Features of a Successful Results-Driven Business Directory

Business directory

Services that are officially listed online have a higher probability of conversions. In 2019, as many as 97% consumers searched online to find a local Business Directory and 46% of all searches were for local information. Text will always be the foundation of search, so ensure creating descriptive content around your business offerings to help them rank well on search results, according to an article on HubSpot

To advertise hotels in Dar Es Salaam, make sure to list them on leading business directories in the country, say experts at Whizz Tanzania. Neglecting your online presence might limit your reach and impact search engine rankings.

High authority business directories are of paramount importance to ensure increased visibility and greater credibility for business, according to an article on Advice Local. But, before adding yellow pages to your marketing mix, take a look at how to pick the right platform.

Good Exposure

A business directory works wonders, helping you list all your contact details in another place, apart from your website. You can add phone numbers, address, website URL, service descriptions, maps and directions, and operational hours for hotels in Zanzibar. Providing such information adds a sense of professionalism and leads to organic traffic. After, locating such a website, consider reading the reviews too. This will help you make an informed decision before listing your Tanzania hotels on the directory.

Focused Categories
You can select one primary category that is the most important in the Google algorithm. Next, you can also go for up to 10 categories for your business. Therefore, before listing your Dar Es Salaam hotels, ensure the directory has a wide range of categories. This will help consumers find relevant and accurate results, instead of only being discoverable to the small percentage that uses a specific term for the search. Further, ask the website owner about the scope for future additions to your description. 

Quality of the Website 

Having hotels in the best locations of Serengeti & Arusha alone will not draw visitors. You will need to highlight your USPs in the best possible manner online. Before choosing a business directory to help drive sales, make sure it is mobile friendly, appears professional and allows easy navigation for your potential customers. Also, investigate the outbound links and check the viability of linked websites, since it is not about simply finding a forum and inserting information, according to an article on Marketing Mojo.

Security of the Business Directory 

Be aware of the recovery measures taken in case of a website crash. Do not hesitate to know the timeline within which effective action will be taken. Get in touch with the site manager to find out if web applications are used to prevent hacks or attacks, otherwise there could be chances of the website slowing down and losing credibility over time. Just as security is important for hotels and guest houses in Tanzania, listings sites also require high-end security.

Listing your Tanzania hotels on an online directory is a powerful way to widen your reach beyond geographical boundaries. Choosing the right directory can offer better engagement, interactions and ROI over time. 

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