5G technology and its significance in the world

A new era of mobile networks is already here. In comparison to earlier technical standards, the 5G network has significantly better qualities and offers a quicker, more reliable connection. However, a dependable 5G connection free from hiccups and signal deterioration is required if you want to fully enjoy these advantages. This is exactly why 5G is so important and how to choose the best signal booster for it. The 5g amplifier helps to increase the signal in the presence of visible barriers. That is why, in this article, we described the most common situations and ready-made solutions for them. 

What is 5G and how does it work?

In comparison to the 4G network, the new 5G network represents a substantial advancement. It has certain important qualities that make it a more potent and effective mobile communication system. The following are the primary advancements of 5G over earlier technology:

Faster data transfer

First of all, it is really fast. The 5G network can achieve a maximum speed of 20 Gbps with increased data rates. However, in practice, the average 5G speed is closer to 1.4 Gbps.

Range of frequencies

It is clear that the 5G network uses different frequencies than 4G for high data transfer rates. However, the disadvantage of high frequencies is that they have a shorter range and less penetration, which requires a higher density of antennas.

Reduced latency

This increases network response time. Latency is down to around 1 millisecond for 5G compared to 10-50 milliseconds for 4G. Low latency is critical for applications that use real-time communication. Often this software is related to telemedicine or video surveillance.

High network stability

Thanks to 5G, you can connect a large number of multiple devices that will be connected to each other and to the network. Above all, it is defining for the Internet of Things. 5G technology can control up to a million devices per km2, while 4G was able to connect about a hundred thousand.


5G leverages network slicing technology to generate virtual subnets that may be utilized for certain services or applications, including Internet of Things (IoT) or public safety.

5G network uses three frequency bands:

  • Low-band frequencies from 600 MHz to 1 GHz, offering wide coverage but slower internet speeds than other bands.

The most common frequencies for 5G are mid-range frequencies from 2.5 GHz to 3.7 GHz. They are suitable for cities and offer faster internet speeds with less coverage and penetration.

Maximum Internet Speed offers high-frequency frequencies from 24 GHz to 40 GHz, which are the most innovative frequencies for 5G. The downside is that they have a very limited range and require a higher density of antennas.

As you can see, the best 5G signal booster is a flexible solution, it adapts to all kinds of situations. The list is far from complete because every 5G amplification system (i.e. the electronic box and its antennas) can be designed to meet your needs.

5G amplifier for underground parking, blind technical room, elevator shaft, basement office, warehouses

In this type of windowless space, there is generally no mobile signal. The reason is that the waves hardly penetrate below street level, or the “blind” room is surrounded by reinforced concrete walls that act in a certain sense as a Faraday cage.

Your devices that need access to the mobile network will work smoothly and you will offer your users, employees or visitors the ability to use their mobile phones exactly as if they were outside outdoors, in the coverage area.

5G amplifier for home and office

In homes or offices, the choice of a 5G amplifier is more classic. Simply add an extension kit of 1 to 6 internal antennas to the 5G repeater of your choice (taking into account the power according to the number of internal GSM antennas) and you will receive a complete and easy-to-install system.

In offices and workshops, when the surfaces to be covered are very large, contact our team: they will study your needs to provide you with advice about the equipment at the best value for money.

5G marine amplifier

Depending on the shape and use of your boat, there are a variety of possible solutions. Using an external 5G marine antenna is the only part of your best 5G signal booster, for example, by UCtel, that is different from a fixed “ground” installation. Perfectly suited to wet and salty environments, this omnidirectional 5G antenna maintains a good 5G mobile signal, even when the boat is moving.

5G amplifier for all operators simultaneously

Often, in a professional context, it is necessary to have to re-amplify all the operators at the same time: hotels, restaurants, doctors’ offices, shops, warehouses, etc.

We must take into account one thing: we have telephone operators, for example, O2, Vodafone, and EE) and a fourth, TalkTalk, which is increasingly present on the European territory with its transmission towers (but still uses other’s transmission towers). All other “virtual” operators use the transmission towers of the main operators listed above, based on the agreements stipulated: some with EE, some with Vodafone, and some with O2. With your 5G amplifier, for example, by UCtel, you will therefore be able to amplify the signal of all telephone operators, just pay attention to the frequencies and bands necessary (and the direction of the external antenna!).

The impact of 5G on health

And finally, it is worth mentioning that the development of 5G technology is connected with the debate about the harm to health of radio frequency electromagnetic waves: whether they can harm the human body and increase the risk of cancer. The answer, at the moment, is still uncertain, because only short-term effects related to tissue heating caused by the absorption of electromagnetic energy have been studied. Adhering to exposure limits, these effects can be avoided. When it comes to long-term health risks, such as the risk of cancer or other chronic diseases, the situation is more complicated. Many studies have been conducted, but the results are mixed. A fact that should be emphasized is that at the moment there are no specific studies on the impact of 5G on health, but only theoretical modeling based on the technical characteristics of the new technology.

In cities, industrial areas, areas near airports, or high-speed rail lines, there may be a danger of electromagnetic pollution where high levels of electromagnetic fields are present.

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