Study Tips and Tricks for Students to Prepare Well and Concentrate Better

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Whenever a student hears the term ‘study tips’, it draws their immediate attention. Irrespective of you being in school or in college or university, study tips always come to your rescue. It is just like a go-to for anyone who is studying. But you must keep in mind that we aren’t here to replace your study notes or classroom.

Just like now, with the pandemic and we having to keep ourselves at home, it is difficult to separate home-time and study-time. So, we’ve got for you some of the easy and simple study tips and tricks you can try out at home.

It will definitely make you mentally prepared and help you concentrate on the time you dedicate to your studies. Follow them below and you will definitely thank us for the helpful study hacks we give you!

Study Tips for Students to Study Better

You need to make an effort consciously to study well and in order to do that, we will help you. We’ve got for you some easy ways where you will definitely excel in your studies.

Below we have shortlisted some of the ways you can adapt to, for a better academic career.

Some of the ways you must try out are:

1. Perceive Your Learning Style

The first and foremost important thing about studying is to know yourself. You must know how you learn best. What your natural and organic flow of studying is. So, we have categorized here four major styles of learning. Which are:

Visual Learner:

If you are a person who learns quickly by just seeing diagrams, videos, patterns, or color-coding, then you are a better learner visually. In that case, you should then focus on studying visually.

Auditory Learner:

Learning becomes easier for some by simply listening to their study materials. Some speech, recitations, rhymes, music and more makes certain students study really well.

Writing or Reading Learner:

Do you study better when you read and write? Then you are considered as a reading and writing learner.

Kinesthetic Learner:

Do you love making models or drawing diagrams or role-playing or even creating flashcards? If yes, then you are a kinesthetic learner.

2. Use Your Learning Style

Once you are aware of your learning style, you must put it to good use. You will then get its optimum results. If you wish to take up the graph of your academics, study in the way that suits you best.

Now, while you have to study at home, and online notes are what is becoming common for everyone. You need to utilize it in the best way. Convert your notes in audio if you are an audio learner or a video if you are a visual learner and more. More so, since you do not have to go out much, you can easily make models and drawings if you’re a kinesthetic learner.

3. Study in a Specific Environment

You need to set up a place in your house, where you can study in peace. It is important since you need complete concentration and focus when you’re at your studies.

Choose a corner of your house and just stick to that place. It will create a space for you and you can easily do it without any distractions. Background disruptions and too much talking while studying will cause a major hindrance to your studies. So, choose the right place and environment to study.

4. Set a Specific Study Time

You would be actually surprised that setting up a specific study time is actually the most scientific study tips for students. It helps you to specify a timing in your entire day to study and helps to map your brain in the same way as well.

Even more, you can also divide your study time and social life much better. If you make your study time too flexible it always hampers the mood to study. Just like, office goers or professional people have a specific time to try out office work. It helps them work much better and in a much more efficient way.

Aren’t you well aware that schools and colleges would question you for being late? It is because setting up a right time is very essential to work in a good way. So, remember to set up a time and place to study!

5. Remove All Your Distracting Things while Studying

Once your study time is on be sure to remove everything that can distract you. May it be your cellphone, social media logins, or even your email notification.

If you study on your laptop, which is quite a common phenomenon right now, you can try out the tricks above. But if you have books then it’s best to keep your phones and laptops away. In fact, staying away from television or the entrance of your house might also help.

You must study in a place where you will be unaware of who is coming in or going out of the house. It will keep you attentive and you won’t be distracted by anyone too.

6. Maintain Deadlines and Set up a Planner

Once you are set with a proper place and remove all your distractions away from you, set yourself a deadline. You can do this by setting up a deadline for your assignments and set up a plan for your study.

In this case, your smartphone might come handy. You can go to the calendar and put reminders for each of your tasks. It will make your work much easier and you will feel that you have accomplished a task and also got an achievement. What more do you need to keep yourself motivated?

7. Give Yourself Rewards

When we say what more do you need to keep yourself motivated, we definitely mean you must reward yourself too. It is another perk of studying well, and happens to work best among all the study tips.

Once your done with your task, and it is worked well for you, why not give yourself a small treat. Getting a pizza from your pocket money or simply watching a good film on Amazon Prime can be small treats you give yourself.

If you make up your mind and achieve excellence in your academics, you are going to be the happiest. It will be an inner happiness you get and nothing can beat that.

