Gomes Haulage Continues to Evolve, Branching out into Construction, Civil Contracts and Agriculture, in African Business Review

In a report in African Business Review, Managing Director Leroy Gomes discusses the evolution of Gomes Haulage of Zambia from a transport company into a diverse, multi-pronged organisation.

“My father established the company back in 1976,” says Gomes. “I have been watching the business steadily grow since I was a boy, starting with a very small fleet and now we have close to 100 trucks and 750 employees.”

Gomes Haulage is a family-run business with a workforce made entirely from local Zambians, a fact that is a constant source of pride for the management team. As the business has developed and grown to have a more corporate set-up, this overriding sentiment of family hasn’t been lost and still permeates every level from management down to the labour on the ground.

“We are an extremely close family and interact on a daily basis,” explains Gomes. “We have very open channels of communication; no-one is restricted from discussing problems and solutions with the management team. Everyone respects that ethos so that when we commit as a company, we commit wholeheartedly, we make sure that we see projects through from start to finish.”

This family spirit can be clearly seen in the company’s interaction with local communities, such as its growing participation in local sporting events. Currently it fully sponsors a semi-professional football team as well as a number of smaller leagues, with most employees (regardless of pay-grade) being involved in games every night after a hard day’s work.

“In recent times we have collaborated with communities to offer them our expertise and labour,” Gomes says. “One community provided all of the materials for a church which we built for them, another project was a local school, which we donated an entire classroom block for, and presently we are constructing an orphanage, in this instance providing not just the labour but most of the materials as well.”

Read the article here: http://www.africanbusinessreview.co.za/reports/gomes-haulage-ltd


About Gomes Haulage

Founded in 1976, Gomes Haulage is a private company limited by shares and wholly owned by Zambian shareholders. The company is wholly owned by the Gomes family of Ndola, with Mr. and Mrs. Reginald and Sophie Gomes as the only shareholder. The company’s main business is transportation and construction. Over the years Gomes has specialized in wet cargo transportation with a particular specialization in 98 per cent sulphuric acid and focused on construction assignments in the road and civil structures construction sector especially on the copper belt and the mines.

For more information, visit: www.gomeshaulage.com.


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