Top 10 traders In Africa

Top 10 traders In Africa

You may definitely realize that the foreign exchange, popularly called forex, is a platform for the trading of currencies by people in various regions of the world every day. The forex market is broadly considered as the most exciting money market due to the fact that there is over $5 million accrued in daily trades. Taking into account the size and volume of the foreign exchange market, there is no big surprise why it continues drawing in and inviting new investors who are keen on acing it and gaining additional benefits. There has been a development in a lot of online platforms for forex trading in the past years, making it feasible for large financial establishments and financial specialists, as well as an ordinary individual, to enter the market and effectively begin trading. Forex trading has seen a quick rise on the African continent over the past few years, with countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya taking up the baton for foreign exchange trading in the continent. This has led to a rapid increase in the number of Traders In South Africa who are making it big in the forex market in the field.

Moreover, the fact that there is a lot of educational material out there guiding individuals on how to effectively start trading, there has been an increase in the number of success stories registered online. As many people continue to put in time and resources in the forex markets, they eventually reap benefits from it, just like the well known wealthy traders in the world. At some point, it doesn’t make a difference if you are a newbie to forex trading, or if you have had a long term experience in the trade, to become successful in this sector is the sole goal of all traders, with some eventually rank among the top forex brokers in Africa.

There are several successful traders in Africa who are making waves in forex trading and are very successful, such as Blessing Azeako, George Van Der Riet, Uche Paragon, Ref Wayne,  and Ajidahun Afioluwa ranking among the Top 5 forex traders in Africa. The rundown on this article is made of people who have made their careers in trading and are well known for being traders and successful ones at that. Here is a list of top 10 forex traders in Africa.

1. Blessing Azeako

It is no hidden fact that the forex market is dominated by men. This is not the case anymore, as many women are taking up reigns as one of the women in the Forex market and are succeeding at it. Blessing Ezeako obviously is one proof of this fact. While gaining a lot of achievements in the field, she has paved the way for other women on the Forex platform. 

Ezeako began by studying various patterns and strategies that are related to Forex trading. She worked relentlessly, considering the process as more of a learning experience. At the same time, she had a full-time job. Putting in her time, money, and energy into this new interest while working all day to accommodate herself and her family, which was not easy, it took genuine devotion. In any case, as she found, investing so much energy, just learning and not doing, was not adequate. So inevitably, she simply chose to take a plunge and check it out. She started her journey to learn and develop inside the field of Forex trading in Nigeria. 

Like a majority of traders in South Africa on the Forex market, her attempt was not immediately fruitful. She encountered losses as well. Be that as it may, she did not give up and learned from the experience. While losing money, she also made a lot of profits and significantly more than what she lost, as she improved and got the hang of trading. Notwithstanding her own pragmatic turn of events, she kept on finding different types of data related to Forex that helped her in strategizing. She frequented different training programs about trading, including workshops and instructional courses. Also, in the long run, all her hard work paid off. 

      2. Uche Paragon

In 2007, Uche Paragon started his Forex career with a simple online search. He was going on about his day when he chose to look into various ways of earning money online, a distraction that might be recognizable to many of us. Although many conduct their searches out of idleness, mostly not taking it seriously, this one quest opened up a totally different world for Paragon. As he went through search results, there was one piece that grabbed his attention. The one which provoked his curiosity, which described a method of making profits by percentage off Forex trading, was the binary Forex trading. Captivated by this unusual form of making money, Paragon chose to follow it up and to explore its options additionally. Instead of participating in the conventional trading approach, he used what is now known as the binary options. Though traditional trading of forex is multifacet and refined, the binary options approach is a lot easier. As suggested by the name, it is just based only on binary bets. By its very nature, the client wagers whether the currency will rise in worth or fall (with regards to other currencies). 

In Nigeria, Paragon is very well known as a successful Forex trader because of his trading technique and success. He didn’t just succeed at the beginning, as he spent many years after that trying to perfect his art and understanding how the market works while making a minimal profit. As the years went by, he started realizing massive gains, leading to his popularity. Besides his use of binary trading, Paragon has been successful in other fields. Following his achievement in Forex trading, Paragon decided to go into trading of products. In doing so, he became quite wealthy with his interest in petroleum. The utilization of a source of energy helped him earn more capital leading to his financial success. Today he is very successful, not just in forex but in the petroleum field. Forex trading was more of a kickstart to his success. Generally speaking, he has interacted with various interests in the financial areas that have brought about the worthwhile financial payout, making him one of the best Forex merchants in Nigeria.

