Are you feeling stagnated or looking for a new career, why not consider this?

stagnated or looking

Fitness is now part and parcel of people’s lives. There is no neighborhood you will go to and not find a gym in one form or another. If you are feeling stagnated or looking for a new career, then personal training has become a viable career option. However, given its popularity, not all personal trainers are qualified to perform the task. Getting fitness advice from an untrained personal trainer can be detrimental to your health.


Different locations offer different requirements to become a certified personal trainer. In South Africa, before attaining a personal training certificate, you must take a course from one of the internationally accredited training schools. The benefits of attending these institutions allow you to practice anywhere within the country and globally. The institutions meet all the requirements, including CATHSETTA, SAQA ID, and ACAP. The Assessment-based Certificate Accreditation Program (ACAP), is measured to ICE 1100 Standard, which is used in America as well.


There are minimum requirements to fulfill before you get a personal training certificate. These include an NQF level 4 qualification/Grade 12 education. Should you not have either, you can start by taking a gym instructor course. Once met, you can opt for either instructor-based or virtual learning. Both these options offer comprehensive study materials like instructional videos, assessments, and your certificate once done. The entire course takes anywhere from four months to a year subject to your preferred mode of study.

Given the nature of the course, you will need to do a practical evaluation of your knowledge. It can either be an apprentice, an online workout session, or a case study. 

Course Duration

There are some financial commitments to the course. These are dependant on the mode of learning that you opt for and the duration. There are course durations that can take four months or those that run for a year. All these plans are to suit your specific needs. You also have the option to undertake additional courses to diversify your knowledge in the fitness world. Extra modules may include Sports Psychology, group fitness instructing, or online personal training. These courses are all optional and will not interfere with your certification regardless you take them or not.

Job Prospects

Once you complete the certificate, there are different job opportunities that you can explore with your newfound knowledge. The course is internationally recognized, permitting you to practice anywhere in the world. From gyms, private homes, cruise ships, you can provide your services to everyone. The earning potential from this career path solely depends on you

The personal training certificate is the minimum requirement for you to start in the world of personal fitness. Most countries the world over recognize this certification meaning there is no limitation to where you can practice. From America to Australia, there are different opportunities for you to explore and make a decent living as a fitness instructor. 

Now that you have all the relevant information, if you are feeling stagnated, or looking for a new career you are well on your way or supplement your existing one.

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