7 impactful branding strategies that make a customer return

7 impactful branding strategies that make a customer return

Every business needs to be recognized. However, the question is, are they doing the right thing to be remembered? Read on to find seven impactful strategies that can make a customer return.

When we talk about being valued and recognized for your customers, we talk about doing more than just advertising your product. Your brand needs to have a proper business identity that your customer can relate to.

So here are seven branding strategies that can make a customer return:

1. Create a defining purpose

You might have heard that without a purpose, you are incomplete. That’s actually true. Without a goal, you don’t have a reason to wake up in the morning and do anything. Everyone in this world has a purpose, especially businesses.

Apart from a business knowing what it should be offering to the customers, it should have a defining purpose. This purpose separates it from other companies in the industry. And such differentiation is the key to success.

A purpose can be of two types. It can be functional, which is more focused on making more revenue, or it could be intentional, which is focused on generating revenue and doing good in the world.

While making money is something familiar, businesses in today’s era are valued when they focus on doing good for others. Your branding strategy can be quite impactful if it has a defining purpose.

Your brand purpose will also give direction to your communication strategy. For example, the brand purpose of Dove is to ensure that the next generation grows up with high self-esteem. All marketing communications of the brand are tailored around promoting “Real Beauty.”

2. Maintain consistency

Consistency is all about staying on the same page as your brand. You need to avoid communicating anything to your customers that does not involve your brand.

Everything you post on your social media should have a meaning. If you have posted a new picture on the Facebook page, what does that picture mean for your brand? If it’s not on the same page as your brand, the chances are that your audience will be confused, and you don’t want that.

Customers value consistency. You can only make a customer return to you again if they find that your way of communicating and delivering a message is cohesive.

To learn more about consistency in a brand, you can take the example of Coca Cola. There is not one person in the world that hasn’t heard about it. Due to its robust brand strategies and positioning, it’s one of the strongest and most recognizable brands in the world. Here is how Coca Cola maintains its brand consistency:

Coca Cola

3. Maintain the balance between emotion and rationality

Businesses need to be rational when making decisions, but the problem arises when your customers are emotional. In such a situation, you need to strike the perfect balance between rationality and emotions to make better decisions.

Your branding strategy should include messages that speak to them on a personal level. When your customers feel like they are not just an individual, but in reality, they are part of a bigger group; they will feel more enthusiastic about coming back to you.

According to Forbes, it’s human psychology to feel the need to belong somewhere. When a person feels like they belong to a place, they show more dedication towards it.  For this purpose, your logo is also very important to include emotional communication in your branding strategy that connects with the customers on a deeper level.

Make sure to include all elements in your logo design that resonate well with your customers. For a more unique identity, you can take help from professionals like Logo Design Valley and create a solid presence in their minds that will stay there for along time.

4. Increase flexibility

We all know how fast-evolving the world has been lately. It is changing with every passing second. To remain relevant, a business needs to be flexible through its branding strategies.

We can take Old spice as an example.

Old spice

Old spice was a very popular brand from the past. You would find all the dads around the world wearing it. You might have thought that now the brand is irrelevant due to the evolving change of the colognes of the modern men.

However, the brand instead came up with a new branding strategy that included original packaging and a new website. The cologne managed to attract the younger generation.

So, while your brand should aim for timelessness, it should always be open to change. Don’t overly define your operations, purpose, or strategy. This will end up narrowing down the future prospects of your brand.

Think about where Amazon would have been had it come up with a logo and name that was only suitable for book-selling – the industry it was initially in.

5. Provide customer support

There was once a time when people tend to think that the consumer’s journey ended with a purchase. Now, marketers have identified another important stage – post-purchase.

How you treat your customers after they avail your service will govern whether they come back to you. Hence, you must offer them impeccable customer support.

When we talk about customer support, we are actually talking about how well do you respond to your customers after the sales. So make sure to make use of Chatbots for 24/7 support. Also,train your employees who are on the frontline.

To further explain this, imagine you have seen a brand being really cheerful and playful in its social media communication. Still, when you call the brand up for some more information, you find an obscene person talking on the phone. What impression will that make? Bad, right?

6. Focus on quality

No amount of branding can help your business if the service you are providing isn’t up to mark. Regardless of everything, a customer expects quality.

Apart from maintaining a specific benchmark when it comes to quality, your business should focus on exceeding that benchmark once in a while. To make your customers return, you have to offer them the same or improved quality everytime.

Have you wondered why people prefer McDonald’s over other restaurants? Why do they keep going back to this burger joint? It’s due to their maintained quality and branding.


To make a customer return, always focus on exceeding client expectations while maintaining quality.

7. Personalize your marketing

Remember that you can easily connect with a broader customer base at a low cost with social media’s help.

When you have access to a large customer base, you also have specific information about them. It allows you to target them with personalized marketing easily.

When you create more personal experiences through your communication and messaging, it will allow your customers to engage with you and relate with you, thus increasing brand loyalty.


It’s difficult to start a business, but it’s more challenging to maintain the reputation of your brand. A business has to form adequate branding strategies to keep up with the trends.

The above-mentioned strategies will help your business to maintain a strong relationship and make a customer return. So go ahead and excel!

Do you think there are any other branding strategies that budding businesses can learn from? Let us all know.


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