6 Excellent Websites for Downloading Free PDF Books

Websites for Downloading Free PDF Books

This quarantine is taking a significant toll on each one of us. In the beginning, you might have enjoyed it with books on your side and binge-watching, but now that you’re out of books to read, the lockdown is getting on the nerves of the book lover in you: you need some free pdf books to read and satisfy your boredom.

If you can attend classes on gadgets, why not read books on devices too? You can read your favorite novels, short stories, biographies, and autobiographies with a mouse’s simple click. Not only can you download books but guess what, you have to pay for them? The answer is nothing. They are free to download. 

There are unlimited websites that allow you to download free pdf books. However, each website has a different approach when it comes to the subject. Some may have more textbooks and educational books, while others might consist of travel, business, politics, and various novels. Let us have a look at the 6 awesome Websites for downloading free pdf books.

  • Free-eBooks.net

This site is one of the best to download free pdf books without any hassle. This site allows you to download a maximum of five books every month without paying a penny. That means you can read 5 books in a month sitting on your sofa or sipping coffee, and you don’t have to worry about your budget because you know what, it is all free. 

The site specializes in giving a platform to the budding and daring writers to showcase their writing skills and spread their message to a broader audience. The ebooks can be previewed for 18 pages, and the free users can read whichever book may please in HTML format. Registered readers can download 5 books per month for free. As soon as you become a VIP member, you can download all books in any form.

  • Internet Archive Books

This site comprises various ebooks and involves a wide range of movies, software, music, and a few other things. 

All these are free of cost and can be easily downloaded. If we compare this site to Library Genesis, it has more topics in hundreds of different languages. Moreover, if you are looking for books with academic and historical books or willing to have a print-out of any book, this site is the best you’ve got.

  • Bookboon 

Not thousands, not lakhs, but with 75 millions of ebooks and textbooks, Bookboon is the largest publisher of ebooks in the world. Bookboon vividly focuses on two major categories of books, Textbooks for students, and ebooks for business. More than a thousand textbooks are available to download for students, written by professors of top universities. 

Suppose we talk about the business ebooks available for free download. In that case, they are basically for soft skills and personality development, which helps an individual to grow as a professional by bettering their business skills.

  • PDF Drive

As the name suggests, it is purely a website to search for PDFs. You can download multiple free pdf ebooks from here. Along with books, the site also has abundant availability of magazines, comic books, and articles. The site’s database remains up to date and offers a wide variety of downloadable pdfs for free.

Besides, downloading pdfs for free can also convert PDF into EPUB and read it on devices like Kindle. Also, the site has the facility to let you buy a paper book. The vast choices of topics range from Education, art, biography to technology, research, business.

  • Manybooks

This website has offered its audience a continuous delivery of digital books for free download since 2004. The thing that makes this website different and better from others is that it is a platform that features the upcoming writers and serves them the opportunity to publish their work online and live their dream. 

This makes this site more authentic. The site emphasizes the fiction genre. While most of the books are available for free download in pdf or other formats, many ebooks need to be purchased. You can avail of great discounts by becoming a member.

  • Obooko 

Last but not least would be Obboko. This site provides the best of the contemporary ebooks that can be downloaded as pdf and other free formats. It can be downloaded for Kindle too. 

But one crucial thing that needs to be known is that you are required to become a member of the site to avail the facility of downloading free ebooks as pdfs. Like others in the domain, Obooko also covers a wide variety of ebooks. It has books with romance, adventure, funny, health, travel, sci-fiction, politics, business, and non-fiction.

Free PDF Books Conclusion

Though there are plenty of websites to download ebooks, like this downloader from 4Hub, these 6 are the ones that cover almost all the subjects ranging from Education to politics. These six websites should be the ones you hit first when searching for your desired ebooks, there’s a high chance that you’ll get them all. Keep reading! 

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