What Are The Best Skin Serums for Spring?

It may not feel like it in some parts of the US, but spring is here. It also might be hard to see it from your window in quarantine. Before you know it though, you will be outside, loving that spring air. We just have one question for you–is your skincare ready for spring? If you’re not sure, we have some skincare serums to help you ready your skin for warm days, soft colors and cool nights. 

Have You Ever Thought About Serum?

Have you tried serum for your skin? If not, let us take a minute to tell you about serum. In a skincare routine, serum is between the toner step and the moisturizer step.  Usually, we use moisturizers to make our skin softer and keep wrinkles away. Moisturizers are marketed for the general population of people, and most don’t specifically target a problem. Serums are made to target specific problem areas of your skin. That way, your skin becomes more healthy from the inside to the outside. Serums can work inside your skin because they are lighter than moisturizers. That means serums are able to penetrate far deeper into your skin than your average moisturizer. There are hundreds of different kinds of serums out there, so which one might be right for you? Here are some ideas.  

New Serums

We love one serum for nearly everyone. That is vitamin C and E serum. Vitamin C and E are both antioxidants. Vitamin C is great for all skin types, because it brightens even the dullest winter skin. It gets rid of dead skin cells to reveal brighter, younger skin. Vitamin C also is a great skin soother. It calms red, irritated, inflamed skin. Vitamin C even reduces dark age spots, or undereye circles, which many of us have in the spring, because many of us suffer from allergies. When paired with vitamin E, these two great antioxidants, fight the environmental damage to your skin. Vitamin E is a wonderful moisturizer, and helps your skin to hold moisture in. 

Want to try something else? How about Squalane oil? Squalane oil is an amazing product if you have oily skin. Even though it’s an oil, it helps to balance your oils in your skin, which means that it can reduce the amount of oil on the surface of your face. This oil can help your face calm down from a breakout or inflammation as well. Squalane oil can heal your skin without adding additional oils onto your face. 

Another great spring serum is Matrixyl 3000. Matrixyl is an amazing serum for people who are coming out of the winter season with skin that looks dry and aged. The serum will make your skin healthier looking, softer, and firmer–which is a great combination for anyone. Matrixyl heals your skin problems by working from the inside out. It actually stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. These two proteins are the reason skin looks young and firm. Who doesn’t want to greet spring with younger skin?  

If you are looking for something to add to your spring lineup, we suggest you try one of our amazing spring serums today. 

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