What Is The Easiest Way To Scan Documents With Your Android Device?

The Easiest Way To Scan Documents With Your Android Device

No one wants to spend a silly amount of time in front of a heavy scanning machine. It is so frustrating to invest hours waiting for the machine to take a physical piece of paper and make it digital. But with smartphones this task can become as simple as a child’s play. You can scan documents with an Android device using a smart document scanning app.

We can not neglect the help of smartphones that simplified many complex looking tasks. From messaging to taking pictures smartphones provide diverse help. It can also act as a simple on-the-go document scanner, to assist us in our everyday scanning issues.

To scan documents effortlessly you will need a smartphone and an Android scan to pdf app that can digitize documents quickly and accurately.

Document Scanner App For Android

Gone are the days that you need a bulky scanner to scan all your important documents. Nowadays people use the various scan to PDF apps that scans documents in no time! That too with their own device! No extra device or tools are needed for this task.

Out of many Android scanning apps, FlashScan, a recently launched document scanner app excels in its performance. It generates clean and sharp scans in a fraction of second. Let’s see how you can scan documents to PDF using your device camera with this app.

 How To Scan Documents To PDF with FlashScan?

FlashScan is the pocket-sized handy scanning solution that helps you with many advanced scanning filters. Here are the steps to scan documents to PDF with FlashScan.

Step 1: Keep all the documents readily available that you want to scan. Keeping it handy helps scan all of them in one go.

Step 2: Use your Android device’s camera to take a clear photo of the document. Adjust the document and take a click.

Step 3: Use FlashScan and scan your documents.

Scanning documents to PDF is as simple as that!

Advantages Of Using FlashScan -Scan To PDF App

Once you know how your handheld device can help you scan documents with FlashScan, you will want to know more about this app. Take a view of features and know the benefits of this app.

  • A complete document scanning app for Android:

FlashScan is the fastest document scanner app that scans all types of documents in a flash. From old photos, receipts, and files to presentation papers, ID cards, and books -everything is scan-able with this mobile scanning app.

  • The Built-in OCR Tool: 

After scanning your essential documents, more often you need to recognize the text of it. FlashScan offers a master OCR tool that recognizes the text in any image. It also translates such text from English to many other languages. You can save it as plain text. Share your results with friends and clients easily.

  • QR/Barcode Scan

Another tedious job is to decode QR and Barcodes. Yet another time-consuming thing that is essential to perform as the part of our everyday tasks.FlashScan decodes all types of codes accurately. It gives 100% precise scans of such codes. Users can save the codes and even compare them online. You can share it with your friends through text, messages, and social media apps.

  • Professional Filters

Enhance your scanning results with top-notch post-scan professional filters. With Grey Mode give your documents a classic look. Use Magic color to add vibrant color effects. Black and White 1 will make your documents timeless.Black and white 2 filters to remove the noisy background.

Added Benefits

  • FlashScan generates cleaner and sharper scans in no time.
  • The intuitive cropping allows you to rotate document clockwise and anticlockwise to achieve the best scans.
  • You can copy, rename, share, move and delete files and folders effortlessly.
  • The professional filters beautify the post-scan document results with various effects.Use the filters as per your desires post scan looks.
  • Rename your file and documents easily to keep things clear.
  • Often our devices become digital store rooms with many files and documents. And to find out one particular document out of these papers is next to impossible. But with FlashScan you can easily “search” your scanned documents.
  • Use sort by feature to keep all your digitized papers well organized. You can sort any document with Names and its Modification times. No digital mess should hinder your productivity.
  • The user friendly interface with distinctive scanning solutions.
  • You can add many jpg files in a single Pdf document.
  • Rapid image scanning process with high-quality scans.

Concluding Notes

Scanning becomes easy with FlashScan. Improve your productivity with sharp and high quality scans. Go paperless and scan all the essential documents with FlashScan.

Download this scan to PDF app for Android and turn your device into a portable scanning machine now!

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