How Much Time Does CBD Oil Take to Be Effective?

CBD oil to be effective

There are so many valid reasons why cannabinoid oils have increased in popularity almost overnight. Consumers and users from all over the world are letting go of any negative connotations and being more open minded to the amazing health benefits. Read on to find how long it takes CBD oil to be effective.

Many researchers and scientists are delving deep into the many uses of CBD oil. Even cosmetic brands like Sephora and developers in the pet industry has jumped on the train to explore the may benefits. 

Although studies and research are still limited and underway, it is clear that the extraction of oils from the hemp flower holds loads of therapeutic properties. Watch this to learn more about CO2 extraction methods.

The question on everyone’s mind is still, ‘how long does it take for CBD oil to be effective?’. Let’s take a closer look. 

What Factors Impact CBD Absorption? 

There are a few factors that determines how quickly CBD will be absorbed into the user’s bloodstream. One might thing that if you want to feel the effects faster and longer, that you need to take a higher dosage. This isn’t further from the truth. 


There’s no recommended dosage guideline like with other prescribed medications. Depending on your health and current immune levels, your body will absorb as much as necessary. 

The ultimate goal in taking CBD oil is for it to reach your endocannabinoid system (ECS). But not all components that you ingest will reach the ECS or be absorbed into your bloodstream. 

A user’s liver, digestive organs, and gut will primarily process cannabinoid oil products. Within these organs, the oil is broken down into unusable and usable substances.  The non-usable substances will not be absorbed by the body, this is because absorption through the intestine’s lining isn’t possible. Non-usable substances will go to waste. Excess CBD will be deposited into fat cells, where it is stored as fat. 

CBD that can be absorbed into the bloodstream is known as bioavailable cannabinoids. The bioavailability refers to the degree or measure of cannabinoids that are available to be absorbed. You can read a full article on different types of products that have high levels of bioavailability. 


Consumption Method

Another factor that has an effect on the absorption of cannabinoids is the method in which you consume the product. It can be digested through liquids, tablets, other edibles, cigarettes, and oils.

Even though the oral consumption of these products might take longer to take effect, it has been proven that taking products in this way will have the longest active time. Getting an IV (intravenous) is typically the most direct way to get a lot of cannabinoid properties absorbed into the bloodstream in quick time. 


When you take a high dosage of the product, you will increase the amount absorbed into the bloodstream. It is recommended that users start with a low dosage at first to test how long it takes CBD oil to be effective it has on the body. 

You should also consider the quality of the concentration of the product. The higher the concentration the more potent the effects will be. When CBD oil is of a higher concentrate or purity, it will have a higher bioavailability. Therefore, users should do their homework before purchasing from dispensaries. 

Taking the quality, concentrate, and purity into account will guarantee more absorption into the bloodstream. Ultimately, guaranteeing better effects and the experience of benefits.   

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Body Weight

Users don’t respond to the same dosage of CBD oil in the same way. There are many personal factors that come into play. One of them is the weight of the person. 

Weight influences your health, immune, metabolism, and blood circulation which all have an effect on the absorption of CBD products. People with more fat cells will be able to store and absorb much more cannabinoids, meaning that they will experience prolonged effects from the content. 

The more you weigh and the bigger built you are, the higher dosage you will need to take to ensure absorption. 

Even though there are still a lot about CBD products and oils we don’t understand, one thing is for sure. When used on a regular basis the effects and benefits are great. 

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