Tips for Increasing Customer Retention with Email Marketing

Customer Retention with Email Marketing

It is always better for businesses to focus on keeping the existing customers as winning over new customers is harder and expensive too. Most of the marketing tactics come with customer retention as the number one priority and email marketing is one of them. According to the experts, acquiring a new customer for a business or company costs up to 16X more than retaining an existing customer for more sales. Retention usually consists of numerous aspects, channels, and metrics, but ends up with increased customer engagement and connection with your business. 

Email is the most effective and powerful channel to fortify your relationships with customers and encourage them to buy more from your business. While you are learning how to send a cold email to generate leads, you should also be looking for tips for increasing customer retention with email marketing and boost your sales effectively.

Be Sure to Send Welcome Emails

Smart business owners and marketers always send a welcome email when someone signs up for an email list. Sending welcome emails not only remind them why they have signed up but also keeps them from unsubscribing or flagging your emails as spam. It also provides you an opportunity to introduce yourself, your business and educate them more about your products to keep them engaged. Welcome emails should be created smartly to remind subscribers that who you are and offer something of value to make them feel valued and recognized. After a friendly introduction and highlighting some less-known features of your product, direct the reader to your customer services department or help centre if they want to know more.

The Friendly Reminder

A major marketing event or launch of a special offer is the best time to send your customers with a friendly reminder. Such emails help you strengthen strong bond and trust between your brand and its customers. A reminder email should include information about an upcoming marketing event, special offer or product launch so they can gain benefit from it in any possible way. You can also send reminder emails to let them know about the closing of an offer, expiry of customer loyalty program points and account closing, etc. Make reminder emails friendly and convincing to keep them engaged with your business for longer.

Send Holiday Gift Coupons

Sending holiday emails with tempting holiday gift coupons and offers is another best way to use email marketing for customer retention. Create your email with interesting holiday greetings and surprise your customers with gift coupons. After getting gift coupons, customers are more likely to visit your business to claim their coupons and can also spend more money on other holiday purchases. By doing so, you not only provide them an opportunity to get their favorite stuff for less but also make them feel valued. It helps you build customer trust and keep them visiting again and again.

Offer Rewards and Exclusive Offers

Offering people with something useful and problem-solving is a great way to grow your email list, so be sure to present them with what offered. You can also reward your existing customers by sending out special discounts, offers, and coupons associated with a particular event like holidays. According to experts, personalized retention emails can do wonders for your business. So, keep sending your subscribers with interesting offers and rewards to keep them connected with your business. Regularly sent retention emails ensure that your customers are engaged with your business and are more likely to give their money to your business in exchange for your products or services.

Ask Existing Customers for Review via Emails

Asking for customer reviews and testimonials is another great multi-purpose strategy you can accomplish via emails. It makes them feel valued by showing them that you value their opinions. On another hand, you use their feedback to improve business processes and operations to grow your business effectively for increased sales and profits. You can send emails to existing customers with review requests so they can provide you with their valuable opinions and suggestions if any.

Send Gifts and Greetings on Their Special Occasions

Remember customer-centric events and occasions to send them personalized emails containing greetings and special gifts on their special events. Send creatively designed emails on their birthdays, anniversaries and other big days to make them feel special and valued. It shows that you really care for them and are always there to make their big days extra special. Sending greetings and special gifts is a small gesture but can do wonders for your brand or business. Try to send them with gift cards so they can visit your business to claim their gifts and buy more. By doing so, you can effectively use email marketing for customer retention and to strengthen relationships with your customers.

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