     3.Ajidahun Afioluwa

Like most other effective and successful Forex dealers, Ajidahun Afioluwa didn’t get rich overnight. In fact, he had encountered a lot of losses on his Forex trading journey, to the point where many people would quit, yet he didn’t. One would assume that since his first experiences with Forex were so negative and disheartening, Afioluwa would have given up at some point. Still, he decided to move forward in his pursuit of success. He had the drive to push forward, which is what many people lack after enduring losses. He was committed to learn and develop. Also, he needed to succeed. So Afioluwa considered different systems and concocted one that has demonstrated very effectively for him. He created his strategy to limit losses.  

He generally wagers when the chances were in his favor, and it worked for him. Through his investing and strategizing, he was able to flourish. Afioluwa did not only make profits for himself but also for his friends and family, who used his strategy to trade. He also made profits for them as well. Ultimately, hundreds of thousands of dollars richer. This success made it possible for him to retire from his job at 28 years old and join the ranks of top Forex traders in Nigeria.

      4. Ref Wayne

Ref Wayne is one of the best Forex dealers in South Africa. It isn’t normal practice for such a young person to be very efficient in Forex trading, having such a good mastery of the field as Wayne did. He has built up skills in trading that many others in the business can adopt. He started trading at a very young age when he had no career path or even career options to choose from in the countrysides of South Africa, where he was experiencing a lack of opportunities. This turned into his main motivation to invest a ton of energy into trading, and in the long run, he became a multimillionaire, joining the ranks of top 5 forex traders in South Africa at just 22 years of age and over his fruitful career in the field, he became the richest traders in South Africa for Forex trade. 

Not only is Wayne the best in Forex trading in the country, however, but he has also made the first cryptocurrency of  South Africa, called Pip Coin. Wayne is also an entrepreneur, just like most of the traders on this rundown. He invests a ton of time and energy into giving financial training to residents in South Africa and has also established the African Forex Institute that released free educational materials for the Mzansi community for Forex.

     5. Sandile Shezi

Behind every successful business person, there is always a story. Sandile Shezi is one of the traders in South Africa successful for Forex trades. His success story is quite a questionable example of overcoming adversity. Shezi took the risk and invested all the money he had, as well as his tuition, in Forex trading. What’s good is, he eventually made profits with the guidance of Van Der Riet. However, it is not a new practice to have business people or entrepreneurs risking it all to make future profits. There are a few people who, when discussing their successes, talk about the journey at the beginning where some have even gone to the extent of risking mortgage money for an investment, and it pays out. Sandile’s story is not different from these, since it paid out in the end. 

Sandile Shezi is currently among the richest South African Forex traders, and also among the best traders in the country. From the ghettos of South Africa, attending a community school, and now a leading trader on the South African Forex markets. At some point, he was given his yearly tuition fees, and it was then when he faced an enormous challenge and put the entire cash as an investment in the Forex market. Which he was lucky to have made massive profits that have now put him among the top successful Traders In South Africa. Sandile is currently 26 years old, and At present 26-years of age and also has an institution called Global Forex Institute, where he teaches aspiring Traders In South Africa about Forex, how to create trading strategies, and how the foreign exchange markets operate, and the tools to use to ensure success on the forex trading platform.

     6.George Van Der Riet

Unlike Shezi, Van Der Riet did not just risk it all and got lucky. It took him several years of practice and education in the field to get him to where he is today. He was born in Cape Town, where he had his elementary education and later moved to Manchester, where he studied Finances. During his years in Manchester, he worked at financial institutions and also in the Forex trading industry. His experience helped him understand the Forex industry even better. When he made up his mind to fully immerse himself in Forex trading, he became very successful and is now one of the top forex traders in South Africa.

