully.

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