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Haunted with a wide range of products, considering getting a fitness tracker but you’re on the hedge due to price solicitudes and associated antecedents. Here’s good news for you. Huawei Band 4 Wristband encounters all your demands more than your presumptions. Huawei watch bands are repressed with all those cardinal and obligatory features that you’re looking forward to. 


Huawei Band 4 Wristband has marvelous Body Size: 56mm × 18.5mm × 12.5mm. The wrist strap width s 17mm and the wrist strap length is 123mm + 85mm. The wristband perfectly fits your wrist. Huawei Band 4 Wristband is light in weight and easy to wear. It leaves no scar on your wrist after usage. It is engaged with Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0 operating systems. It is equipped with multiple sensors like a 3-axis acceleration sensor, Infrared wear sensor, and optical heart rate sensor. It has a 91mah battery with a charging time of 1.5 hours. Huawei Band 4 Wristband has 348KB RAM with 32MB flash. It has a 2.5D animated touch screen with a home key and TFT color display. It is integrated with a USB plug that confirms a general USB so that you can charge it anywhere, anytime. Thus it eliminates the obligation of chargers and cables. It carries Apollo 3 microprocessor. It locks up 6 days of usage with 50 meters of water resistance under ISO standard 22810:2010. So you can carry it with you during water activities like bathing and swimming.  Huawei Band 4 Wristband is feasible in different colors such as Sakura Pink, Amber Sunrise, and Graphite Black. It also assists you to see how you’re carrying out your squash and sleeping put down. 


Huawei Band 4 Wristband has 5 ATM water resistance, so it is recommended for all-day showering and even swimming. Grants you with 6 days of usual operations with a single charge. It is frothy and handy. You can also meet sharp multiple features such as smart heart rate tracking and oxygen saturation detection. Assists you mark the oxygen level in the blood. Also recognizes four phases of sleep and ensures excellent sleep. Besides provides you with intricate data results regarding heart rate, heart rate zone, speed, distance, steps, calories, and much more. So you can experience standard exercise and training. 


Huawei Band 4 Wristband is held with well-defined worth and momentum in engaging technology. You can get notification alerts. You can manage to get notifications from your apps or mute them. You can achieve precise speed, distance, steps, calories, and even heart rate. You can also set up alarms for yourself by the use of a smart wake-up system. Less distraction for your better sleep can be ensured by the invisible light, in the night mode. It can conveniently be carried during casual hand-washes, showers, or even swimming. No hassle of removing it again and again. It has another distinct feature that you can get notifications from your phone. But there’s a problem with this feature that the band itself doesn’t display notifications. It’s quite annoying so you can turn this feature off. 

To sum up, the Huawei band 4 watch band is a plain gadget. It is simple and congenial. It is comfortably nominal. However few of its features are not feasible. Such as it has only 348 KB RAM and just 1MB storage space. But its performance is pretty good. The processor is potent too. It is an eminent device. If you’re looking forward to a handsome fitness tracker, Huawei Band 4 Wristband is the finest option you can go for. Or if you want to assemble your running or exercising record, you can surely consider Huawei Band 4 Wristband.  Huawei Band 4 Wristband assists you hang out a lucid and hearty continuance.

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