The Importance of Garage Door Springs and When to Seek Professional Replacement

Garage door springs are essential to the operation of your garage door because they support the weight of the door as it opens and closes. When these springs fail or break, your garage door becomes virtually deadweight, creating a serious safety concern if it falls on something or someone. Don’t let this terrible circumstance happen. Contact the professional experts in garage door spring replacement service.

When a garage door spring breaks and your car is inside the garage, you won’t be able to exit. If you notice a break in the spring just above the garage door, it’s essential to have it replaced. Here are some other signs indicating a broken spring:

  • Even when you use the manual release, the door does not open.
  • Manually opening the door is impossible due to its weight.
  • When you press the door opener, it only opens 3-5 inches.
  • The pulleys and wires may have snapped and are now dangling.
  • As it goes down the track, the door may seem misaligned.
  • Springs are more likely to break in extreme weather conditions, such as extreme cold or excessive heat, since metal shrinks when it is cold.

If you suspect that your springs have failed, there’s only one action to take: contact STI Garage Door for prompt and professional garage door spring replacement

Three Common Reasons Your Garage Door Springs May Require Repair

Garage door spring maintenance may be required for a variety of reasons. Weather, aging, and continuous use may all contribute to the deterioration of even the most durable springs over time. The most common reasons for repair are as follows:

  • Wear and tear: Over time, daily usage accumulates, resulting in misaligned or worn-out springs. Even springs with extended lifespans may require repairs or replacement at some point, especially if they are utilized many times every day.
  • Rust: Rust can be caused by wet weather and humidity, which corrodes springs and weakens their coils. Applying lubricant on a regular basis and scheduling maintenance and repair inspections can help prevent rust-related concerns.
  • Poor Maintenance: Ignoring planned maintenance checks or frequent inspections of your garage door can cause small difficulties to grow, especially during inclement weather.

The Significance of Timely, Professional Garage Door Spring Repair

Consider DIY garage door repair or spring replacement instead of hiring a professional. We highly urge you to avoid it.

While garage door maintenance and inspection can be conducted independently, it’s always best to seek the services of a trained technician for garage door spring replacements. Calling in professional and timely help you avoid numerous major concerns, including:

  • Preventing Injury: Torsion springs are responsible for moving extremely heavy garage doors. Experienced technicians have the necessary skills and tools to handle springs safely. Without proper training and experience, you could risk your safety.
  • Avoiding Problem Aggravation: Even a minor mistake can worsen the issue and lead to costly repairs. DIY repairs can also void your garage door warranty. Relying on professionals ensures a swift and effective fix, along with peace of mind.
  • Preserving Garage Door Integrity: Professional garage door springs and cable replacements maintain the integrity of your door. Our team knows what to look for and how to address any issues, ensuring your door operates correctly and remains functional in the long run.

What Is the Expected Lifespan of Your Garage Door Springs?

Each garage door spring has a unique lifespan that is measured in opening and shutting cycles. Monitoring the lifespan and frequency of use of your spring replacement can help you predict when it may require repair or replacement. Instead of responding to problems as they happen, this proactive strategy helps you to prevent them from arising.

A 10,000-cycle spring, for example, can last many years depending on the amount of daily operations. Springs with twice-daily use may have a lifespan of around 14 years, but doors that open eight times a day may need to be replaced after about three years.

When your overhead door springs near the end of their useful life, they may lose tension and stop working properly. Expert repairs and replacements are required at this stage.

Same-day service for Commercial and Residential Spring Repairs and Replacement

STI Garage Door offers the experience to handle any spring repair or replacement, whether you’re a homeowner with a conventional one or two-car garage or a corporate manager in charge of a huge industrial facility. We provide two types of high-quality springs based on your garage door usage:

  • Basic Springs: Our basic 10,000-cycle springs include a four-year parts guarantee and a one-year labor warranty.
  • High-Cycle Springs: Choose our 100,000-cycle high-cycle springs for longer-lasting performance, which are now powder-coated for increased durability. These springs are longer and have a bigger internal diameter, are rust-resistant, outlast regular springs, and come with a lifetime guarantee. Ideal for bigger households with many automobiles, as well as circumstances where the garage door is often used.

Note: Springs are measured in cycles, with each garage door opening and shutting registering as one cycle. More frequent use causes springs to wear out faster. For example, if your garage door is opened and closed 3-5 times each day, springs will normally last 4-6 years.

Should You Replace Just One or Both Springs? If you have a two-car garage, repairing both springs is recommended, even if only one is damaged. When one spring breaks, the other will most certainly follow soon after. Why should you pay for another service call? Furthermore, because springs should have equal stress, replacing merely one is ineffective.

When we arrive, our experienced and qualified technician will go through the advantages of each type of spring. We have a full assortment of springs on our service cars, allowing us to install them properly on-site.

Expert Garage Door Repair

STI Garage Door provides experienced garage door repair services for your opener and garage door in addition to spring replacement. Contact us immediately to arrange an appointment or complete our online form if your door is malfunctioning due to cables, rollers, brackets, hinges, drums, gears, tracks, rails, or any other component. Inquire about our same-day service options.


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