Marketing Skills For Managing Business Growth As A Freelancer

Marketing Skills For Managing Business Growth As A Freelancer

With the passage of time and growing uncertainties, a lot of people nowadays are on the lookout for side hustles that can get them through if the push does come to shove. The idea here is to have a variety of income sources so that you feel secure and keep on continuing with your life. In this post, you will learn about some skills for managing business growth as a freelancer.

Freelancing, as such, is a great opportunity for people who don’t have the means to start their own business yet. It offers you the opportunity to work part-time onflexible hours, and whenever you want to, thus relieving you of the stress of working without a break.

According to a recent study published by Website Planet, 65% of freelancers across the globe consider having a diversified portfolio of income better than having one employer. Furthermore, 93% of full-time freelancers view it as an excellent opportunity to work more to earn more.

In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at some of the ways you can grow and market your freelancer career.

Promote Your Freelance Profiles With skills for managing business

Below mentioned is a list of eleven skills for managing business that every freelancer should look for.

1. Ask for Referrals

Referrals are indeed the word of mouth of marketing where past performances and happy clients are willing to share your info with others in their network. It can all work out for you well as an excellent referral can bring in a tremendous amount of leads for your venture.

You can start by sending a thank you card with each completed project to show your appreciation. Plus, you can always try to over-please your clients. Even though the best referrals are those that come naturally, you can still try to follow your clients online and support their cause.

To become referable, you need to actively manage your reputation and become credible within your industry and niche.

2. Create a Blog

Blogging is another great platform where you can put out the word for your side business. Here you can specifically choose topics that interest you, the projects you are looking forward to with unlimited zeal and enthusiasm. You can also share your professional experience and tips and whatnot. Your blog can represent a deep market insight that you are trying to capture.

However, for any blog to hit its mark, you need to study your targeted audience well, provide them with valuable solutions for their pain points, generate incredible amounts of user value, stay relevant, and entertain your viewers with fresh new ideas.

3. Develop Your Website

A website for your side hustle could be a great option and can also become the Holy Grail when it comes to customer acquisition. Your very own virtual real estate can be optimized to perform well and utilize tremendous metrics to capture the attention of online users and visitors.

Then there is SEO, which we will discuss in a bit. However, it’s a must that you share your website and domain to get traction form your niche market so that people know where to go in time of need.

There are various CMS (content management systems) available online that can help you get there with little to no expense. WIX is considered a good option as it lets you build a highly customizable website.

4. Email Marketing

People think that email marketing is dead, and they cannot be more wrong. When done correctly, email marketing holds the potential to offer you an ROI (return on investment) that can exceed 124%, which is more than substantial, to say the least. Many marketers and businesses utilize email today for a wide variety of purposes, including promotions and insightful correspondences.

Using an email for your client outreach is a great option as itis considered a viable channel to communicate in both casual and professional circles. There are tons of tips available online that can help you out in mastering how to write terrific emails and subject lines that can offer you remarkable CTRs (click-through rates).

5. Foster Client Relationships

Building strong relationships with your clients is the key to grow your freelance business is to have skills for managing business. You not only have to be generous in your spirit but consider this as a means of investment that can help you reap a huge amount of benefits in the future. If you want to follow a healthy approach, then you need to put people first as priority number one.

It is not about making a sale, don’t worry that it doesn’t take long; however, what lasts longer are your connections. They can bring in a lot of goodies for you include re-sales, as well as referrals while improving your online profile all at the same time.

6. Hand Out Business Cards

Must have sound strange the first time you read but wait and think about it for a minute. Your freelancing should be considered a professional and streamlined source of income, so why not treat it as such as well. Business cards for the gigs you run and managing them online is a great way to spread the word about your freelancing career.

Sure they may cost a bit to craft in bulk but think about the number of impressions they can create for your venture. You can easily hand them out in social gatherings, your own private circle, and any professional setting as well in accordance with your choice. Plus, it leaves a perfect impression on other people as well.

7. Guest Blogging

Is guest blogging a thing of the past? Certainly not, even though we have seen many changes in the algorithms used by Google to rank its search results, link building and link juice are still relevant. Hence you need to reach out to the right platforms, study their DA (domain authority) and send them a request for guest blogging.

Asking never hurts, and if you can contribute to their site in a positive, entertaining, and useful manner, who knows they might ask you to be a regular contributor for their website. It should be noted that high authority links or should we say backlinks (contextual links) can help you generate a lot of traffic for your website.

8. Off-Site SEO

While your website can play an active role when it comes to lead generation and tackling user concerns, you can boost traffic generation and conversion rates through Off-Site SEO tactics. Mostly off-site or off-page SEO deals with link building, hence effectively contributing to improving the link juice that supports your website.

The essence of this all lies in promoting your website by using high authority platforms and domains to link back to your virtual real estate(s)on the World Wide Web. You can accomplish this if other domains consider your content and effectively vouch for its quality. These can include linked brand mentions and backlinks.

9. On-Site SEO

We have already discussed how important a role your website plays. Now it’s time to look at some of the ways off-site SEO can help you rank better on SERPs (search engine result pages). The primary focus is to improve your website’s navigation, make it easier for search engines to crawl your landing pages, improve the user experience for visitors, make your website mobile-friendly, and enhance your loading times.

The faster your website loads and the easier it is for visitors to use and navigate throughout your site, the more value you will generate for users, and search engines like Google will love you for that. However, there is no denying that your keyword research and usage on your site can profoundly impact your on-site SEO, so never undermine its importance.

10. Nurture Your Network

If you really want to have an expose for your freelance work, you need to think like running a business, and for any business nowadays, networking takes the top spot.

To start building your network, you should probably consider joining an online group or community that heavily represents your niche market and offers you a tremendous amount of insights and valuable information to learn and increase your pool of knowledge.

Various online groups are both readily available, as well as private groups where you need permission to join. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that you can negate the importance of your own secret circle, including friends, family, relatives, and acquaintances.

It would be best if you promulgated your venture whenever and wherever possible. Even students nowadays are feeding their network these days to acquire custom essay writing service from professionals, and this naturally improves their probability of delivering better performance.

11. Social Media Platforms

Who can deny the power social media platforms withhold these days, they have indeed penetrated both our private and personal circles. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even WhatsApp are highly probable channels for you to exploit.

With millions and millions of users logging in each day and sharing, liking, and creating posts every day, it is high time you for you to join the fray. However, you need some skills for managing business and your social media profiles well, keep them fresh and relevant by posting meaningful and exciting content regularly.

It is highly recommended that you create at least a weekly calendar for your profiles and pages, and maybe in the future, you can plan out content for the entire month and the whole year in advance.


Promoting your freelance business can indefinitely help your network to grow, and as such, some may even like to use paid campaigns. However, it all depends on skills for managing business how thoroughly you have researched your market and how lucrative your niche is at the present moment.

I humbly suggest that you also join user-generated content websites like Quora and Reddit to understand more about your segment. Even simple search queries online can offer a lot of results for flourishing communities online, and you can become a member instantly and start interacting with other professionals out there almost immediately.

They can broaden your perspective and offer you remarkable insights to take your freelancing career further.

For more questions, feel free to post your feedback in the comment section below.

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