Building the Best Team in Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends has a wide pool of characters where you can choose from with varying rarities, variants, and qualities. It is needless to say each of these Dragon Ball Legends characters is unique in their own ways which makes them strong and distinct from each other. But despite their unique skills and abilities, teaming them up with the right characters is still better than just throwing random characters in combat.

Here, we want you to have a better experience in your Dragon Ball Legends journey, so we made this guide to assist you in building your teams. 

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Without further ado, here are some lineup templates that you can adapt to your account.

Son Line

The first lineup to be considered is the Son characters. This includes Goku and Bardock, Gohan, Pan, and anyone you want to include on the bench.

For this lineup, having Goku and Bardock already puts you at an advantage because of the two colors for a single card. Plus, the Gohan and Pan duo are the best because while Gohan can deal great damage, Pan, on the other hand, continuously buffs all the characters throughout the combat.

Saiyan Line

The Saiyan line might be one of the most popular lineups that players might want to obtain. This lineup includes Goku and Bardock, Super Saiyan Gogeta 4, and Revival Pikkon. 

In this single lineup, you already have your protectors, revival, and an indestructible. Of course, as you have Gogeta 4, you already have an anti-revival unit which is a great deal for you. 

GT Line

For the GT line, you might want to have Super 17, GT Spirit Bomb Goku, and Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. 

Currently, having Super 17 and Spirit Bomb Goku in a team is like an overkill. Even though they still have low stars, they are already over-performing in their categories. With Gogeta as the support, GT Spirit Bomb Goku can be both the tank and the damage dealer of the team.

Android Line

Currently, the Androids might have been the most buffed because of how they adjusted Super 17.

With that, use Android 17 as the leader, then Cell and Super 17. With this lineup, you will have a great offense and defense especially when you have discovered the perfect equipment for them. Eventually, this lineup will be an unkillable team for you.

#1 Saiyan Line

Another Saiyan line that you would want to have is this one. This team contains Goku and Bardock, Pikkon, and UL Bardock.

With this team, you will also have both great offense and defense for the team. Although Pikkon has a relatively low HP, the whole team is well-rounded and balanced which makes the team stronger. 

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