Video Marketing: The Strategy That Will Revolutionize Your Project

Video Marketing Strategy That Revolutionize

In recent years we have experienced the rise of a new form of communication on the Internet: video marketing. If more than a decade ago it was blogging that broke ground with their texts, now videos are the favorites of Internet users. Video is the most similar form of online communication to face-to-face. In addition, its format greatly facilitates its consumption since it can be consumed without much effort. Let’s see what video marketing is, what its advantages are and how you can do video marketing and video marketing strategy that will revolutionize your project. 

What is video marketing

Video marketing is a digital marketing technique that relies on the creation and dissemination of audiovisual works to achieve goals scored in the strategy.

In an environment in which content is the king of strategies, the audiovisual type has now earned itself one of the favorites of marketing professionals because it manages to meet these objectives. Of course, of course, as long as they are based on a good strategy.

It is a resource that requires an investment in time and budget, but well-focused, it more than delivers. Content in audiovisual format has an impact on the return on investment that justifies it. To name a few facts:

The consumption of content in video format grows exponentially year after year.

A study by Hubspot states that 98% of 18-34-year-olds watch videos multiple times throughout the week. In the millennial generation, this percentage rises to 75% of daily video views.

It also states that video has been proven to help influence users’ purchasing decisions: 64% of them confirm this.

But what is it about the audiovisual format that makes it so attractive?

These are some of the reasons :

It conveys more than the image or text alone.

It is a fast and direct form of communication. It reaches several senses at the same time.

It is the most similar experience to the real one, the face-to-face between people, so it transmits much better.

The new generations are more used to the audiovisual format and not so much, as the previous ones, to the text, to the reading.

Mobile devices have increased the consumption of audiovisual resources since the size of the screens is not so comfortable for reading, but it does offer good quality for viewing videos.

Advantages of video marketing

As you can see, taking advantage of video marketing in your content marketing strategy is a decision that offers many advantages.


An audiovisual format is already a universal tool to which we are more than accustomed and which is attractive to us because it offers the possibility of unleashing creativity. In addition, it reaches all the senses in a direct way and is easier to consume than other formats, such as text.


The video transmits images, audio and movement at once. It is a medium that comes directly.


Easy to consume, it offers entertainment and fun possibilities.


If the message or format reaches the user, they share it. The virality effect is triggered in the case of the video. In addition, the resources and technological tools make it easier for this action of sharing to be carried out quickly.


Video allows us to see, hear and feel. We see other people as they are, how they express themselves and what they communicate. And we connect with them.


If the message is worked correctly, taking advantage of the fact that it is an easy-to-consume format, the audience tends to spend more time consuming the content than if it were another type of format, such as text.


A video tells a story. It is the art of storytelling, which, well-executed, becomes a successful piece, which manages to reach and be shared. And thus, it achieves greater reach.


Thanks to the video, recognizable situations or daily life can be presented. Humans are representing humans, counting something. In addition, the videos recreate the physical experience; very useful in the case of eCommerce, for example, in which the user does not face the physical product.


This format offers great opportunities to create and share content that, focused on the target audience segment to which we want to address, can become a communication tool to develop a personal brand based on knowledge about a specific topic and thus position ourselves in that segment and gain authority.


Suppose the content is attractive. The user views and shares it. A process is generated that causes search engines to also position it well.

So, well developed, it is a very effective strategy to get visits and stay times on websites higher.


As a consequence of the above, the greater the number of visits and the length of stay, the better organic positioning the site will achieve.

On the other hand, correctly defining the basic aspects of a video, such as a title, description and keywords, will be enough to get it positioned.

How to do video marketing

The first thing you have to take into account when you decide to start with a video marketing strategy is the objective you want to achieve, which basically focuses on one of these three aspects:

To sell

To Educate

To Entertain

It is even possible that the three aspects converge in the same audiovisual piece. Herein lies the power of storytelling.

How do you get a quality video that meets those goals? I give you a series of tips.


  1. Define the audience

Before even recording the video, you should take some time to define who you are going to address, who is the audience of the video. 

This point is essential to achieve the objectives set. Because you can not address everyone, nor is what you tell anyone. If you do not define this part, you will not be able to meet the objectives that you set for yourself.

  1. Work on the creative idea

Once you know what you want to achieve and who you are going to address, you can work on the creative idea itself, how it will be recorded, the type of plans and resources to use, etc.  If you don’t know the perfect idea in a short time, try FlexClip, which is a terrific online platform for creating videos with various template and rich resources. You can get inspired with it.

  1. Formats, resources 

Video is a constantly evolving format that offers more and more resources to take advantage of.

  1. Measure to improve

If your goal is to define a video marketing strategy, you cannot forget to measure the results you are achieving. It is not limited to making, publishing and sharing.

In order to improve, the effect of the actions carried out must be measured. Analyze, interpret the data and take action to continue evolving.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you begin the process of creating audiovisual pieces.

Show or teach something.

It is not about giving a master class in each video, but if it arouses the curiosity of users because it provides valuable and interesting information, you will advance in the search for the desired positioning.

Respond to a need or question from the audience

Think about the needs and tastes of the audience segment you are targeting and try to provide an answer, help or solution.

Create stories

We are human, and as such, we tell stories. Tell a story that engages, and you will attract your audience. What attracts falls in love and hooks.

Generate specific content

Think about your audience when you start the creative process and give concrete answers to issues that concern, like or matter to them. Do not stay in general because you cannot reach all users.

It’s a good way to get attention and interest. Think about how you address your audience and what aspects they are not used to seeing have never been shown to them.

Product reviews

In some sectors, it can be a gateway to the audience. Although in certain areas it is a widely used resource, there are still large untapped niches.

Examples and success stories

It can be another way to attract your audience and position yourself both in terms of their own cases and experiences, as well as those of other agents in the sector.

Give presence to your brand

One aspect to remember, that your brand is present in the piece: elements, the logo, the scene itself … Take care of all aspects so that the universe of your brand is perceived in the video.

Blow it up

Take advantage of the effort invested in creating the audiovisual pieces and get some sparks out of it, sharing them on different channels: web, blog, social media platforms …

Search engines love resources of this type, and, as I have told you, they will help you get visibility, reach and it will translate into positioning.

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