Advantages Of A Dedicated IP Address In 2020

A Dedicated IP Address

IP refers to internet protocol, and IP address is a unique identification assigned to any device connected to the internet and ( helps you keep it safe. Much like our house address, an IP address helps in locating our machine in the enormous directory that is the internet. In the case of a website, this address is linked to a domain name. Whenever we type something on the address bar, the internet runs a search in DNS (domain name system), which is a labyrinth of various domain names and associated IP addresses. An IP address is the address of the server where all the data of the site is stored. However, not all domains have their servers and hence IP addresses. Therefore, there exist two kinds of IP addresses, i.e. Dedicated IP Address and Shared IP Address. 

Multiple domains use a shared IP address, and it provides for a low -cost operation of a website. Because of a home network, the idea of separate or shared IP addresses does not create very sharp distinctions other than downloading speed and geolocation ability. 

It concerns a website where the difference becomes more prominent. Interestingly, with the advent of SNI (Server Name indication), the need for a dedicated IP address to secure SSL certificates has been eliminated, and many other advantages have become redundant. However, there are still an array of benefits that it provides over a shared address. 

Here, we shall discuss the top 5 benefits of having a dedicated IP address in 2020:

Higher Server Access – 

A dedicated IP address provide for better server access in terms of speed and far-reaching customization abilities. It also provides the option to create and run a separate IP-based server environment. It makes for overall better control of websites and online projects. 

A dedicated address offers direct server access without making changes to DNS settings to the domain of the website. It provides the ability to view your website before launching it instead of a small dashboard preview. Even though it can be done otherwise by modifying your host files, it’s a rather cumbersome technical process.  

Better Email Servicing: 

In some instances, the shared IP address might get blacklisted if the other users of the shared IP address use a domain-branded email to send spam emails. Spam blacklisting companies such as Spamhaus, TrendMicro, etc. are employed to blacklist IP addresses, which carry a tonne of spam mails. If multiple companies share a server, any of them could get the complete IP address blacklisted. 

Mass emailing for more prominent brands is facilitated better on a dedicated address. Websites having a dedicated IP address have an overall better experience and reach with their domain-branded email. This works for a better business reputation as well as gives a proprietary element to the email and makes for a proper business identity. 

Better Suited To E-commerce And Different Softwares:  

E-commerce sites require an SSL certificate to create a safe pathway for online transactions. With the new google chrome update, SSL certificates provide for a better security feature. An SSL (Secure sockets layer ) certificate encrypts our sensitive information and provides reliable data security. 

This helps with search engine optimization (SEO) and better website ranking. However, SNI (Server Name Identification) has eliminated the need for a dedicated IP address to obtain an SSL certificate for most websites. Some server-setups still require a dedicated address for SSL certificate to run some applications and scripts.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Access: 

FTP is one of the safest and fastest methods to transfer files online. It provides a greater extent of security as well as the ability to send large files with great data control. It also facilitates multitasking and carrying more than one file at once. 

Having a dedicated IP address enables remote access to the website through FTP at any given time. It also allows “anonymous” FTP functions to operate and access files in a website directory. Here, it is referred to as “anonymous” as files can be accessed anonymously. 

Site Traffic Management: 

A dedicated IP address provides for better site traffic management and prevents crashing of websites by handling high traffic volumes. You can get longer process timeouts for long-running applications. Having a single website run on a server would automatically provide for more space and processing ability to run higher programs. This creates a better user experience and helps with performance-based ratings and better rankings. 

A dedicated IP address is better suited to deal with a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. The DDoS attack occurs when multiple computers flood an IP address with data. A server having numerous websites running on the same IP address if torrented with such an attack would crash very quickly and render the IP address futile. 


Therefore, is it pertinent to note that with brand innovations and better global internet access, the alternative to a dedicated IP address keeps on getting more utility at a much lower cost? However, for bigger and more mature websites, shelling out some extra money for a Dedicated IP address will provide them with faster processing, data handling, and a premium aspect. 

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