     7. Nelisiwe Masango

Nelisiwe Masango is one of the many women in South Africa, leading the Forex trading business. At only in her mid-20s, she heads Bear Run Investments, a Forex exchanging organization, and has already established three successful businesses. Her dream, when she was only a schoolgirl, was to become a neurosurgeon, but she found out that she was more interested in the financial and business field than of the medical field. She eventually dropped out of medical school to pursue her interest in investing, she began learning entrepreneurship. At a very young age, Masango began her forex trading journey and gradually became successful in the business, and not long after, she performed exceptionally well that she’s currently one of the leading Forex traders in South Africa.  She has established two successful trading institutions so far one the “Female and Finances,” which promotes awareness about the financial market and Forex for women in the country, and the other is  “Gentle Hands Agency,” which is an enrollment organization to help South African who are unemployed.

    8. Paul Mugenda

Mugenda’s story is one that plainly shows how one goes from poverty to newfound wealth using Forex. Before he started trading currencies, Mugenda was generally an impoverished student at the Technical University of Kenya. Being a person with a business mindset, he had his very own side hustles, which helped him accumulate some money for his upkeep. At first, he would purchase tea bags in bulk and resell them to passersby.  

Accordingly, he proceeded to attempt to locate another source of income, one, a conventional job, as an insurance broker, after taking the advice of another insurance broker. Mugenda spent most of his time and efforts making sure that this venture was good for him, just to find that it didn’t pay off.  His pursuit of success continued thereon. Although he had lost all of his capital during this process, he did not give up. And eventually, he got introduced to Forex trading by a friend who loaned him money to begin his trading journey. He did, and this moment has been marked as a turning point for his success. When Mugenda started trading FX, he was significantly more equipped and prepared to succeed. After his initial investment, within a couple of months, he started realizing profits from trading currencies on the financial market. And from that point on, his riches kept on increasing. In recent years, Mugenda is known as one of the most successful Forex traders in Kenya at only 23 years old. He further went beyond the Keynan borders to create a Forex platform in Paris, called Paris FX, a company that has helped him gather a lot of wealth. In his current financial situation, money is not part of his worries anymore, as he is able to provide for himself and his family, and also teaches his knowledge of Forex to his younger siblings and to the Kenyan population at large.

Although he has been very successful trading on the financial markets, he also said that he had encountered a lot of losses on his journey and advises others to employ proper education and strategies in trading.

    9. Ken Githaiga

Just as many of us try to figure out ways to become successful, that is exactly the same way Githaiga started when he found his way on the foreign exchange market. With a simple Google search, he gradually achieved his goal of making money. He pondered about his options and prospects and came to the conclusion that a traditional job was not his thing. This led him to search for various ways of making money online, Google and this one Google search may well have transformed his whole life. Among the Google search results was information about forex trading. Thereafter, he started trading on the financial market and has had a lot of profit in the field. He arrived at his current position, which just information on the internet, without prior experience. Over the years, Githaiga’s experience in the field has increased the vast majority of the information he has through the web. Githaiga increased the vast, and he is able to share his knowledge with others. He felt like the local traders in Kenyan were not as straightforward with providing information and advising people on the realities and the techniques of Forex trading, so he stressed doing it just part-time. Because of his encounters, he attempts to be that person he needed when he was just starting out in the field, sharing the information that he has acquired through his victories and disappointments as a Forex dealer. That being stated, Githaiga says that Forex trading is not a full-time job for him.

   10. Silah Obegi

There are many youngsters in Kenya currently making it big on the financial market. And Silah Obegi is one of them. He has acquired a lot of profits in the field despite starting out without any experience. His prosperity was found in a more conventional sense, as he got educated in the field before venturing into it. He got a Bachelor of Business Management from Moi University. At that point, following his graduation from the University, he stirred his way up in the field of accounting and has been very successful in the field to the point that he is the CEO at Meta Capital Limited. All through his experience identifying with the budgetary fields he has been able to build up a computerized Forex trading framework that has been very lucrative for him and other traders using the platform. Besides being a CEO running his own business and basking in his profits, he is also the head of the Nairobi School of Forex, which permits him to share his insight into the Forex exchanging framework to both aspiring and existing traders. He also shares the services of his automated software to the students at the institution and also to the Kenyan population at large. Obegi has been very successful in the financial market over the years and is one of the top Kenyan Forex traders in the financial market.

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