Thinking About Smoking? 9 Reasons Why It’s Time to Stop!

Thinking About Smoking

Smoking is an addiction that drains your bank account and eventually destroys you, one cigarette at a time. This vice has ruined countless lives and sapped all the energy out of vibrant and joyful souls. You are thinking about smoking? Here are the reasons you should stop it now.

According to data and statistics published by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), ‘In the United States, cigarette smoking is the leading avoidable cause of chronic diseases, impairment, and mortality. Every year, about half a million Americans die young due to smoking or passive smoke exposure. Another 16 million people are afflicted with a debilitating illness because of smoking. Annually, the United States spends almost $170 billion on medical services for adults suffering from smoking-related diseases.’

If these figures and statistics do not frighten you, you need assistance. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Let us look at how cigarettes can be your worst enemy and why you should quit smoking right now.

What Effects Does Nicotine Have on the Brain?

Most individuals recognize how smoking can affect the respiratory system. However, the effect of nicotine on the brain is less understood.

When you want to stop smoking, the nicotine in cigarettes influences your brain, resulting in withdrawal effects. Whenever this occurs, you can experience several side effects such as paranoia, anxiety, and a burning desire for cigarettes. Since your body develops a habit of getting nicotine in your bloodstream, the cognitive alterations occur as this cycle establishes a dependence on cigarettes, which then becomes an obsession that can be hard to overcome.

Although nicotine’s impacts may take some time to become apparent, toxic effects linked to the cardiovascular system are likely to be the very first ones an addict will experience.

The following are the most common nicotine side effects on the brain:

  1. Cognitive deterioration
  2. Elevated risk of stroke
  3. Cancer risk increases
  4. Greater chance of dementia and brain volume depletion

Check out Healthline’s comprehensive article on the impact of smoking on the brain for a better understanding.

Here Is Why You Should Quit Smoking Today

Here Is Why You Should Quit Smoking Today!

If you want to quit smoking but are struggling to mold your mind, here are nine reasons to persevere.

  1. Maintain your health and well-being

With the pandemic wreaking havoc on our lives over the last year, the most important lesson we’ve learned is that investing in health and well-being can transform humans into their most valuable assets. Most of us are conscious that smoking impinges on our heart and lungs, raising the risk of heart attack and stroke. On the plus hand, the risk significantly drops after quitting. Cigarettes contain addictive nicotine and other hazardous chemicals and toxic substances, such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. If anything, you should quit smoking for the sake of your health and well-being. You can also enroll in Drug Addiction Treatment to get some extra help.

  1. Reduce the tension & feel good

It is a proven fact that smoking can lead to a rise in mental and emotional health issues like anxiety, distress, and depression. However, smokers who have successfully kicked the habit report lower stress and anxiety than before. Cigarettes will most likely leave you short of breath as it restricts your lungs’ ability to absorb the oxygen you breathe. Giving up on cigarettes will make you feel good, and enhanced lung capacity will enable you to become more active and involved to begin a new fitness regime.

  1. Say hello to beautiful skin

The negative consequences of smoking can be visible both within and outside the body. A single cigarette is likely to decrease blood circulation to the skin for roughly an hour. Therefore, in smokers, baggy eye sockets, uneven skin tone, discoloration, and wrinkles appear earlier than others and are more significant. On the bright and glowing side, your skin can improve as soon as one month after quitting.

  1. Restore your taste buds (also, smell better)

Smoking tends to take away your sense of smell and taste, bit by bit. Giving up on cigarettes allows you to appreciate the flavor and aroma of your favorite foods even more. Let’s agree on this: cigarette smoke reeks! All the non-smokers out there who hang out/live with heavy smokers would understand this. Smoke gets everywhere, including your hair and clothing. Bid farewell to this toxic habit if you want to get rid of that noxious odor forever.

  1. Reduce the risks of infertility and pregnancy

Smoking can significantly affect a couple’s ability to have children. It can affect both a female’s ovaries and a male’s sperm counts. Furthermore, if you are a woman who is pregnant, there are even more reasons to surrender. When pregnant, smoking can result in premature delivery, irregular bleeding, and even miscarriage. Smoking during pregnancy boosts the chances of developing a variety of ailments later on in life.

  1. Protect your eyesight

What happens to all those pretty puffs you inhale and exhale? Since your eyes are one of the most exposed parts of your face, the toxic smoke reaches them directly. A smoky atmosphere will trigger a burning sensation in the eyes. Also, note that smoking can cause eye disease and blindness!

  1. Improve your social life

You and your fellow smokers may believe that lighting a cigar with pals is a decent and gregarious activity. But what about non-smokers? Well, this habit/addiction of yours may not be delightful and “cool” for them. When you smoke, you blow out the fumes around for others to consume, and most often, accidentally or not, literally in their faces. And this will for sure not help you gain their respect.

  1. Save that money!

Many smokers are unaware of how much money they spend squandering away on cigarettes. Hate to break this to you, but you could be spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. Consider a vacation or new luxuries you might purchase with the funds you save by giving up on your whims. If you stop smoking, your health will improve, you will feel happier than ever, and you’ll save a great deal of money. Isn’t this the ideal win-win situation?

  1. Safeguard yourself and others

If you believe that smoking is only damaging to your health, you are wrong. Passive smoking, also known as second-hand smoking, means that your habit endangers the health of others. Passive smoking can lead to respiratory illnesses and cancer risk in non-smokers. And if you smoke at home, your addiction poses a threat to your family. Not only can you benefit from quitting, but so can others. Protecting your loved ones from exposure to serious health risks should be a motivating incentive for you to stop smoking.


If you quit smoking, your body will thank you. There are several strong reasons to quit smoking if you are a smoker. But having said that, it is not always an easy task. It may take more than just your willpower and motivation. Your first step toward a smoke-free life should be to set a target for yourself and stick to it. Remember that you are not alone. When it comes to quitting smoking, getting help from your inner circle is critical to success. Keep your loved ones in sync with your plans so they can be there for you every step of the way.

Furthermore, you should be aware of the several types of support and assistance available. You may need the guidance of a doctor or an expert. There are nicotine replacement therapies available. You may also seek counseling and practice meditation and relaxation techniques. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the right people for any assistance. After all, it is your life that is at stake. And you must strive for the best.

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