Fundamenture joins SIMalliance

SIMalliance, the self-confessed secure element architects for today’s generation, has announced that Fundamenture is the latest member to join their enviable portfolio of strong, agile and global businesses.

For the past decade SIMalliance has been supporting the creation, deployment and management of secure mobile services across the globe. The non-profit trade alliance work to anticipate and address the security, identity and mobility challenges of an increasingly converged internet.

The Fundamenture Group is an investment company focusing its strategies on helping businesses realise their potential within the global smart card technologies sector.

SIMalliance’s Chairman of the Board, Frédéric Vasnier, commented: “We are delighted to welcome another new partner into the SIMalliance. We look forward to Fundamenture adding its voice, and its expertise, to the Alliance’s ongoing programme of activities to aid the development of UICC- and other Secure Element-based mobile services and applications across the world.”

Fundamenture’s CEO, Hans Peter Riggelsen, said: “We are looking forward to sharing our experience with other industry players in order to further create a secure, open and interoperable environment for mobile services.”

Fundamenture is the parent company of Bluefish Technologies, Logos Smartcard and Logos Solvo.

Bluefish Technologies is a total solutions provider to the Wireless Telecommunications Industry. With key focus on innovation and operational efficiency, Bluefish Technologies is one of the fastest growing smartcard card suppliers in the world with a wide range of customers in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

With hundreds of millions of (U)SIMs deployed each year, Logos Smart Card is an industry leading supplier of smart card operating systems and chip modules to Card Suppliers and Manufacturers globally. Through continuous product development and evolution, Logos Smart Card is committed to remain a leading supplier of chip modules and VAS for the smart card and mobile operator industries.

Logos Solvo is a solutions company operating in the Mobile Telecommunications Industry. The company offers a growing number of solution products to MNOs exclusively through a global partner network. All products are provided as turnkey solutions, and Logos Solvo manages the full implementation process, including customization and integration. 
Sales Partners have access to Logos Solvo’s experience and the company’s full list of reference sites, thereby enhancing their sales arguments.

Through its working groups SIMalliance seeks to offer the blueprint to create a secure, open and inter-operable environment where mobile services thrive.  Headquartered in London, its membership is responsible for delivering the most widely distributed secure application delivery platform in the world.

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