8. Take up Notes Efficiently

You must take up notes in the most efficient way possible. It can be true, each one of you may have a different way of taking up notes. But its important you take them up well.

Try using highlighters, colorful stick-on strips, or anything you’re comfortable with. We’ve got for you some easy study tips to be creative and make the best notes. Which are:

  • Keep yourself absolutely prepared when your online classes begin. Keep your highlighters, pens, pencils, stick-on, and paper absolutely ready.
  • If it is possible, keep your cellphone handy to possibly to record what your teacher dictates. Apart from writing, an audio might come handy while going through your notes later.
  • You must definitely make an effort consciously to concentrate on what your teacher has to say. Be inquisitive, ask questions, and be attentive. Only then you can interact better and understand your study materials well.
  • Begin a new chapter onto a new page. Write down a proper bold heading and then what your teacher dictates. Also, don’t forget to specify the date!
  • Use different pens to remind yourself later about the important points your teacher gives you.
  • You can eradicate the idea of writing full sentences. That is because you might miss out on the next dictations. Instead, why not use abbreviates, bulletins, or symbols.
  • Also, try ways of using your creativity. You can always write down fast dictations in your own words. That can help you read them better next time.

9. Review Your Notes Instantly

Reviewing your notes instantly can be one of the most useful study tips for students. Irrespective of being in college or in school. While the dictation is fresh in your mind go through the notes quickly.

Re-read them, edit and sort out or organize the notes you takedown. While you are writing what is being dictated to you, you are actually reading it in your mind. So, it is normal that the notes are absolutely fresh in your brain.

As a result, when you go through the notes you’ve taken instantly, you can correct the mistakes you’ve made too. Also, you can ask your teacher for help if anything you’ve taken down is wrong. If you take notes and keep it until the next time you study, be sure you are not going to remember. Even more, at that moment your studies may also come to a halt. So, you must remember to read well while it is freshly registered in your mind.

10. Sort out your Notes

After your review, it’s now time for you to sort out your notes. You must use this as your best study tips, to avoid flipping through books or tutorials later. Once you have got down everything, you can study in an organized way.

Moreover, making small notes and sorting out will help you during your exams. With all the pressure you have that exams are on; would you really want to this add-on pressure? We’re sure you wouldn’t! So, sort out and condense the notes, making it absolutely helpful for you to study.

As a matter of fact, when you will rewrite the notes you took during class, you can memorize it better too. Scientists say that writing makes it much easier and simpler for someone to memorize.

11. Practice Recalling

Once you’ve sorted out your study material really well, you need to sit to study and understand what you’ve taken down. You must learn and memorize and even understand your notes well.

You can even try recalling, it works really well to check what you have studied has reached your muscle memory. What you need to do is learn, and then check yourself and find out if you have memorized it well or not. You must try out doing recalling to support your memory power to increase too.

12. Omit Habit of Multitasking

We specifically emphasize again on the very important study tips to keep away from multitasking. If you keep chatting or check notifications, or watch TV while studying is going to be the worst idea ever. You just cannot afford to divert your mind and allow your attention to diverge.

Even more, you would not do any one task properly. If you divide your attention in various places the quality of everything starts to fall. You must always choose to do one thing at a time. Like if you study, just study, or if you talk to your best buddy, then only do that, or if you watch television, just stick to that. Only then you can work well and each of your tasks will be done with full concentration.

You may get tempted at times, but make a conscious effort to simply avoid doing that. If you want to excel in your academics take this study tip as your priority.

13. Choose a “Coffee Nap”

If you are sleepy and your eyes are literally on the verge to shut, drink a glass of water and sleep. You really wouldn’t want to have black coffee to get rid of your sleep altogether. Would you?

So, when your very sleep, go for a forty-wings nap and get up fresh. If you linger yourself too long and try very hard to study, you won’t be happy with it either. As said earlier, do one thing at a time, and when you make up your mind, just stick to it. Or else, you would deprive yourself of a good nap and also from proper efficient study too.

Remember, studies really need a proper effort and you must make up your mind for that. So, when your hit by a midday snooze, just take a coffee nap!

Last Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog, don’t you have lots of efficient and simple study tips you never thought of?

Do try out each one of them if you want to pull up the graph of your academic career! But don’t forget to tell us what you think about the study tips we’ve given you!

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