How scanning devices are helpful in maintaining assets?

How scanning devices are helpful in maintaining assets

Technology has evolved at a great level in past few years that everybody has started to work through their smart devices, every business these days rely on smart devices equipped with mobile computer vision. The technology has allowed the organizations to track and manage the business assets in real-time. Read on to find how scanning devices help you in maintaining assets.

The data capture ability of smart devices has transformed camera equipped devices to a powerful code or label scanner. This enables organizations to mobilize their asset management related operations with tracking applications. 

The simple and automated asset management system allows gaining deeper insights related to resources to make smart decisions which may be replaced, purchased, or redistributed, that will empower your business more and gain maximum value from the business assets.

Tracking of business assets for any organization is a challenge whether it is any institution, IT form or manufacturing unit or any other business. But with good asset management software this challenge can be handled simpler and easier way with proper planning and its execution from the beginning. 

This can be done through a simple process:

  • Determine which asset or item shall be labeled with barcode (or any other asset code) 
  • Assets that are needed to be labeled decide the material which would suit it the best like metal, paper, glass, plastic, etc. The main aim is to ensure that the barcode label is applied and it should remain intact with the asset for its lifetime. 
  • Determine your need of purchasing pre-printed barcodes or print them by yourself. 
  • Scan the barcode.
  • Feed the asset’s information in the asset tracking software application 
  • Now, you can start tracking your business assets

Features of Scanning Devices

  • Scanning of barcodes
  • Delivery of data to the database
  • Collection of related data
  • Automated updates send to the servers
  • Auto-insert of scans
  • Fully integrated devices
  • Scanning app integrates with smartphones, tablets, scan sleds, android mobile computers. 
  • Scanner device access to in-built camera, image, and Bluetooth.
  • No coding configuring solutions required you can directly select the options from the menu.
  • Develop enhance solutions with the device implementation.
  • Quick and accurate scanning of barcodes with the scanning device camera.
  • Scanned barcode gets automatically stored in a database online.
  • Device itself asks multiple-choice, drop-down, voice-to-text, or custom questions on each label scan.
  • Scans are automatically updated with a cloud application facility in every few seconds.
  • Device takes pictures, record GPS location, and capture signatures with the scanning app.

Scan Assets: Maintain Assets

Scanning devices allow scanning of assets, present in the organization and verify them with the records fed in the system and update them accordingly, if any changes occur. Scanning devices help you to asset codes provides flexibility of updating records using a mobile scanning device, rather than manually searching and updating each and every asset. You just need to:

  • Log in the asset tracking application in mobile scanning device. 
  • Select for scanning option. 
  • The scanning device camera opens. 
  • Hold the camera over the asset tag and scan it. 
  • The system will check for the asset in the records and display the information if found or will show the status as not found. 
  • Scan the rest of the assets. 
  • Confirm the verification of asset status and save the data.

Smartphone as a Scanning Device for Asset Management

Many small and large organizations are always in approach to manage and track their business assets to ensure smooth operations, workflows and theft deterrence. Many types of asset codes are used to streamline the operational workflows, cataloguing and managing of assets and equipment, barcode and QR codes are most used and efficient of all.

Barcodes are the printable formats of black and white bars, whereas Q codes are 2D codes that contain an array of black and white squares. Both the codes represent text information in machine readable context. The information is scanned, and then decoded by scanning device used by the organization for logistical operations. 

With all these solutions for asset and inventory management and tracking, the most available and reliable nowadays is installation of mobile scanners and mobile asset tracking application. Through a mobile asset tracking application, you just need to scan your asset code with your smartphone and get the information decoded on your smart scanning device. The approach is easy for mass of assets and inventory where employees do not have to make extra effort and time, this method s also cost-effective, smartphones eliminate the extra expenditure to purchase hand-held devices separately.

Smartphones easily Work in Remote Areas

There are many tasks and scanning out of the field in remote locations as well such as at construction sites, where scanning and inventory management activities are taken care off-site itself. Here, smartphones come in work really handy, it is the greatest invention of all, wireless as designed to tackle the problem. Because many devices have failed to provide an efficient solution as they could work only for a specific radius of computers.

Whereas smartphone-based scanners provide a complete and efficient solution for the problem. They work at any location and are easy to carry (every 3rd person has already a smartphone in his/her pocket). Now there is no need to be worried if you are close enough to your workplace or not, you can perform your tasks from anywhere around the globe.

Smart Scanning Devices work in every Environment

Scanning does not depend on how the weather condition is? Whatever whether is dusty warehouse or anything else. Earlier with traditional scanners many faced these problems as they were vulnerable to extreme weather conditions, scanning was possible in too dusty or cold environment. But there are semi-rugged and fully-rugged scanners available in the market which can withstand such harsh conditions, temperature change, etc. these devices might be expensive but are totally worthy. Smartphones also work perfectly in harsh climatic environment and are less likely to show technical errors than other scanning device.

Bulk Scanning with Smart Scanning Devices

Most of the scanning devices are just able to scan one asset code at a time which slows down the tagging and logging process. Whereas, smartphones are capable of scanning multiple asset codes at a time. This boosts the productivity and makes the process faster. The limit of scanning devices help you to asset codes depend on the asset management software application you are using. There are many applications that allow scanning 20-25 asset codes at one time.


Smartphones have timely proven their benefits especially as a scanning devices help you. They make operational workflows so easy and manageable that every related task automatically gets simplified. They are also cost effective and help in increasing the productivity of the business. Therefore, smartphones are the best option to replace your old and traditional as smart mobile phones are available with everyone nowadays which makes it super easy to utilize and implement in the asset management procedure.

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