Chris Hemsworth Net Worth: From Australian Heartthrob

Chris Hemsworth Net Worth

You’ve probably heard about Chris Hemsworth from Thor. This Australian actor has become a worldwide sensation. From wielding a mighty hammer on the big screen to saving the galaxy, Hemsworth has won the hearts of audiences everywhere. But how much is Chris Hemsworth net worth?  In this article, we will dive into his career, lifestyle and background to find out.

Chris Hemsworth Net Worth

Who is Chris Hemsworth?

Chris Hemsworth is a famous actor from Australia. His character Thor in the Marvel movies brought him to the spotlight.  Hemsworth has a tall and strong physique, which helped him look convincing as a powerful hero. He has appeared in many other films too. Besides acting, he enjoys surfing and spending time with his family. He has gained fans worldwide for his acting skills and good looks.

Full Name Christopher Hemsworth
Date of Birth 11 August 1983
Birthplace Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Profession Actor
Spouse Elsa Pataky


What Is Chris Hemsworth Net Worth?

Chris Hemsworth is a really rich actor. His net worth is around $130 million! He made most of his money from being in the Marvel movies as Thor. But he’s also earned a lot from other acting jobs and owning properties. When Chris Hemsworth first appeared in the movie “Thor,” he earned around $150,000.  Later it increased to $15 million per appearance.

Early Life

Chris Hemsworth was born on August 11, 1983. He is from Melbourne, Australia. His parents are Leonie and Craig Hemsworth. Leonie is an English teacher, and Craig is a social-services counselor. Chris has two brothers-Luke and Liam. They are also actors. His family has diverse roots. His maternal grandfather is from the Netherlands. Besides, his maternal grandmother is of Irish descent. Chris grew up in Melbourne as well as in Bulman. He has memories of living on cattle stations and encountering crocodiles and buffalo. He attended Heathmont College and completed his school.

Early Career

Chris Hemsworth started his acting journey by appearing in different Australian TV shows. He has appeared on various shows such as “The Saddle Club,” “Guinevere Jones,” “Neighbors,” and “Marshall Law”  etc. Then he tried out for a role on “Home and Away”. It was a popular soap opera in Australia. He did well in the audition and got a recurring part. He was in almost 170 episodes of it. However, in 2007, Hemsworth decided to leave the show on his own. He wanted to take on more difficult roles and explore new challenges in his acting career.

Chris Hemsworth Net Worth

Further Success

The success of “Home and Away” motivated Chris Hemsworth to aim for Hollywood. The people in the American film industry didn’t know much about Australian TV. So Hemsworth had to start from the beginning.

But in 2009, things changed for him. He got a big chance to be in the movie “Star Trek” as James Kirk’s dad, George Kirk. Surprisingly, Matt Damon had said no to the role before Hemsworth got the opportunity. Even though he was only in the movie for a short five minutes, people noticed him and got curious about this rising star. He also starred in another movie called “A Perfect Getaway”. In 2010, he acted in the movie “Ca$h.” Many people in the industry thought Hemsworth was on his way to becoming a famous Hollywood actor.

But his real breakthrough came in 2011 when he played the superhero Thor in the movie with the same name. The movie was based on popular Marvel Comics. This role made him famous and well-known.

In 2012, Hemsworth starred in “The Avengers” as Thor. It was the highest-grossing movie of 2012. Also, it was the third highest-grossing movie worldwide. It gave Hemsworth a big success at the box office. In 2016, he appeared as Thor in the movie “Doctor Strange.”

Hemsworth also acted in Thor sequels. These are “Thor: The Dark World,” and “Thor: Ragnarok.” He also appeared in many Avengers sequels. He gained praise from fans and critics for his acting.


Chris Hemsworth was given the special title of People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2014.  People find him very attractive and charming. It’s a big honor for him.

He also won awards for his acting. In the 2020 People’s Choice Awards, he was nominated for Favorite Movie Actor and he won the award for Favorite Action Movie Actor.

Back in 2005, when he was starting his career, he won the Most Popular New Male Talent award at the Logie Awards. This award recognized his talent and showed that he had a bright future in the entertainment industry.

Personal Life

At the beginning of 2010, Chris Hemsworth started dating Elsa Pataky, who is a model and actress from Spain. They met through their representatives. They got married in December 2010 and now have three kids. Their daughter, India Rose, was born in May 2012, and then they had twin sons, Sasha and Tristan, born in March 2014.

In 2015, Hemsworth and his family moved from Los Angeles to Byron Bay, Australia. They wanted a different lifestyle and a quieter place to live, so they chose their home country.

Hemsworth is very committed to his children’s interests. He enrolled them in Brazilian jiu-jitsu training with Thalison Soares, and he even goes with them to national tournaments. He supports them and helps them develop their skills in the sport.

Because of his achievements in the entertainment industry and his charity work, Hemsworth was given a special honor. In 2021, he became a Member of the Order of Australia during the Queen’s Birthday Honors.

Real Estate

Chris has made some impressive investments in real estate. He once owned a stunning home in Malibu that was worth $4.8 million. He later sold for $7 million

One of his most notable properties is his magnificent mansion located in Byron Bay. It costs $15 million. This sprawling estate spans approximately 4 acres and boasts a breathtaking 160-foot rooftop infinity pool. Rumor has it that the mansion even houses a bowling alley, adding to its lavish features.  Hemsworth spared no expense on the landscaping alone, reportedly spending close to $500,000 to create a stunning outdoor environment.

In addition to these luxurious properties, Hemsworth’s real estate portfolio also includes a remarkable 1,300-acre property in northeast Tasmania. It has a worth of  $15 million. Acquired in November 2021, this expansive property boasts an incredible two miles of ocean frontage, adding to its allure.


What is Chris Hemsworth’s net worth?

Chris Hemsworth’s net worth is $130 million.

How much did Chris Hemsworth make on Thor?

Chris Hemsworth almost made 15 million for every appearance in the Thor sequels.

Who is richer, Liam or Chris Hemsworth?

Chris Hemsworth has a greater net worth than Liam.

Final Thoughts

Chris Hemsworth has become a Hollywood powerhouse. He has enchanted audiences worldwide. Chris Hemsworth net worth proves his mesmerizing performances and undeniable talent. From his iconic portrayal of Thor to his philanthropic endeavors, Hemsworth has proven to be more than just a talented actor. He is truly a remarkable star in the world of entertainment.



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